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Business Coach on Blocking Out Time

Clay: I’m just telling you, you got to have block out time for that as a business coach. There is faith. There is family, and then you get in to friendships. What are some of the friendship goals, maybe some of your clients have?

Business Coach 167

Robert: A lot of the friends that different entrepreneurs have are friends that are able to build them up, that inspire them.

Clay: Oprah Winfrey says, “Surround yourself with people that will lift you up.”

Robert: A lot of times, business owners can become isolated without a business coach. They feel like they are on an island. They feel like they are all alone, there is no one there for them. Being able to make the time for those friends that inspire you, that are life giving, that share the same values of you, that hold you to a higher standard will actually begin to create accountability structure in your own life to get you to that place that they are at. It’ll allow you to, it’ll also motivate you and inspire you to get back in the business and get to work. The friendship goals are important.

Clay: You have friendship, then you have fitness, okay, then you have fun. Have finances, the F6 goals, just for the sake of time, I want to make sure every thriver does write down those goals, okay business coach. When you are building a business, what happens is you are going to run into problems. When you run into problems, either A, you have to be Yoda, and know the answer to every question, or you can text us 9188516920, 9188516920.

We’d be happy to answer any of your business coach questions. This next business question comes in to us from a thriver right here in Tulsa. By the way thrivers, if you want to send in a text and have your question answered as well. You can text us any time at 9188516920, 9188516920. This is their text message, they said, if I have an old site but I’m coming on top in Google, what is the benefit of updating my website? That is a good question. Robert, that’s a good question.

Robert: Very good question, business coach.

Clay: I’m going to let you start on the question. Then I’ll kind of basically be like the Monday morning quarterback or kind of like the backseat driver, where I’ll just try to run up you basically is my move. Let’s say if I have a website, I’m already top …

Robert: Story of my life working here.

Clay: Let’s say I am top in Google, and already, I’m already organically coming up top in the Google searches, but my website is kind of old school. What’s the advantage of even updating it?

Robert: Something that I notice consistently in a lot of businesses, we’ll do a 13 point assessment with the business. I actually just did one yesterday for the guy who has an outdoor lighting company out in Chattanooga.

Clay: Chattanooga.

Robert: He was telling me that he just got his website redone, but then when we did a step four of the business coach assessment, which is analyzing someone’s unique value proposition. He rated himself really high, he’s in unique value proposition. He does charity work, and a lot of things that separate himself from other businesses in the marketplace, but he didn’t have it anywhere on his website. He wasn’t able to actually convey the value on his website. He didn’t have any clear calls to action. He didn’t have any offers. He didn’t have anything compelling that would be able to actually convert someone to his website into a lead.

Clay: Thrive nation, if you have a website that’s kind of old school, it’s top in Google, but it’s a little bit old school. It’s not that great, when we come back I’m going to give you specific reasons. I’m committing to giving you five specific reasons that you absolutely must improve your website. If you don’t do it, one, you are going to have less customers, and I’m going to make you listen to Justin Bieber over and over, and over. Stay tuned, (singing.)

All right Thrive Nation. Welcome back to the Thrive Time Show on your radio. My name is Clay clark, I’m the former SBA entrepreneur of the year and current America’s #1 Business Coach, sitting here to help you make your wallet grow. I’m going to tell you what. I every day that I get a chance to fellowship with you. It is the highlight of my day. It’s the highlight of my life in the profundity of every moment that we share together is staggering to me, because I used to stutter. I used to stutter, which is where you can’t talk well, when you try to speak what happens is you get locked on a word. My name is Clayton. That’s my given name. Clayton Thomas Clark.

People would say, “What’s your name?” I remember saying, Cl … Cl. I would struggle to say my own name. Then kids will make fun of you because that’s what kids do. They don’t have a filter, they haven’t learned yet about tact, they have learned about encouragement, the emotional needs of other people. They tend to attack. They would attack me, and then I would get more withdrawn and more withdrawn. It was not a good thing. Now, to be speaking all around the world, having spoken for Hewlett Packard, and Valspar, and O’Reilly Auto Parts and having our own radio show, I just know that if you are listening right now, and you say, “Why do you always do this?”

I’ll just say, I know that God has a plan, and I don’t know who you call God or what you call God, and I’m not going to argue that with you, because this isn’t a religious show. It is something where it’s a show where I want you to know that I sincerely care. I know what it’s like to go through, you are trying to build a successful company, what you are doing is right now you are trying to build a successful company but your marriage is falling apart. You are trying so hard to build the business but your dad has ALS like my dad did, which is basically where your body gradually goes into atrophy, and you die of suffocation.

I watched my dad die right in front of me, on 9/5. I watched him, September 5th. I watched him pass away. I know what it’s like to go through that. If you are going through this. If you have a child who is sick, you have a financial problem, you have a father who’s ill, you are having a problem with your marriage. Guess what? I have been there. I have done that. Rather than saying, “You are an idiot. You don’t know what you are doing. What Dr. Z and I have decided to do is take two hours a day, I don’t even know if it’s cathartic for us, where it’s almost like a healing thing, or if it’s because we care, but we agreed on this vision to mentor millions.

You have to know that we have an unconditional support for you. You might feel alone on entrepreneurship island because nobody is helping you but you can use a business coach. You get four in the morning, five in the morning to start your business, you work until seven or eight. You are not getting ahead, you’ve worked hard all year, and you find out you find out you have a big tax spill. You mentored a manager, and then you found out they are starting their own company, and they are screwing you. You’ve had your emails, you can’t freaking log into your emails. You can’t make your printer work, and you are just like … You guys get me.

That’s why you love this show. I’ve got one thing I want to ask you today, just one thing. What I want you to do, one ask, one request, one favor. I would love it, it would mean the world to me, if you would go to and subscribe to the podcast. Just subscribe, it’s not for my financial benefit. I don’t make anything off the show, it’s because I want you to not miss a show, miss an update. I want you to be able to share your favorite archived radio shows, your podcasts with your friends and family because you also know somebody who’s hurting.

I feel like it’s incumbent, it’s your duty, it’s on you to help people that are less fortunate than you if possible. First off, let’s do what Abraham Lincoln said. He said, “Step number one to helping the poor is to not become poor.” Step number two is then we share with other people. That’s what we want to do. Robert Redmond, he is a business coach with the Thrive 15 Business Coach Program, and Redmond Growth. He is on the program today. We are going to break it down fully, we are going to help you do this. A thriver text us at 9188516920, 9188516920, and they said, “Hi, I’m already coming up top at google. What’s the benefit of updating my website?”


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