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Business Coach on Achieving Your Purpose

All right Thrive Nation and business coach show listeners, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show on your radio. My name’s Clay Clark, the business coach and former SBA Entrepreneur of the year and the father of five kids and today’s entire show is focused on your purpose, helping you achieve your purpose because you have-

Business Coach 211

I believe that this is the day that the Lord has made and we should rejoice and be glad in it. And I believe that God has a fabulous plan, a huge plan for your life. But it requires you to take action. I believe that God’s given us options, given us choices. And if you say, “I don’t want to talk about God, why do we have to make this religious,” fine. I believe that you have options.

And I believe that one of those options is to fail by default. I believe that you have the option- you can decide to basically just live a life by default. So you do that, okay. So you go to college, you get the degree, you get the student loan, you go ahead and get the car payment, you go ahead and get the car payment, get the mortgage. Go ahead and wait until you’re 30 to have the two kids, and then you do everything that society at large would tell you to do. And what’s gonna happen is, USA Today is showing statistically- you look this up. Nearly seven in ten Americans have less than $1000 saved.

Or you say, “I don’t like USA Today, I feel like there’s a big bias there, you know, and so I read The Atlantic.” Okay, fine, if you read The Atlantic, The Atlantic is saying that the majority of Americans have less than $400 saved. And you say, “Well I don’t believe in that.” Well then you go to Forbes and they say 63% of Americans don’t have enough money in their savings to cover a $500 emergency. I don’t like that either. Well then you go to Gallup and you discover that only 13% of people like their job.

And so I’m saying that your life is awesome. Your life could be great. There’s no reason that only 13% of you should enjoy what you’re doing. I do as a business coach.

And so step number four to live a life of purpose is, you must understand that life is not a dress rehearsal. So you don’t want to live in fear, right? Life is not a dress rehearsal, so don’t live in fear.

You know so many people are afraid of lawsuits. They say, “I don’t want to start a business ’cause I might get sued.” Everybody’s gonna get sued if you’re in business for any amount of time at all. Everybody. You remember that song, it’s (singing). Well I kinda changed it to help it make it memorable, but it’s (singing). I mean that’s kind of a catchy ring, isn’t it? A catchy ring to it, doesn’t it have there you business coach?

So if you’re going to start a business, you’re definitely going to be sued. It is going to happen. And when you get sued, it’s okay because you have a business and you have insurance and you have a lawyer. Calm down.

The other reason people don’t start businesses is they say, “Well I worry about what most people would say.” And I feel like we’ve abundantly covered that. Most people are not doing so well right now. So don’t worry about what most people would say.

Then they say the fear of judgment. I don’t want to be judged. I mean, what if I go out there and start a business and it fails? Well okay, let’s do an example.

When we started Elephant In the Room, our men’s grooming lounge, it was the idea to start the best men’s grooming facility in the world. He wanted to make a place where guys could come for a country club level haircut experience. But they could try their first service for a dollar. He believed that he could make something so awesome that if you just came in one time, that you would never go back. And so he created The Elephant In the Room. Yes, I helped him with the name. Yes, I helped him with the marketing strategies. But he had to take that leap of faith to invest his time and money into the idea.

The way I set it up was that I would match him, every dollar he put in I would match. But he had to step out in faith and do something that, you know, it could be a little bit scary. And maybe some of you need a notable quotable right now. Maybe you say, you know what, I’m struggling with this faith concept. Not in a religious context, but I’m just struggling with it for business. I feel like I’m a guy who believes in myself, or a lady who believes in myself, but I just feel like I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m just overwhelmed and I might fail …

Well, this is what Martin Luther King Junior had said, and I want to read this to you. He says, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Someone should write that down right now. I’m going to repeat that. “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” And so it is absolutely critical for you, for me, and for everybody listening, that we take the time needed to clearly define our F6 goals, our faith, our family, our finance, our fitness, our friendship, our fun. Make a list of those goals. And then what we do is we’re gonna say okay, how much does it cost to achieve those goals? How much money do I need to buy back my time freedom or to- so I have the time in my schedule frankly to do that?

On a very simple level, I remember I used to have to mow the lawn every Saturday. Every Saturday I’m like, “aw frig, I gotta mow the lawn, you know.” Some of you are listening right now going, “I love mowing the lawn. That’s my thing I do.” Fine! You can love mowing the lawn. I don’t like mowing the lawn! People don’t like me mowing the lawn. I find a way to break everything. Every chain, I can’t ever fill it up properly with the right oil. I just- my blades are always dull. I run over electrical cords. Bad things always happen when I do mechanical things.

And so I’m out there mowing. And I’m thinking, one day, I’m gonna make enough money to pay someone else to do that. But I am not- I’m not gonna do it.

And then like dry cleaning, and I used to iron my own shirts, taking like half of my morning ironing a shirt trying to get my collar to look decent so I wouldn’t look like a moron, you know. And I couldn’t afford a professional dry cleaner and I thought, you know, one day I’m going to hire someone to dry clean my clothes. And then one day I thought, you know I’m going to hire someone to make my sales calls. I’m gonna hire somebody to help me manage the team, and then I’m gonna hire somebody to help me run the ads. And then, bam! Now we have beautiful, successful companies between Doctor Zee and I, you know, and he has the largest optometry clinic now in Oklahoma along with being the top business coach. Dr. Robert Zoellner and Associates, it’s expanding its Memorial location as well as the Harvard location.

We’ve got the top auction- his auction is unbelievable. Z66 Auto Auction. We’ve got Elephant In the Room, the men’s grooming lounge. We started the largest wedding photography company on the planet called

But it all starts with faith. You’ve got to take that first step. And for many of you, I would encourage you to take a baby step, maybe a small step for mankind and business coach. A step in the right direction. And I want to encourage you to book your ticket to attend the next in-person Thrive Time Workshop. Now our next business coach workshop is April 21st and 22nd. That’s April 21st and 22nd. And if you read the reviews, if you type in “thrive time”- or if you type in “thrive15” and then space “jenks” or “thrive time workshops” or “thrive15 workshops,” you’ll find it. But I would encourage you to type “thrive15 jenks” so you can read the reviews about our business coach seminar.


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