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Business Coach on Managing Real Estate

Business Coach 155 Clay Clark: But I didn’t believe that you were doing it. Now at the time, I was in charge of all of the real estate marketing for Kanbar Properties as a business coach, which owned one third of downtown. So the Summit Club, the Bank of America tower, and they have cameras. And I told them, “If you don’t see this guy through, tell me.” And I told the security guys, “Every time that a guy tries to get through …” “I have a guy I’m very concerned. There’s somebody who keeps trying to get into the building. Just pestering our tenants. Please tell me if he tries to come by.” The security guy’s new so I’m getting reports that this guy just keeps coming by so I know-

Dr. Zelner: With cupcakes.

Clay Park: Yeah. So he got passed these swat team of geniuses called business coach gurus.

Justin: At first it started out easy. I would get up to the first building. There was no security guard and I realized I’d walk into the office. You have the office assistant answer the phones up there but I don’t want just her. I want everyone in front of me so I can at once give my sales pitch, tell them who I am. The whole team, right.

So, at first, it’s like, “Hey. I have a cup …” I started with I have. “I have a delicious treat that’s sugary that people love, org-or-orgr …”

Clay Park: Organic.

Justin: “Organic gourmet cupcakes.” And so, I realized right off the bat I’ve to create a scenario here so I just make up a name.

Clay Park: You’re going to love this.

Justin: I’d say, “Sally! Sally’s here?” “No, Sally doesn’t work …” I said, “Oh my gosh. It happened again. Sal-Sally? Oh my gosh. They’re going to fire me. It’s not someone’s birthday because I have a whole tray of cupcakes. I can’t bring these back to the bakery.”

Clay Clark: Somebody’s ordering these.

Justin: And they’re like, they call and everyone, “Jimmy, you got to see this. Oh my gosh. This is hilarious. There’s this guy with cupcakes-“

Clay Clark: They’re gorgeous cupcakes. They’re gourmet, kind of like our business coach program that is considered gourmet.

Justin: So they call everyone in for this mistake supposedly that happens for someone’s birthday that ordered cupcakes.

Clay Park: 20 people gathered around.

Justin: And by the way I’ve got card to hand out. I’ve got phone numbers. They feel sorry for me now, this is all stuff a business coach taught me.  “Oh my gosh. Can we talk about business coach items? So that was one move there. And then same move when I had the security guards. I’d walk in. I’d say, “Hey.” Serious. “Oh my gosh. But, Mr. Smith is upstairs. It’s for their birthday. I’m sorry I’m so late. I’m probably double parked right now. We’ve got to get upstairs.” And then they’d send me on through. I’d get upstairs and-

Clay Park: The security guard … Because I just want to make sure we’re getting this. The security guard would go, “Sir, you need to show ID.” This is his job. “Sir, I need to see ID. I cannot let you go upstairs.” He’s like, “I have got to get this to Mr. Smith. It’s the birthday.

Justin: I looked official though. If I looked like I was sketchy. If I looked like.

Clay Park: Wearing a suit. Wearing a tie. Wearing dress clothes.

Justin: Right. I had to look official. And they just pass you on by. You look official. You look the part.

Clay Park: What you did is you learned these moves that you then applied to your own business when you started it. You learned diligence, sales, persistence, mindset, motivation, marketing, packaging. You learned all of that by doing something. Not at business school. And then, you started your own business and you realized this is easy. This is an easy thing. This marketing, this is so easy. And so now, Elephant in the Room is starting to gain traction, Z. Z, would you guess that he’s probably running into some problems after he hires like employee 70? There’s probably some new problem.

Dr. Zelner: Yet nothing that a cupcake wouldn’t fix I’m sure. You like cake, folks? I know you’re a horrible employee and you’re not showing up on time and you’re not doing your job but you know what? Let’s sit around the break room table and just eat cupcakes the rest of the day. I’m sure that’s what he does.

Clay Park: Guys, I’ve been watching a lot TedTalks and why don’t we just go out and do trust falls or. Let’s all talk about how we feel about how we feel.

Stay tuned. Thrive Time show. Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems on the business coach program.

Even in a lobby, engaging in an incredible lunch there. It’s courtesy of Oklahoma Joe’s. I hate to interrupt your lunch there but I will tell you this is the Thrive Time Show on your radio where you come to learn what you need to know to make your wallet grow. And why would you want to make your wallet grow? Z, why the heck would you want … I mean, think about the pain. You’re probably starting to get … You have to see a chiropractor like your brother, Dr. Chuck Zelner. Do you have a one side of your pants is bigger than the other because you’re carrying this heavy wallet? I mean the struggles of the carrying a wallet and all the taxes. It just seems like a lot of work.

Dr. Zoellner: It seems like a lot of work and particularly since the name of this program is Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems so going, “Why don’t I have to have more money if it’s going to give me more problems?”

Clay Park: Because they’re new problems. They’re better problems.

Dr. Zoellner: They are but that’s the key; mo’ money, better mo’ problems.

Clay Park: And this is kind of a tornado show where we go up and down real fast so emotionally people go, “I don’t know how I should feel.”

Dr. Zelner: Kind of like a rollercoaster.

Clay Park: So I’m going to give you the shallow end of the pool and the deep end real fast within 30 seconds. Shallow end of the pool is this; my wife and I were talking the other day and we said, “Hey, we should buy some TV’s for the office and these screens for the office.” I want to be a good steward of the finance. This guy goes, “Well this one is $479 and this one’s $449.” I’m not stressing out about a $22 difference. What I’m stressing out about is how much time it’s taking to have this discussion about a $20 savings.

Dr. Zelner: Yeah.

Clay Park: So it’s a new problem. I have more money than time. That’s a new problem. But on the deeper end, insurance. We have five kids, and I’m tell you what; health insurance is expensive and being able to pay the bill for them feels good. There was a time in our life when we couldn’t pay the bill for that and so being able to pay that feels good. So I’m just telling you right now Thrivers, you’re going to exchange some problems for other problems.

Before we left you, before we went to break, we were talking about how Justin Moore, founder of Elephant in the Room … Full disclosure; my brother in law. He has built this very successful business, Elephant in the Room, and he started off, just the problems of trying to market it, trying to sell it, trying to convince anybody to come in. I mean, he’s asking my dad to get his hair cut. My dad’s being reluctant going, “Justin keeps asking me. I like where I go.” Everybody’s like, “I just feel pressured.” Kirk Fryer, honorary member number one. Kirk came in and he says, “The haircut took an hour and I can’t have a man cut … I can’t be with a man at all for an hour.” Those scenarios where I can be like, “Kirk, you have to go back.” And now he loves it. It’s his favorite thing. The haircut’s only 27 minutes. The whole thing’s different. So long story short, the business has taken off. Now we have thousands of members. There is three locations. So what are the problems that you’re running into now that you didn’t have in the past?

Justin: It’s all about systems and duplicatable training. There’s only one of me. We’ve got over 70 employees. So if you’ve got to train people to handle the task that you used to handle so now you focus on growing your business, not maintaining your business.

Clay Park: And next to you, you’ve got kind of your right hand man. He’s the call center manager, Action Jackson. How are you sir?

Jackson: I’m doing great. I’m doing great.

Clay Park: How long have you worked with Justin at this point? I mean, when did you lose the life bet and you had to come work for Justin? When did that happen?

Jackson: It’s probably been about a year now.

Clay Park: About a year?

Jackson: Yep.

Clay Park: Okay, so about a year. And, now, has there ever been a time Justin said, since you guys been working together, where you know … Let’s take Jackson’s side of it. Has there ever been a time where he’s asked you to do something, you have no idea what the heck he’s talking about and you’re going, “I would love to do it but there’s not a system for it and there’s no plan. There’s nothing written down.” Has that ever happened to you?

Jackson: All the time.

Clay Park: What would be a recent example where you thought I would love a system to be here right now instead of me just hacking away? You’re marinating. He’s marinating.

Jackson: I am. I am. I mean, there’s different things. As far as our outbound calls go, he changes up stuff all the time on that. Like, it went from having the script that we originally have and now we’ve got a new script where it’s everybody . You’re a winner. You’re winning.

Clay Park: And here’s the deal, Elephant in the Roomers, if you’re listening, we want you to come back if we haven’t seen you for 90 days. So Justin introduced a new script but Z, when you write a new script, right? And you write the new script and then you give it to someone to do, what is the gap between here’s the script and then them doing it? Where does it tend to fall apart? I made the script but they’re not doing it. What happens?

Dr. Zelner: Well, I mean, if you have A+ plus players you don’t have that drop off because people understand that script’s important and they get a new script like, “Okay, I’ve been following this script and now this is the new script. I’m going to do the new script.” But what happens is sometimes you get employees that are sometimes smarter than you and they say to themselves, “Yeah, this new script’s no good. I understand the old script because the old script I had down. I had a high success rate. I knew what I was doing. I’m a rockstar. And just because you own it you don’t know better than me because I’m the one making all the calls all day. You’re just sitting around collecting money now and looking good. Driving a new car and when you’re not where you’re going to put your new location and all that. I’m the one here grinding and doing all the business now. It’s me, baby.”

So what happens is that sometimes when you don’t have an A+ … Here’s the thing, A+ employees are great to have and they’re easy to recognize and you go, “Okay, those are rockstars much like your business coach programs”

Clay Park: That’s a unicorn, much like our business coach Eric Chupp.

Dr. Zoellner: That’s a unicorn. And then the bad employees, let’s call them the F or the D, they’re also easy to recognize, the nay-sayers. And you say, “You know what? It’s not working out. You no longer work here. I elevated you to customer status. Please leave now.”

Clay Park: And by the way,  Thrivers, this is what Dr. Zoellner will say if he’s clearly addressed to you that it’s not working out and you’ve done the write-ups, you’ve followed the laws, this is exactly the words that he will say and he is a business coach wizard.

Stay tuned for the most practical business coach tips on the planet.


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