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Business Coach Pros Dr. Zoellner and Clay Clark

Dr. Zoellner: I’m just, I love the airplane. I like your airplane analogies, but that’s not scientific. I haven’t opened up your head and like looked in at your synapsis but I’d be willing to get in there. Sam, you got a saw for our beloved business coach?

Business Coach 293

Vanessa: Go ahead and dig around.

Clay Clark: When we come back, we’re gonna get more into the art of getting things done. Stay tuned,

Clay Clark: Aw yeah, aw yeah yeah, aw yeah yeah yeah yeah. I’m just reading the lyrics here to Bruno Mars songs trying to make sense of it and I’m telling you what, to me, Z, you know what aw yeah, aw yeah yeah yeah yeah means?

Dr. Zellner: Oh yeah, it means aw yeah yeah aw yeah yeah yeah which is odd for such a great business coach such as yourself.

Clay Clark: That is what my mind thinks of when I see you walk into the dojo of mojo, preparing for every radio show. When you get out of that Porsche of awesomeness, and when the prince of just microphone magic gets out of the Porsche of glory and he walks in there, I just hear aw yeah yeah, aw yeah yeah yeah yeah. Then all of a sudden. It’s unbelievable.

Dr. Zellner: It just fills your cranium.

Clay Clark: It does. It fills my cranium and today what we’re talking about is a subject that so many people have emailed us and text us about is, how do you get stuff, how do you get so much stuff done? Because in a perfect world we would have no distractions. We’d have no interruptions. We would have no social media updates, no people’s emotions, no endless distractions, people constantly pushing away. You went to the business coach conference, you’ve gone to a big event, you’ve read the big book, you watched the movie. You’re not inspired. You have these big goals. But you’re not getting anything done. And so we’re talking today about the high art, the art of getting things done. Now, step number one is you have to understand that your brain is a great problem solving tool but a bad storage device. So, write things down, save things. Quit trying to memorize everything.

Now step two, is in order to think clearly and to get stuff done, you must have a trusted collection bucket, or a business coach system to keep your ideas that is outside of your brain. Okay, so Z, I’m gonna ask you how you’re doing. So you have an idea, let’s say, to, your newest expansion, your optometry clinic there off of Harvard. Can you describe how it looks to the thrive nation. How does it look?

Dr. Zellner: Well, what happened was, excuse me I’ve got this little cough I can’t shake.

Clay Clark: Hang in there, tiger.

Dr. Zellner: I am, I’m hanging in there. Sorry folks if I cough in your ear.

Clay Clark: I was offended.

Dr. Zellner: I apologize up front because every time I do it, Sam over there gives me skunk eyes.

Clay Clark: This sounds ridiculous. Every time he’s on he coughs.

Dr. Zellner: Quit coughing you. Well what happened was, when you get busy in life, when you get busy in your job and when you’re listening to a business coach and your business is growing, you can say one of two things. I can kinda, okay that’s big enough. I’m gonna limit it or you can say to yourself, wait a second, how can I see more patients? How can I do more? How can I grow it? And so one of the projects I started a couple three years ago that I was gonna tear down a building and rebuild a new building. And that’s, there’s a lot of steps in that.

Clay Clark: One you gotta tear it down and two you gotta build it back. Those are two steps right there.

Dr. Zellner: Exactly. You gotta tear it down and build up. But then I was gonna build a bigger building and move few of my other businesses in it. So I got architectural plans, I was getting permits. I bought a business next to me so I could have the space to do it. And then low and behold, the business or the building next to me came for sale.

Clay Clark: Low and behold.

Dr. Zellner: It was a four story red brick building and I thought, hmm, I could maybe just put all my businesses in there. Let me check this out. So we went over there and sure enough, won’t bore you with all the details. Bought it, cleared out a floor and built what I thought was a super swanky, it kinda is a super swanky office. I could double the size of it, basically. You can offer more frames, we can more exam rooms.

Clay Clark: What does it look like in there?

Dr. Zellner: It looks like, kinda like a, you know if you were to walk into a-

Vanessa: I imagine it’s like industrial but I don’t know.

Dr. Zellner: It’s more like there’s [inaudible 00:17:56] is this Heaven?

Clay Clark: Is it minimalist? Is it rustic?

Vanessa: I just like how he describes it as heaven. That’s how every business owner, you know when they get their first building. It’s heaven. It’s your business heaven.

Dr. Zellner: It really is. It’s really cool and it’s kinda industrial chic. Its got some really cool colors. I went with, the fixtures are espresso. So all of you out there, espresso is the new in color I found out. And then I did an accent color that’s kind of an aqua, kinda like an aqua man. Or like a Miami Dolphin aqua.


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