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Business Coach on Firing

Here is a business coach on firing: You must not fire until it’s a good time for you. You don’t want to fire somebody until it’s right for you. Sam, you have seen me probably consistently do this. You’ve probably watched it happen. You’ve seen it. You’ve kind of learned Dr. Zs moves. Dr. Z, just so thrivers know, he is opening up another location, or he is expanding his memorial location significantly. Many people in Tulsa love his facility and you’ve discovered it’s always busy. He’s expanding to accommodate the needs and the demands of the Tulsa marketplace. Many of you are looking for the Tulsa’s most affordable eyecare.

Business Coach 177

You’ve found it at Dr. Z and associations. Dr. Zoellner and Associates. The $99 for the first time, first time you go in there it’s $99 for your exam and a pair of glasses. He’s expanding to keep up with the demand there. He’s out today focused on that and other business coach items. Sam, for anybody who is listening right now, could you kind of explain to them my approach to firing from what you have seen? Not necessarily the text book but what you’ve actually seen from your experience to how I typically, either fire, retire or basically move somebody off the island?

Sam: I’ve seen a couple of different ways. One, you basically keep them where they are at. Because you guys are hiring every single week, you always have the jobs listed on all the different sites. You are always interviewing, and so whenever you find someone that fits, and can replace them then you will fire them then, or you’ll basically tell them, “Hey, you can do this now,” and they’ll basically move themselves out. They’ll say, “I don’t really want to do that,” and they’ll find a different job.

Clay: Your wife was a business coach and manager at one of the Elephant In the Room locations for a long time, did a fine job by the way. She did a great job there. I know, she had been frustrated at certain times that we couldn’t replace certain people. I’m sure she never talked to you about it at home, but now we have a great team of like …

Sam: Never heard anything about it.

Clay: Never heard anything. We have 84 people now that work there, a great business, great people, great reviews. Am I great? No, getting better is just in the business coach and founder grade. We are getting better, we are listening to your feedback. We are going to make it the best experience possible. Monetarily speaking and in terms of all the different ratings and reviews, and awards, we are doing really well there and they are a business coach success story.

Tulsa, we appreciate you so much for coming out there and checking out the Elephant In the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge. For the $1 first haircut. I know that it could be scary to switch barbers, but we appreciate you for having some faith in us. Now that you are from the kind of looking on the inside perspective, there are some people I’m sure that your wife is a manager, wanted to replace. Why do you feel like I maybe didn’t replace them immediately?

Sam: You guys have a certain amount of chairs, and if you get rid of a chair, if you have four chairs to cut people’s hair in, and you get rid of one, you just get rid of 25% of your profit. You might keep them, and even though they are not performing at their 100% best, you might not lose 25%, you might lose only 15%, but at least you are making 15% until you find someone to replace them.

Clay: I believe it’s all about trade offs. If you are listening right now and your name is David, and you happen to be based in Miami, and you are wanting to know, “Should I implement the merit based pay program now?” Yes, absolutely. When the employee shows up late and is part of their pay scale, they don’t get their bonus until they are, if they are late. Maybe you hold off on implementing. Maybe you give them a warning, maybe you give them a warning two. Maybe warning 4,000.

Sam: Watch out.

Clay: You got to keep doing the warnings until you can replace somebody, but you don’t ever replace somebody until it is convenient for you. Thrive Nation, if you want to interject into the business coach conversation, all you have to do is text 9188516920. Again that’s 9188516920. Any question that yo have, we are going to respond to it during today’s show. If we can’t fit it in, we are going to respond to it during the next show here for you.

Sam, we just had a text message come in. Sam, we are having business coach text messages flying in, they are coming in hot Sam. Here is what it says, it says, “What is the best solution for attorneys, in getting a legal team?” This is a contractor from Dallas, who apparently is listening in to the broadcast here. He is saying, “What is the best solution for attorneys and getting a legal team?” If you are listening right now, one is I’ll encourage you, go ahead during the break, write down any business question that you have … In fact, skip a step, go ahead and text us right now, 9188516920. Again, it’s 9188516920. Go ahead and text us any business question that you have, because we want to help you become the most successful that you can possibly be, on this incredible edition of the Thrive Time Show. Once again, what’s the number to text? I’ll tell you what it is, it’s 9188516920.

Thrive nation, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show on your radio, where we believe in your dreams. You don’t think you are crazy because you want to start a successful business. Today’s show is the mailbag edition of the show. Basically the entire show, we are answering mailbag questions, and to be totally factual here. We are answering text message questions from thrivers like you. All you have to do is text 9188516920, again that’s 9188516920. Any text message question that you text us, we will answer it for sure on today’s show or on a later show, but we are going to definitely answer your questions.

We had another text message that just came in here. This is from a thriver in Dallas Texas who asks what is the best solution for attorneys and getting a legal team? Sam, does this seem like a real question or does this seem like hu-ha to you? Does this seem like a real question here?

Sam: Honestly, if I ever got sued, I would probably just, I’d represent myself in court.

Clay: That makes of a lot of sense. Thrivers have these kind of questions here, here we go. Thrivers here is what we want to do, number one, I would highly recommend that every single thriver and business coach client has an attorney before you get sued. What do you mean before I get sued? I never get sued. Listen here buddy, every single person listening, if you own a business you will be sued. I don’t agree with that, I’ve never been sued. Let me repeat it again, let me add a little more adjectives. If you have ever owned or will ever own a successful company you will be sued. I will never be sued, I’m a good business owner.


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