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Business Coach : Positivity Goes Far

Business Coach : Positivity Goes Far
-You’ve discover what you’re constantly looking for. You’re looking for positive words that are going to help you?

ARTHUR GREENO: Absolutely. The people that also don’t use positive words, they suck the life right out of the room. As soon as I said that, one of you guys that’s out there, you guys thought of someone in your life that sucks the air out of the room.

-I notice that there’s people that will walk into a room, a doctor’s office or an elevator or at your home, and they can just take that room down.

ARTHUR GREENO: Absolutely.

-How are you doing? Ah, man, things are getting bad. Things are getting worse. And here’s one challenge that I have for every entrepreneur who’s watching this. Do you talk about the future in positive terms, or do you talk about the past, only, in positive terms? It’s like– well, the good old days– Do you believe that every year can be better than the last? A business coach would believe that!

ARTHUR GREENO: Absolutely.

-Or do you believe that last year was the best it’s every going to be? And I think those are some things you can ask yourself.

Now, how can saying of positive or negative words affect your decision to hire or promote somebody? Say you have a guy who says negative words on the floor or says positive words on the floor. How does that affect your determination as to who you should promote or hire?

-Well, for one, as a leader, it’s your job to inspire people. That’s part of what your job is. John Maxwell says the definition of a leader is influence– period. Unfortunately, you’ve got stinky leaders who are going to tear your team down. You need positive leaders. For me, if I see somebody using those positive words and encouraging people, for one, they’re going to get their job done faster. They’re going to get it done better. They’re going to get it done and have better results.

-Have you ever promoted somebody– like two people were the same, quality-wise, in terms of their actual ability to do the job, but one person is positive and other person’s negative?


-So you have promoted people for being positive?

-Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Because, frankly, they’re the ones that step up.

-How can positive or negative words affect your ability to raise capital? If I’m a business coach right now and I want to raise capital for my business, to start it or grow it, how could negative or positive words affect that?

-Well, when you’re positive and you’re thinking those things, whether you’re standing near a mirror and going– you’re good looking– I say this kind of joking, or whatever, but you’re saying those positive things. When you walk into that meeting for capital, you’re more confident about what you’re doing. If that person walks in there and they’ve already shot themselves down before they even got out of the car, they’re going to walk in there and– everybody puts out an energy. You know how somebody walks into the room, and you’re like– that guy’s got it together? A business coach will help make you that guy.

The same goes for the guy who walks in and goes– that guy doesn’t have anything going on for him. And it’s not about judging. You can feel it.

-What about the old yawn guy, the guy who shows up to your work meetings and yawns all the time?

-It drives me crazy. He certainly affects you, because then what? Everybody around him is yawning.

-I’ll be real. It pisses me off, people yawning all the time at work. It affects the people around him. I love the guy who’s always clapping, or he’s excited, or he’s like– hey, man? How are you doing? I like the guy who brings that energy.

-The reality is that’s a choice. They going to make the choice on am I going to exert that energy to go– hey, how’s it going? Or am I just going to sit there and go hey. It takes a little bit of effort. I think that it’s important that the successful people are the people that are willing to put the effort in.

-I’ve noticed it a lot of times with you. I’ve seen you do some huge events. I remember about two years, maybe a year and half ago, you did your first hamster ball race, where you bought all these massive hamster balls– what, they were about six feet tall?

ARTHUR GREENO: Nine feet tall.

CLAY CLARK: Nine feet tall. You shipped them in from China?


CLAY CLARK: You shipped them in crates, they showed up here, and then people could race inside these hamster balls to raise money for charity. And I saw you. You’d probably been up all night the night before. I saw you. It was cold.

-It was cold.

-You’d been up late. And I know that you decided to be positive. I said, “How are you doing, brother?” And you’re like– great! Things are taking off. Can you imagine if when the media interviewed you– because the media, they put the cameras right on you that day– and they say, “How are you?”

And you’re like– well, I’ve been up all night. I just hope I make it through it. It’s not a story. It’s not something people are excited about.

-That’s right.

-You chose to speak those positive words. Just like a business coach would recommend.

-And that’s why that event was successful.


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