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Business Coach : Find The Peace You Seek

Business Coach : Find The Peace You Seek

-My name is Clay Clark, and I’m the CEO of and one of the business mentors on the website. Today I’m honored to be joined by the living legend, an NBA hall of famer, David Robinson, one of our business mentors, and he’s going to be teaching us a little bit about how to find our sense of peace and purpose. You see, David’s done just as well off the court as he did on the court, and he’s an NBA hall of famer. And it’s exciting because he’s a great father. He’s a great husband, and he’s a guy who is a great businessman and business coach. And he’s going to be teaching us a little bit about how to find that elusive sense of peace and purpose that we all struggle to find.

Remember, at, we all believe that knowledge without application is meaningless. So as you’re watching today’s episode, make sure that you look for specific applicable action steps that you can put in your own life and business. Otherwise, today’s episode may just be more meaningless less than a boomerang in space. A business coach can help you to make step applicable.

David, good to see you, sir.

-Clay, good to see you.

-Hey, we’re here to talking today about finding financial peace and purpose, and I know that a lot of people watching this, regardless of their income level– as humans, we find it very easy to spend everything we make and then a little bit more because we have credit in America. So we tend to borrow, too.


-Now, during your first year in the league, though, you were all NBA. You had a great rookie season. You had endorsements, but you still didn’t necessarily have peace. Not necessarily, let’s say, financial peace, but peace.

-Right, that’s true.

-Why didn’t you have peace or what was kind of going on in your mind at that point?

-Well, I think I just spent most of my time trying to please everyone around me. Everyone always puts these expectations on you, and if you’re gullible, you go for it. You try to please them all, and I just didn’t really know who I was and what I wanted. I came into the league, and I thought I was this halfway intelligent guy who kind of knew what I wanted, and then all of a sudden, I want to be like Michael Jordan. I want to be this. I want to have this, and everything started to change. And so I wasn’t at peace. A business coach can help you to obtain peace.

It took me about a year and a half before I realized this should be the pinnacle. I’m at the top. If this doesn’t make me happy right now, if all of this money, all of this fame, and attention, and opportunity– if this doesn’t make me happy, I’m not really sure what will make me happy. A business coach will ask the right questions to help you determine what it is that is going to lead to your happiness.

-Did you feel like that you chased the rainbow, and you sort of got to the end of that pot of gold, and it wasn’t there? Is that kind of how you felt?

-Well, for me, it was the end. I felt like, as a child, I never thought about being rich, or famous, or anything, but I got to this place where I’m one of the best players in the world, and I’m doing very well, and still I’m not at peace. I don’t understand this, so I had to reevaluate my priorities. I had to decide what is going to make me happy. If the world has nothing to offer me, they could give me another million dollars, and it still wouldn’t make me happy. Then what is actually going to make me happy?

-So if I’m watching this and I am struggling to find peace, if I’m somebody who– maybe I even have financial success, and I’m watching this, and I had success, or maybe I’m somebody who’s believing that, if I just could have financial success, then I’m going to have that peace. But either way, if I don’t have peace, what would you say to me if I’m struggling to find my sense of peace and purpose? What would you tell me?

-Well, for me, I would tell you that having faith in God is the answer to your peace, because that’s the only thing that’s solid, that doesn’t change. We change every day. The environment around us changes every day, but the word of God doesn’t change. It’s a rock, and so that’s really the only place that you’ll find peace, but a lot of people don’t think that that’s relevant to their lives, and I would argue that it is, very much so. In everything that you do, we have a worldview. We either think we’re the center of the world or not, and most of us like to think we are the center of the world. And if you live that way, you’re going to find yourself in that restless place with no peace at all, but once you understand there is a center and it’s not me– that God is the center of the world– and you start arranging your world around that, you’ll find that everything fits perfectly.


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