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Business Coach : Prioritize Your Life

Business Coach : Prioritize Your Life

-What’s up, guys? Daniel McKenna here today. Clay Clark will be sitting down with one of our business mentors, Paul Pressey, about getting your priorities right– faith, family, and finances. If you don’t know already who Paul Pressey is, he was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks at the 20th overall pick in the 1982 draft. He played 11 seasons in the NBA, both with the Milwaukee Bucks and the San Antonio Spurs, and he was a two time all NBA defensive team member. He is currently a professional basketball coach in the NBA coaching for several teams, and is now currently with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Paul is going to teach you about how to get your priorities right in terms of your faith, family, and finances. It’s sometimes hard for entrepreneurs to set their priorities right and be successful in all areas of their lives. This is a lesson with our business coach that can be extremely helpful to you if you’re struggling with your priorities regarding your business and your life, and finding that balance. It’s time for that training. Let’s go.

-Paul, I appreciate you letting me harass you, my friend.

-Absolutely, Clay. It’s my pleasure.

-I don’t want to hang out with you just because of the smoke tricky legs, but that’s a big part. That’s a big part. I keep feeling like–

-It’s been a while since I cooked them, but you never lose your touch.

-Well, Clifton Taulbert, a Thrive business coach, keeps selling me on the dream of a Paul Pressey inspired meal.

-I did a baked chicken for him.

-Apparently you changed his life, though. It was a deal where it was like this–

-That was just the prep. It’s all in the prep. That’s all it was.

-Now before we get into this, this idea of getting your priorities right– faith, family, and finances– I want to see if you can follow my logic here. You were one of the first people in the NBA to have consistently played the forward position and brought the ball up the court.

PAUL PRESSEY: Called the point forward.

-The point forward. And so basically, you’re one of the first smooth dudes who could play in a forward while handling the ball. And then today in the NBA, you’ve got all these big guys, 6 foot 10, guys, forwards, small forwards, who are bringing the ball up the court. So really I feel like you changed the game.

-Well, I was one of them that kind of started that out. And I think the Knicks got it really kind of stable that with Scottie Pippen. He was a Knicks guy that could do that.

-Scottie Pippen, Scottie Schnippen. Who’s that?

-That guy.

-Who’s that?

-That guy.

-Now here’s the thing I want– to Thrivers, if you’re watching this, I’m starting a petition, you can email it [email protected]. And I’m working on this very serious– so far we’ve got about three people who’ve done this in the last week. We need about a million signatures, emails. But we’re going to email Mr. Silver, the NBA commissioner, and I’m going to try to get the NBA logo changed to be in the silhouette of your body, because you changed the game.

So if you want to go ahead and send that email in, that would be something I would support. I know you don’t endorse this.

-Good luck to you.

-I’m working– yeah, you start sending those emails, all right? So Paul, you’ve been in the NBA for 11 years as a player, 20 years as a coach, and you’ve balanced family, faith, and finances. You’ve been able to do that. Yet 80% of these pro athletes, 78% of the NFL players, end up bankrupt, jobless, or divorced. Almost 80% of NBA players are getting divorced. You have the kids who are doing well. They went to some kind of college. So let’s start with faith. How do you find time for your faith every day? This is a question a business coach would ask you.

-It’s very simple. It’s very simple. Get on your knees in the morning and pray. And have your little quite time. Read a little scriptures. And I have mentors over the phone. My good friend Oscar Johnson in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I call, talk to him. And first thing he goes, where you are with the Lord? Where are you? And at that time, I don’t want to preacher to, but it’s needed. I call my brother-on-law. He might say, how you doing, Paul? Blah, blah, blah. Man, I had this blessing today. You won’t believe what happened to me. And he’ll share the story with me. And I go, man, God is so good. And I talk to my wife and she says, you know what? Have you sent Joel Lowelstein a message today? And I go, no. And she goes, well , I’m going to text it to you. She’ll text it. So all this stuff comes pretty regularly.

-You were telling me earlier, you were saying that of the NBA players, you’ve got 80% of these guys are divorced. But the 20% who don’t get divorced, about 90% of these people are people of faith, it seems like. Almost all of them. And the great civil rights leader, Dr Martin Luther King, he once said that “faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Is that the kind of faith you’ve tried to develop, where you don’t necessarily understand the whole picture, but you just believe it’s going to work out? A business coach will help you to believe it will all work out.

-Even to get my job this year. My wife and the head coach, Scott, who was the leading candidate for a while. All the jobs were taken. Laker’s job was the last job. And she’s saying, baby, have you talked to him? Have you heard from him? Blah, blah. I was like, I texting two weeks ago. He didn’t even have the job. And all these other names was mentioned. I said, it’s fine. And so I’m praying everyday, and she’s on internet every day. Got to see who’s name is up. Who’s going to get– and then she come and tell me.

I was like, babe, I really don’t need to know. I know where I am with my faith. And I said, matter of fact, where is your faith. Why are you relying on this source of media attention to tell you where you should be?

-You sound like my wife talking to me.


My has to beat me into faith submission all the time.

-So it’s OK. It’s fine. But that’s what makes our relationship so special, is because when she’s a little rattled about that, it’s OK. Here I am. It’s all right. And so to me, you’ve got to have that me self faith. A business coach can help you increase self faith.


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