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I’m not endorsing that as a marketing strategy. As we talk about branding, again, rate your branding on a scale of one to ten, ten being the best, one being the worst. This is Elon Musk talking to you. I think if you can hear a message from a voice that’s more respected than my voice then you’ll probably respect the message more. This is what Elon Musk says about branding, and this is the guy who started Tesla, PayPal, Space X, you know. Solar City, he’s doing some things. He says, “Brand is just a perception. And perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it’ll be ahead, others it will be behind but brand is simply a collective impression some have about a product”. Well my friends, branding is so important.

Business Coach 326

If you go to and you look at their website, let’s deconstruct their website and why it’s good. They have a professional logo designed but a professional business coach team a the top left. It looks very sharp. They have a clear call to action on their website. They basically want you to try them out for one dollar. If you have a dog that can not be trained. It’s like a beast. Have you ever had a beast? I remember as a kid, I did not properly train my dog. So my dog, you would walk into the house, and it would immediately go ruhrhoh and it would look at you and it was a boxer. And the boxer would jump on you and want to hug you and want to snuggle you. It liked new people, it liked guests.

It was just an uncomfortable thing. We almost had to become reclusive because if you ever invited the dog over, or if you ever invited somebody over, the dog would just absolutely decimate the other person. It would slobber and destroying clothes. Just not a good thing. If you have a crazy dog, you owe it to yourself to go to and try out their dog training. It’s a dollar for the first lesson. I mean come on. The thing is they have a great brand, meaning that they have a great logo. Well that’s one, write that down, logo. Two, their website. It’s a solid website. Great looking website. Three, their brand has a clear call to action. It’s clear call to action. Four, their videos are awesome. They have a great video that shares their story. Five, their business cards are great. Six, any marketing materials they show people are great and that’s about what you need to be successful in business today.

Although it’s a little bit self serving, the reason why they’re top in google and the reason why their branding looks sharp is because they put in the effort but they are in fact one of our business coaching clients. If you’re ever asking yourself, what does a business coach do? We help you whip your business into shape so that you can make copious amounts of cash and maybe you can use that cash to burn wood to use it as kindling. You can use that cash as decoration. Allegedly, you can exchange cash for goods and services at this point. I don’t believe we have to take the market to beast yet. We don’t have to take the brand yet from big government to buy the things we want yet. The conspiracy theorists out there are saying yet but they are not listening to a business coach.

The thing is, you can exchange the cash that you make, the copious amounts of cash you’re making for the goods and services that you want. When we come back, we’re gonna begin a deeper dive into the self assessment. I want you to get out a sheet of paper because I’m gonna ask you some questions that you probably haven’t asked yourself before and if you’ll go ahead and take the survey with me, I promise you’ll be feeling good about your business success moving forward. Stay tuned, it’s the thrive time show on your radio.


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