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What Nathan is Saying About the Thrivetime Business Coach Experience

Nathan’s Business Coach Program Testimonial

This month we did over two times as much business as we did last year. We reached 208 percent of our last year’s numbers during this month. We are Nathan and Tony and we own Complete Carpet. We started working with Thrive at the end of October. So, really November was our first full month of working with our business coach and the Thrive team. The first thing we noticed was just an increase in customers. We have been really busy. We’re definitely learning how to manage this growth and to continue to move forward and expand our business. One of the big things I’ve seen personally is that it had been doing this for 20 years, and I thought I knew how to do things. I thought that this was the best that I could do.

Thrive has shown us both that there are some best practice ways and other avenues that you can get things accomplished without running into the same brick wall over and over. They say, well look, here’s this door, here’s this other opportunity, here’s another way to accomplish the same thing. Those tools have helped free up tremendous amounts of time to where I’m now focusing on the business and not just always working in the business, but also to be able to stay connected with our customers. I am be able to give them a little bit better experience. We are bringing in Google leads and connections that we were not getting with all of the regular advertising we already had in place. We had to change some of the main advertising. It’s just now become effective and is working where before it was just kind of hit or miss.

Now we’ve doubled this month’s revenue compared to last February. And we really haven’t changed a lot except we made everything effective, we made everything work. We stayed on top of our customers. Really, without the Thrive system and our business coach, we hadn’t figured out our own yet. We needed somebody to kind of guide us, and show us what it was that we didn’t know we didn’t know yet. That was how we were able to start connecting the dots through things that we thought just didn’t work. We realized, no, it actually works. Here’s the, here’s the process to do. I used to say, “I don’t know, I don’t, I don’t know if it would work.” But, every week we would come back for our meeting and our business coach would say, “Look, see it’s working”. And then that snowballs into the motivation of saying, “I can do this, I can accomplish things.” We also loved having that person there each week, having that meeting, that accountability, and the ability to track what it is that you’re doing.

Having somebody else who cares at all about what’s going to happen in your business besides yourself has made our business completely turn around. For me personally, it feels like the win is knowing that we’re moving forward, we’re doing what needs to be done for the business. We have both someone that can guide us to do that, but also the accountability of it. I think that having that accountability each week has been a huge thing, we are really connected. Their specific goal-oriented approach has been huge. When we started with Thrive, we were looking to do about a 50 percent growth. At our first meeting they asked us what our big goal was, and at first, I did not know. The business coach asked, “What’s your big thing? What’s a big push for you?” And I told Marshall, “You know, I would love to see 50 percent growth. I really don’t think I can do it. I haven’t been able to do it yet.” Here we are four months later, and my goal right now, each month is actually 60 percent growth.

This month we did over two times as much business that we did last year. So, to me, that’s one of our biggest wins is the fact that we’re exceeding by leaps and bounds. When we originally started we thought, it was setting a really audacious goal of saying, you know what we will increase by 50 percent. I had a 12-month window, I said, 12 months from now, I hope that we’ve increased by 50 percent. We’re four months in and we’ve increased but double, I’ve increased by 208 percent. Just that, to me that makes all of this work worth it.

I think that our time here is extremely valuable and productive. We are continuing to move in a direction that we want again. I think that I think every business needs to have a business coach behind them that gives them a second pair of eyes on the things that they’ve been doing. Because you may think you’re a Rockstar, and you are nailing it, and you may be, but you don’t realize that there is more growth potential or better ways to become more efficient. I’m on that side of it. I’ve been able to accomplish so much more the last three to four months using the same schedule I was doing before. I’ve actually got, you know, more scheduled time with my family. I’m focusing in on things that matter in my life outside of just the business. That helps to drive me and pushed me forwards. So, I think everybody should at some point take advantage of some offering that Thrive has, whether it be a conference, whether it be the radio show, podcasts, their business school or getting into a one on one coaching, which has helped us tremendously.


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