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Business Coach on Dream 100 Lists

For all the Thrive Nation business coach people out there celebrating a holiday, maybe celebrating a birthday, I say what, if no one is yet to wish you a birthday, maybe I’m early, maybe I’m late, but happy birthday to you. Welcome back to the Thrive Time Show on your radio. I’m joined today inside, from inside the box that rocks, with the man, the myth, the legend, the America’s number one … This guy is America, he has the skillset, he’s really America’s number one executive business coach producer, and it’s Sam, our rarely heard from executive producer coming in front of the mic today. Normally he is kind of hidden, he’s only producing, but today, Dr. Zoellner is out expanding his vast business coach entrepreneurial empire, and so Sam Parker is on the mic. How are you sir?

Business Coach 174

Sam: What is up Tulsa? I’m glad to be here, and glad to talk to you guys with the former SBA entrepreneur of the year.

Clay: Then we are also joined with a business coach who knows a little something about making your business grow. It’s the man who is the know, a member of the business coaching team, is Mr. Eric Chupp. What’s up?

Eric: Hello, hello, that was my Marshall impression.

Clay: Like I said, what’s up Chupp?

Eric: Hello, my Marshall Morris impression.

Clay: Here we go. Marshall Morris if you don’t know, he is one the business coach members as well. What we are talking about today is this, we have a thriver who just texted us at 9188516920. Again, someone says, I was trying to write that down but you went so fast, just slow down you crazy radical. It’s 9188516920. For anybody who just really wants to hear it like a very slow exaggerated because you are going, “I really was trying to write that down, my freaking wouldn’t work. I can’t put my pen.” It’s 9188516920. Here is the question, what’s the best way to manage a dream 100 system that has more than 100 companies?

The scenario is the dream 100 is a list of your ideal and likely buyers. I was telling you an example of a dentist we work with in Florida. What he does is he’s a pediatric dentist. Mainly he works with kids. His problem was, he doesn’t have enough money to market to the entire city, but he has enough money to market to a focused group, a focused area. We made a list of all the places where the mothers of young children gather. We made a list of, I’m just telling you what we did. It was a local ballet, local gymnastics, we had a local pediatrician, we had local PTAs for kindergartens and preschools. We decided, every week we are going to touch these touchpoints one time. We are going to touch these contacts one time.

The first week we dropped off doughnuts and said, “Your patients shouldn’t need these but we think you should, next time that your kids need a dentist, please think of us.” Second week we call them. Third week we mail them something. Fourth week we drop a line by. You keep doing this, and if you faithfully do it over time, according to Chet Holmes in his book, the Ultimate Sales Machine, roughly 3% of people at any given month are looking for the services that you provide. Some mother receives the doughnuts and says, “I was just looking for a pediatric dentist.” The pediatrician goes, “We’ve been looking for a new referral source. The person we have referred previously is out of town, out of business, they moved away, service wasn’t good anymore.” Whatever.

You have to be consistent in the implementation of you dream 100. I want to ask you Chop your feedback, and I want to get your feedback as well Sam. Where do people typically get the dream 100 wrong? Where does it start? Where does the wheel start to fall off the wagon there Mr. Eric Chop business coach?

Eric: In my experience working with clients. It’s all about diligence with the dream 100. You can’t reach out to these people one time. You cannot text one time after you get their information. You have to faithfully follow the system and reach out week after week and follow the system, pre-written text message, handwritten letters, make a drop off. You have to stay in front of them. When you don’t follow the system faithfully, you don’t see the results and therefore you get discouraged. You have to be diligent when doing the dream 100.

Clay: I will tell you this, the inspiration thrivers, someone should be writing this down. Inspiration is the reward, it’s the reward you get for doing the work that you didn’t want to do. Inspiration, whenever you do what you don’t want to do but you know you need to do, then you get inspiration as a reward. I’m going to give you a notable quotable that I wrote myself, but it’s inspiration is the reward, inaction, no action, inaction is the giant, action is the sword. What we have is we have big giants in our mind. We say, I’m a dentist in Florida in a big market by the way.

He’s on a coastal community, very competitive. He goes, “I don’t have, I do about $1.2 million a year of revenue. I can’t go out there and billboard my competition. I can’t out advertise them. If you are in Tulsa Oklahoma and you are trying to compete with dr. Robert Zoellner on your advertisement …

Eric: Not going to happen.

Clay: Not going to happen on radio, you can’t beat the guy. What you can do is you can, I’m not going to tell you, because if you are not challengers in Tulsa, I don’t want you to do well at all frankly. Seriously if you are the dentist I said, this is what you can do though. You can implement, and as a business coach we teach you moves that you can implement, realistic deals. You can’t hunt with a machine gun bro, you don’t have enough might for armor, but you can hunt with a rifle. Get up in that deer stand and take aim, let’s be precision here. Let’s be laser focused.

Diligence means the steady application of effort. Put it another way, Chet Holmes the bestselling author of the Ultimate Sales Machine. Many of you are going, “Who is Chet Holmes?” Why are you saying it that way? Chet Holmes why do you get your voice get high when you Chet Holmes? No, Chet Holmes is the bestselling author. He’s also a former partner of Charlie Munger. Who is charlie monger? Charlie Munger is the business partner of Warren Buffet. Warren Buffet? Coca cola, GEICO?

Eric: I’ve heard that name.

Clay: This is what Chet Holmes wrote though, after being taught by Charlie Munger directly. He says, “The missing ingredient for nearly all of the 1,000 plus clients, I have worked with directly to improve their businesses is pigheaded discipline and determination.” That didn’t sound fun at all, pigheaded discipline and determination? “We all get good ideas,” he says, at seminars, From books, radio talk shows … Wait a minute, and business building gurus. The problem is that most companies do not know how to identify and adapt the best ideas to their businesses.

Again he says, the problem is that most companies do not know how to identify and adapt the best ideas to their businesses. Sam, you had a deep thought. We are going to with the deep thoughts from Sam. Enlighten us my friend.

Eric: Let’s hear it.

Sam: The question actually, he says, “How would you deal the dream 100 that has more than 100 companies? Let’s say 400?” I say, call them all. I have done dream 100 lists that are down to 300 or 400 clients as well. You call them all because Chet Holmes from the book Ultimate Sales Machine says that 3% of the people you are going to call are willing to buy. If you are calling 100 people you might get three people. That’s 3%. If you are calling 400 people you might get 12 people. You might as well call them all.

Clay: My main thing is, I’m not pushing back on what you are saying is that you, the dream 100, you’ve got to reach out to them consistently. If you are a dentist in this case, maybe you only have let’s say four hours of free time with your staff. Maybe you have one front desk person, you are the dentist and you’ve got one customer service person, or one nurse, or one … Maybe you have a staff of three. According to Forbes, 65% of all the jobs that have been created since 1995, someone should google this and verify that I’m not making this up. 65% of all the jobs that have been created since 1995 are from small businesses.

If you are in a small business, I definitely love what Sam said of call them all, but I would also make sure that whatever list you make that you actually call them, because if you are not careful and you make a big list of people that you don’t actually call, it becomes discouraging for you and it’s just not a good thing. I would encourage you to make a list of people that you are definitely going to call, make sure you reach out to these people consistently because if not it’s going to get kind of weird when you make these commitments to yourself that you don’t honor. Stay tuned, Thrive Time Show (singing.)

Thrive nation, welcome. Let’s just spike for a minute. Some of you are just trying to get that lunch game on, kind of get your lunch game on, and you are thinking about, “Should I go out to Oklahoma Joe’s today? Or should I go out to Oklahoma Joe’s? I tell you what, given those options, going out to Oklahoma Joe’s or Oklahoma Joe’s, I will tell you, I would definitely go out to Oklahoma Joe’s.

Not only are they a great sponsor, he’s a great Oklahoma success stories. Those baked beans have one competition quality. These are competition wining baked beans. They’ve been named the world’s baked beans. At first, when I was introduced to the baked beans, I thought, “How could they possibly be?” Chupp, how could they be the world’s best? Have you, be honest with the business coach listeners because if you are spitting some sort of, if you are speaking some sort of hyperbola, some sort of non truth. They are going to know. They are going to see through. Have you actually had the baked beans yet?

Eric: I will say that I am normally not a bean fan, but I have had their baked beans, and I really, this is not a lie, I do enjoy them. I’m not lying, they are really good.

Clay: Sam have you had the baked beans? Again, if you haven’t it’s okay to say, “No, I have not. I am a person with a lot of personal problems. I have not had them.” Have you had the baked beans?

Sam: I have when I was not busy being a business coach producer.


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