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Business Coach : Progress Like Pressey

Business Coach : Progress Like Pressey

-Daniel McKenna here. Folks, today, Clay Clark, one of the business mentors, will be sitting down with the highly intelligent and successful Paul Pressey. He’ll be talking to us about deciding to thrive every day you are alive. If you don’t know already who Paul Pressey is, he was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks with the 20th overall pick in the 1982 NBA draft.

He played 11 seasons in the NBA, playing for both the Milwaukee Bucks and the San Antonio Spurs, and was named a two time All NBA Defensive Team member. He was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks with the 20th overall pick in the 1982 NBA draft.

He played 11 seasons in the NBA and was a two time All NBA Defensive Team member. He played eight seasons with the Milwaukee Bucks, two seasons with the Spurs, and is now a professional basketball coach in the National Basketball Association.

In this lesson, Paul Pressey is going to bring some knowledge about how you decide to thrive every day that you are alive and what steps you need to take to accomplish that. Make sure you pay attention to this lesson and our business coach.

Take notes. Turn those notes into action items, so that you can apply what you’re learning here to your life or your business. Time for that lesson. Let’s go. Listen to the best Business Coach.


-Paul Pressey. How are you, my friend?

-Doing well, Clay. How are you?

-I’m doing well. I am doing well. I was curious, last night, a Lakers game, you get in from Phoenix at 2:00 in the morning. Do you– do you drink coffee? How do you keep yourself– you know– where do you get the energy from?

-No, I don’t drink coffee. I enjoy a glass of red wine once in awhile.

-Do you just taser yourself in the morning? Or how do you get up? You just– you just–

-I just get up.


-I go.

-All right.

-But I don’t– I don’t have no coffee. I drink it once in a while, but I’m not a coffee drinker.

-Before we get into it, I just want to say this. I’m not sure if it’s just the lighting, but you are beautiful man. And Business Coach.

-That’s what my wife tells me all the time.

-[LAUGHS] All right. Well–

-I dont’ know how to take it from you, but [INAUDIBLE].

-No, you shouldn’t. You probably shouldn’t take it. You probably should just rebuke it and we move on. But– but in all sincerity, I mean, you’re one of the most solid humans I have met, and we’re talking about deciding to thrive every day that you’re alive.

And this is a topic that I wouldn’t just interview anybody on. This is something that you’re uniquely qualified for. I’ll give you an example, for the Thrivers out there.

This guy meets my dad one time. We find out my dad has stage four cancer. And then you decide to become his prayer partner, and you call him all the time. And I’m talking to my dad, and he’s like, yeah. Paul Pressey, NBA coach, is like, the guy who’s calling me more often than anybody to pray for me.

And that right there is why I think you’re qualified to talk about deciding to thrive while you’re alive. And so I want to ask you this, here. You grew up in a situation where you had a tough financial situation. Your mother was raising eight kids in the family. You more or less have had a lot of struggles. Who was the mentor that helped you get out of that rut?

-Yeah. I guess I’ve got to– I mean, I’ve got to include my sisters also, because I’m the youngest out of eight.


-And they were kind of– you know, the father and the mother and the sister figures for me. And so they helped push me through all that, especially at that young age. They were kind of the foundation for me to try to– you know.

And I didn’t know that at that time. I just knew they were there. And I look back on it all, they were there because, you know, they want to see their baby brother get through some of the things that they didn’t– that they went through a little easier. And they were mentors to me.

-I was at the– I’m staying at the Holiday Inn right now, in a just beautiful Holiday Inn. I love the hotel/motel Holiday Inn. I love the whole thing. You know.


So I said, you know, we’re at this hotel in LA here, and there’s a dude who is behind me today. I’m trying to get out the gate, you know, the valet parking thing at the gate.


-You know, I’m trying to get out the gate. I can’t validate my ticket, because I’m [INAUDIBLE].

-So he’s blowing the horn, like, come on, buddy.

-Come on. [HORN NOISE] You know. [HORN NOISE] Bam! You know, and we’re in LA, and he seems like he’s having a– he’s going through that whole Tupac phase. You know, he’s having a good time.

-You never know. You never know.

-Yeah. He’s going through the whole Tupac phase. There was a lot of people, though. I mean, who are going through that Tupac phase, are a little bit frustrated about life. They’ve got some issues.

Let’s say that you, in this weird twist of event, are now a mentor to the thousands and thousands of people who are watching Thrive right now. If you could look into that camera, what advice would you tell somebody right now who’s having a hard time staying positive? Maybe he’s the guy who was right behind me honking the horn today. What advice would you have for someone who’s struggling with the belief that they can decide to thrive every day?

-I think the biggest thing is you’ve got to stop and think, first of all. You’ve got to think, you know, well, what if I was in that position? Would I respond that way? Should I respond that way? You really have to put yourself in their shoes.

You never know what’s happened with that person’s life. You know, whether their mother just was in the hospital, somebody died, you don’t know. So you really have to have a– to me, a humble heart.

You know, you’ve got to always put yourself in other people’s shoes and feel that I must find a way to help this person, you know, relax a little bit. Go back and apologize. Get out of the car. Say something good. And that might not do it, but I promise you, it will soften the– it will soften the situation. If you need help with situations, a business coach can help. 

-I met a Thriver about 60 days ago in Missouri. I won’t give any more details. But the guy came up and he said, hey, I had millions of dollars in a bank account, and I lost it all. And today’s message is like, I think what I needed to kind of get out of the rut a little bit.

And I was really– I was totally– I was going– that I’m so glad we could help you. I was overwhelmed. It was pretty awesome. What advice would you have for someone like that, who’s maybe made a bunch of money and lost it all, or somebody who’s really struggling right now. What advice would you have for them, specifically, on how they can encourage themselves to get out of that funk?

-The first thing is how did I make that million dollars. How did I make it? You know, find out how you made it, because you can make another million. With the help of a business coach.

You know, you’ve got to have that faith. You’ve got to believe that you still can do that. Now, you might not get all of it. But you can get enough up to where it will make you happy. Having a business coach will help you believe.




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