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Business Coach on Getting Sued

No, you will be sued, I’m telling you what … I have business coach personally hundreds of clients, spoken to thousands of clients, and you are going to be sued, because people when they see money there is a certain group of people who want to take what you make. Someone should write that down. There is a group of people who want to take what you make. You want to have an attorney figured out before you have a legal problem. There is two options for you. There is two moves I’d recommend. Full disclosure, both of these are people that I’ve worked with as a coach or a consultant.

Business Coach 175

Option number one is Reib Law. It’s REIB law. Reib Law, I highly recommend you check out He is an attorney based in Dallas Texas. His name is Scott Reib. We helped him set up his membership plan. What had happened was, so many people were reaching out to him about, “Hi, I want to form an LLC, I have a question about how to form my corporation, how to form my operating documents, how to form my disclosure agreements, how to form my non-compete agreements.” People were constantly finding themselves without a good attorney that they could afford, because they couldn’t afford an attorney they would just go without an attorney.

We worked with Scott Reib of He has developed these unbelievably affordable programs called access. Access Programs. It’s like a membership for your lawyer, not like a multi-level lawyer, kind of thing. It’s like an actual attorney. It’s one specific attorney, and he has a membership model, and he only has a certain number of clients he works with like we do for business coach clients. The whole idea is that if you have a legal problem, he is going to represent you, but you understand that you are only going to be charged a certain amount each month. That’s option number one.

Option number two is highly recommend that you look into What is That is a law firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma that is owned there. It’s locally owned. My personal attorney is Wes Carter. Wes Carter helps me through every possible legal situation I’ve ever run into. He helps me on a consistent basis, and they’ve actually represented guys for their book deals, like Joel Oesteen, T.D Jakes, Joyce Meyer. This is like the big kahuna. He’s right here in Tulsa, and his name is Wes Carter. Again, if you have a legal problem or a potential legal problem, while you are in business you definitely want to have an attorney representing you. I recommend you reach out to or

Again, that’s the answer to the question from a thriver here in Dallas Texas here who writes, “What is the best solution for attorneys in getting a legal team?” Someone else just texted us here. They are texting here, 9188516920. Again, text us any business question you have ever heard to 9188516920, and we will answer those questions. Here is the text message, I’m just reading it off here, it says, “What’s the best way to manage a dream 100 system that has more than 100 companies in it?” This is from a business coach thriver in North Carolina. Eric Chupp, are you mic’ed up now my friend?

Eric: I believe that I am.

Sam: Hi what’s up.

Clay: Eric Chop, one of the Thrive 15 business coach has just joined us inside the box that rocks. Sir, you were coaching with a lot of different business clients today.

Eric: It’s been a day.

Clay: What kind of industries were you working in today, what kind of clients were you working with today?

Eric: I just got done with a health and wellness client, holistic health and wellness.

Clay: Holistic health.

Eric: Yeah.

Sam: Do you feel healthier and more wellness?

Eric: The phone calls, I come out of them feeling great. I don’t work out or eat healthy but visiting with them helps me a lot.

Sam: I can tell.

Eric: You can tell. That was nice. Thank you Sam.

Clay: That was a radio joke. Thanks for that information there. I want to ask this Eric. This thriver wants to know, how to I implement a dream 100 with more than 100 people? How would you describe what a dream 100 is? For anybody who is not sure what the dream 100 system is, or what that’s in reference to, how would you describe what the dream 100 is all about?

Eric: The dream 100 comes from a book called the Ultimate Sales Machine. That’s written by a guy and semi business coach named Chet Holmes. Basically his philosophy says that at any point in time, three of 100 people, 3% of the population is out there ready to buy. You basically just have to get in front of them. The dream 100 is basically a systematic follow up process, where you want to make a touch point with perspective clients every week. Stay top of mind with them.

Clay: Here is an example here thrivers, this is a notable quotable that comes at you hot from Chet Holmes followed by an ample example. This is a notable quotable of what Chet Holmes has wrote in his book, Ultimate Sales Machine. He says, best buyers buy more. They buy faster, and they buy more than other buyers. These are your ideal clients. Have a special effort dedicated to just your dream 100 clients. Here is an example, I work with a local orthodontist and he is … I work with a local dentist too. There is a dentist in Florida, I work with so many people all over the world, but there is a dentist in Florida I’m picturing in my mind right now.

If you were a dentist in Florida, you are a pediatric dentist, you work with kids, Chop, what kind of people, Sam, what kind of people? I’m going to with Chop first here. What kind of people would likely be in a position to refer patients to a dentist that works with kids? Do you guys have any guesses, any thoughts, any ideas? Maybe not only a dentist, but what would be your thoughts here? Sam, Chop, any guesses here?

Eric: Maybe getting a list from schools.

Sam: Preschools.

Clay: Here we go, on the dream 100 we have a list of pediatricians, we have a list of kindergartens, we have a list of pre-schools. Places where kids are.

Sam: Places where kids gather.

Clay: Places where kids are gathered. The PTA for, the PTA that represents the parent teacher association that represents a kindergarten or a preschool. Every single week we faithfully make sure that we touch those 100 dream 100 contacts. That means we drop off something. For example, one that we dropped off is doughnuts. It says, “Although your patients shouldn’t eat these, we thought that the fine women of the PTA, for the such and such kindergarten would enjoy this. When you need a pediatric dentist, please don’t be a stranger, yadi yada.” The whole reason why we do that is because we stay top of mind. When we come back we are going to get more into the ideal and likely buyer, dream 100 system. Stay tuned. It’s the Thrive Time Show on your radio. My name is Clay and I am a business coach, stay tuned,


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