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Speaker 1: Thrive nation, here’s some action steps you can do here from our business coach ninjas. One, make sure your website’s looking good. Two, make sure that logo’s looking good. Three, get that signage looking good, and four, make sure those print pieces are looking solid. Okay, it’s the branding of your company matters.

Business Coach 276

Now, Garland, I want to get your feedback on this because in the world of personal development, you know, people develop a personal brand almost. I mean some people are known as being here comes Mr. Negative, here he comes. You know the guy who’s always got an ability to bring the room down.

Speaker 3: Oh, yeah.

Speaker 1: Can you talk to me about some things that maybe a Thriver could do if they’re listening? I mean not our listeners, but maybe they could tell their friends what to do if someone is listening and maybe they’ve been known as Debbie Downer, as Mr. Negative. What are some things you could do to help somebody personally develop and become a little bit more of a positive person?

Speaker 3: Well, first of all you can just become a more positive person, that’s the obvious thing. You can realize that you are that negative Debbie Downer and that’s where I find some of my real opportunities as a business coach because a lot of people just don’t know they’re the Debbie Downer. That’s why my first book which is called Your Moment of Truth, is about recognizing that you need to actually improve somewhere, and if it’s your attitude or something you’re doing at work then you’ve got to come to grips with that and say, oh well, maybe I could do better there, so the first thing they really have to do is be honest and real about themselves that it is a problem for them and they need to make some changes, and then the first thing you can do is you can act your way into a better way of feeling, and the way you simply do that is to smile and be a lot more positive and act more positive about things and you’ll find yourself being more positive. Actions drive your emotions.

Speaker 2: “Well, pump the brakes there boss, Mr. Garland McCracken or whatever your name is there. I tell you what, I’m always in a great mood, you know, it’s everybody else around me that seems to be, you know, pissed off and, you know, I just see things the way they are. I mean I’m not, you know, flower rose colored glasses. I mean if I see something wrong then I’m just going to call it for what it is. I mean, you know, I’m just reality. I’m just a realist is what … I’m not mean. Man I tell you what, you guys with all your brain thinking stuff trying to change me, you know, when I don’t … You know anybody else around me needs to change.” [crosstalk 00:10:36].

Speaker 1: Z, I want to be real with you for just a second. I want to be real. I don’t want to be negative, I’m just going to say that your face was definitely … It’s … Let’s just say it’s not the best part of the radio show, you know what I’m saying?

Speaker 2: Well, it’s okay.

Speaker 1: I’m just being real.

Speaker 2: Okay, we’re fighting now, them’s fighting words. I’m coming over there ’cause, you know, that’s not truthful, you know.

Speaker 1: Okay now so Garland, what do you … What would you say to the Thriver who’s listening who says I’m just being real?

Speaker 3: I would say they need to get real about what’s really going on there because in my business coach book that’s exactly what Marcus was doing. He was called in by his supervisor and said, “Marcus, things aren’t going well.” and he said “What are you talking about? I’m doing a great job. You got the problem, not me.” and she said, “Well maybe you better go home for a while and think about that.” and as it turned out he really did have some changes to make and so I think that sometimes whenever we find ourselves … Someone keeps telling us over and over and over again that we need to make some adjustments and we just don’t want to listen to him, the next thing that might be happening is you get shown the door, and so that is kind of the real world and we have to accept that. We have to be responsible for our own attitude, our own behaviors, and be accountable for what happens to those.

Speaker 1: Now, Z, we talked about the Oilers. Not only did they improve their branding, but once you get your branding nailed down you actually have to do some marketing.

Speaker 2: That’s crazy.

Speaker 1: Well, you do. I mean, because the thing … I mean it-

Speaker 2: We can’t just go viral?

Speaker 1: Z, you have met entrepreneurs. You know you have, and I have and I’m sure it’s not our listeners.

Speaker 2: No, it’s not our listeners.

Speaker 1: They have a product they’ve worked on forever and their thought is it’ll be so good it’ll sell itself.

Speaker 2: Yes, you stumbled into people … Or the other line I love is well now we need a market. They go, I can’t afford that. I can’t. I can’t … I mean I can’t-

Speaker 1: I can’t market it.

Speaker 2: I can’t afford that.

Speaker 1: I can’t afford to market.

Speaker 2: I can’t, I can’t. It’ll just happen.

Speaker 1: What we’ll do is we’ll just a lease to be okay and it’ll just sit empty, but until people just magically go, there must be a game tonight.

Speaker 2: There must be something going on in there.

Speaker 1: We’ll just head in that direction.

Speaker 2: I think I see a light on in there.

Speaker 1: No, but Taylor, the general manager of the Oilers he decided, “You know what, I got to change some things, so I’m going to become a Thrive 15  business coach client.” and let me tell you what we did to help these guys grow that business. Number one we created a Dream 100. We created a list of 100 ideal and likely businesses that they wanted to target to sell tickets to. Number two we got them to the top of Google for all these family-related entertainment activities.

Speaker 2: That’s large.

Business coach ninjas for the win!


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