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Business Coach : Plan And Prepare

Business Coach : Plan And Prepare
-This is what he has to say. Here’s his notable quotable, right here. He says, “Disciple is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.”


-Discipline. Not just action.

-OK, that’s good.

-There’s a big difference.

-This is good.

-What’s different? Look at the military, for example. Let’s say you’ve got a whole bunch of people. They’re going to be your army. And they’re going to defend you against the marauding herds of bad guys in the world. And they’re all skilled at various martial arts. Some of them are good with weapons, and some of are good with hand-to-hand fighting, and some are good with strategy and all this, but there’s no discipline. A business coach will tell you that discipline is key.

If there’s no discipline, that means you’ve got like a strong finger and a strong arm, but they don’t work together. And you’ve got a strong foot and a strong shoulder, but not a strong back that organizes all that and makes it a useful force. So you’ve got all these talents, but they’re not coordinated, because there’s no discipline.

So what do they do in the military? Training, training, training, and training. And then they follow that with training. And then they put in some training in case you need training. And for the rest of your career you’re going to be– I’m thinking– training in everything that matters to your role in the military.

CALEB TAYLOR: Gosh, that’s amazing.

-But the first training that everybody gets– that’s why they call it basic training, boot camp– is discipline. They train you to follow orders so that there can be some organization so that things actually get done instead of– nah, no, let’s don’t attack now. Let’s vote!

-I have a different idea! That’s hug, though.

-It is! And they teach you how to march, and you march in unison. And someone says left flank march. Left flank is what you’re going to do, and march is the command of execution, meaning do it right this instant. So you’ve got a big sea of hundreds of people, and someone yells out– left flank march! And the instant he says march, the whole body turns to the left flank.

That means you can move enormous numbers of people efficiently across a battlefield with one word of order. That’s the difference between individual action and discipline, because it does that to your talents. It’s not just groups of people. Groups of talents and skills and behaviors in your own life.

-This is unbelievable! We started by giving the five specific steps to goal setting. And now we’ve unpacked these three mind-blowing notable quotables that talk about your belief, the action necessary, and the discipline that keeps it all organized. This is amazing. This is help from an awesome business coach.  I’m going to ask you to end by talking to the Thriver watching right now who is ready to set their goals. Who wants to hear from a business coach.

You believe that every goal set can be achieved, but I feel like we can ever give enough encouragement. What do you say to that Thriver right now who’s like– you know what? I’m going to do it. I’m going to write my goals down. What do say to that person?

-I would say, first off, make sure you want the goal you set. Don’t set a goal to impress somebody else. Don’t set a goal that you think other people will say– that’s your goal? Cool.

It’s not about that. It’s about you being satisfied with the goal. So if it doesn’t matter to you, it doesn’t matter. Don’t bother with it. If it does matter to you, write it down. Write it down. Talk with a business coach and be clear about which goals matter to you.

Caleb just said any goal could be achieved. That’s probably true, but there are certainly some goals it would be absurd to set, like eliminating gravity. Momentarily, yeah. But from Earth? I don’t think that’s a worthy goal. So make sure it’s a goal that matters and a goal that makes sense.

And then never, ever, ever, ever require yourself to know in advance how to get there. Set the goal because you want it. And then start figuring out how to get there. And if you can’t do it alone, well, welcome to the world, because nobody can. Nobody. We all need each other. And if we don’t have each other to reach out to, then we are so severely handicapped as to be dysfunctional.

Think of this– if your goal is to get from California to New York, you need any number of people, depending on the route you choose. You walk, you’re going to need other people. You’re going to need other people to help you get the clothing you need, the protection, the nutrients, the shelter, everything else. You’re going to need permission, because you’re walking on other people’s land. If you’re going to drive, you’ve got to have somebody build highways. That’s going to take a few people and a few hundred billion dollars. If you’re going to fly, then you’ve got to have airplanes created. Everything requires other people– everything.

-That’s huge. This is why Thrive’s here.

-When in doubt, reach out. We’re here for you. Reach out. There’s the Ask a Guru question. If you’ve ever got a question, if you’re ever feeling discouraged, if you’re ever wanting help to achieve these goals, let us know, because Jim here is your mentor, and we love helping you.

Jim, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom today.

JIM CATHCART: God bless you. Thank you, Caleb.


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