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Business Coach : The Power Of Your Thoughts

Business Coach : The Power Of Your Thoughts


-My name is Clay Clark and I’m the CEO of Today we’re going to be joined with Arthur Greeno, our business coach. This guy is a Guinness world record setting, restaurant owning, book writing, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, father of six. Unbelievable. And he’s going to be teaching us a little bit about the power of thought, the power of your appearance, and the power of reciprocity.

In today’s episode, you’re going to learn to think a little bit different. And the way you think affects what you do. And what you do affects where you go. And so today’s episode can absolutely change your life from a personal level. And from a financial level, it can help you produce massive amounts of income.

Remember, at, we believe that knowledge without application is meaningless. Say it with me now. Knowledge without application is meaningless. A business coach can help the process along.

So as you’re watching today’s episode, you don’t want to have this be meaningless. You don’t want to waste your time. So ask yourself, what do you need to do to specifically apply these principles in your own life and business? Because if not, today’s episode may just prove out to be more meaningless than bringing your lunch to the hunger strike.

Arthur, Napoleon Hill, the business coach and famous success author of the bookh , the bestselling self-help book of all time. He once famously wrote, “If you do not conquer ones– yourself, you will be conquered by self.” Oprah once famously said, “I don’t think of myself as a poor, deprived ghetto girl who made good. I think of myself as somebody, who from an early age, knew I was responsible for myself and I had to make good.”

So on a practical level, having dealt with being essentially abandoned by her father from age 13 to 18, being raised by a mom who is a severe alcoholic. And you had obviously the intense physical disabilities with scoliosis and the curvature of the spine and some things you’ve dealt with. How do you choose to have the right thoughts? How are you choosing to have those right thoughts?

-Well, I truly feel like in every situation you’re in, adverse or not, there’s something to learn from. And so you can get caught up on the negatives. But if you can look for what may be positive that you might have learned from it. For example, for myself, as going through with my mom as an alcoholic, I could have easily grown up with that. Said I’m a victim. I’m a victim of my mom being an alcoholic. When my– when the police would come by and they’d break my parents up. I could easily look at that. But you know what? I realized even at a young age, you know what, I’m pretty independent. I learned my independence from that situation. Because if I wanted it to happen, I had to make it happen.

-Do you– so you– every time this– the bad happens, you were then– are trying to ask yourself what can you learn from this? Is that right?



-Because there’s always something you can learn.

-What– let me ask you this here. As far as– for you, what action steps do you feel like that every entrepreneur can take in order to manage their thought life?

-Well, I think one of the things to do is– I take a journal and I write down every night. And I try to write down the positive things that have happened to me that day. It could be– some days may be simple. Some days you sit there and you’re wracking your brain. But if you’re able to start making a list of those positive things that have happened for you, what ends up happening is your mind starts searching for those positive things on a regular [AUDIO OUT] what ends up happening [AUDIO OUT]

– –found a way to motivate yourself by making a list of positive things that happen?


-Positive things you’re grateful for, I guess.


-So that’s one action step you can do to really manage your thought life. Why is it so important that you do manage your thought life? Could a business coach help manage your thought life?

-Well, if you’re not managing yourself, your thought life, life manage– life ends up managing you, is what happens.

-I noticed that for me, I no longer really listen to music on the radio. I don’t really listen to talk radio. I just listen to self-help stuff when I’m driving. But I remember I could wake up in the morning, turn on the radio. By the time I got to work, was so mad because of something I heard on talk radio that it flavored the way I talked. Or I could get up and listen to pop music, or something, in high school. I listened to a ton of Eminem, that kind of thing, and he’s still mad. I’m not sure what he’s mad about still, but he’s mad. And you get yourself where you’re in a mindset of negativity or you’re upset about things. And you can also watch a movie that’s scary. And you can find yourself kind of around your house almost afraid to turn the lights out. I know I’ve done that before.


-You get– your mind is like this– like this– you can kind of trick it almost.

-Yeah, you absolutely can.

-And I notice the other way, though. I’ve read success books, I’ve listened to positive self help, I’ve spent time with people like you. And then I find myself being, like, was that– and I almost mistake everything for a good thing. Or I start thinking positive thoughts. Or I come to work excited. Or– and I totally think it’s “what you put in is what you get out” sort of thing. Is there any intentional things you do on a daily basis to keep your thought life in control? Anything you listen to, anything you read, any quiet time you have. Just what do you do on a daily basis from the time you wake up to maintain that positive.

-Yeah. I look at having quiet time. That’s one of the things I do. And for me, it’s time that I get to pray because, as a Christian, that’s something that’s important to me. And–

-How long do you pray?

-It really depends on what’s going on. There’s times when I need to spend more time praying. Maybe because of what’s going on around me. But I think it’s very important to have that built in to your schedule. I listen– for me, I listen to the Bible every day. And it’s very important for me. But I also– I like to listen to, if I’m not– there are sometimes for me– I’m listening– I like a lot of self-help stuff. But then there’s also times when I’m like, I just don’t feel like listening to it, self-help. A business coach is a good self help!

-I feel you.

-So I will put in soundtracks from movies. Like positive movies that I love. And so I will almost be driving down the road having that thing blaring. And it could be something like Little Mermaid. And I’m going to say that because I have six kids. And I am just singing along with The Little Mermaid, going, kiss the girl, kiss the girl.

-Really. (WHISPERS) That’s odd. (REGULAR VOICE) OK, so now– [LAUGHS] now, let’s– for the role you want to have. Napoleon Hill once it was–[LAUGHS]


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