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Speaker 2: Question for you, you business coach…What did he say? That was a powerful thing he said. Did we have his testimony up online?

Business Coach 269

Speaker 1: He’s on the site there under testimonials. He said that he learned more on the last year on Thrive than he learned in all four years of college, and so to make it more affordable because we felt like if we wanted our students to graduate from our program to learn what they need to learn, but we didn’t want them to be $115,000 in debt, so Z-

Speaker 2: No, they could if they want to stroke us a check for that, I think we’d take it wouldn’t we? [inaudible 01:01:42].

Speaker 1: You would suggest let’s just make sure they all end up $50,000 in debt and I’m like no, no, Z, let’s do 35 and he said-

Speaker 2: I said less.

Speaker 1: You said less, we go back and forth, we’re like reverse negotiating and we came up with this thing where it’s a dollar for the first month.

Speaker 2: A dollar. Get on We’ve got great business coach mentors on there. We’ve got some great mompreneurs you know, Jill Donovan started Rustic Cuff.

Speaker 1: Never heard of it, I lived under a rock. Never heard of it. I live under a rock.

Speaker 2: David Robinson, an NBA Hall of Famer started Academy Sports and has done really well down there in San Antonio, and has a big passion for education.

Speaker 1: Not impressed with gold medal winners, NBA Champions.

Speaker 2: Lee Cockerell managed Walt Disney World, 40,000 employees. He does a whole thing on time management.

Speaker 1: Why would you want to go to Disney World when Belles’ used to be right here, man? You know Belles?

Speaker 2: Well, because Belles is no longer here. Is that-

Speaker 1: Oh.

Speaker 2: Maybe what you mean?

Speaker 1: All right, well, you bring up the past. Remember Golf World? Belles? Big Splash?

Speaker 2: Yes.

Speaker 1: That’s the trifecta. The trifecta of fun.

Speaker 2: The point is, is that we’ve done all the heavy lifting. We have gone down, we videotaped him, we’ve got all the secret sauce we could squeeze out of them.

Speaker 1: We pumped it up, we made it happen.

Speaker 2: We put them in like little business coach 15-minute videos to where you can watch one a day or you could binge watch like Netflix, you know, and you could just watch all weekend and just sit there and eat popcorn and watch you know ’til your head explodes.

Speaker 1: Boom.

Speaker 2: Oh, Billy. It’s a dollar the first month and then $19.00 every month thereafter. We’re always adding new videos. We’re always adding new content. You can’t get out ahead of us. We’ve got all kinds of great stuff on there. You can search it by, you can say oh, I want to know how to do a business-

Speaker 1: Business plan.

Speaker 2: A business plan and so he’s-

Speaker 1: A pitch jack.

Speaker 2: A pitch jack. Boom, boom, you got-

Speaker 1: Sales script.

Speaker 2: Templates and downloadables.

Speaker 1: Proforma.

Speaker 2: It’s awesome. Check it out, it’s one dollar. I mean come on, one dollar? Check it out.


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