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ThriveTime business coach show My name is Clay Clark and the former SBA Entrepreneur of the year sent here to help you make your financial issues disappear. Oh I like the you know back in the day with Star Trek you remember Star Trek where you could just sort of beam anywhere you know if you’re going hey I don’t like where I am right now. You basically call up what you call up with Scotty to do cope scouting you said a you know Scotty could you be me. Scott could you beat me up beat me up Scotty. And you know wouldn’t it be nice if you could beam to a place where you get to a different place financially you know same family same friends if you like your family and friends of you if you don’t do you have a favorite show for you later about that. But let’s say you have same family same friends same goals everything’s great great kids great wife great husband just things are great it just financially. What if you could get to a place by just being there where you financially have all of the time freedom or all the financial freedom you could possibly hope for. Well that is what we can do. That’s what we’re going to do today. We’re going to teach you how to do that. All right. So step one. You definitely need to book your tickets to our next in-person thrive time show workshop. You need to do that. That is up 15 at 15 hours of power where we teach you everything you’ve ever needed to know to start or grow a successful business with a business coach.

Business Coach 204

We were doing the math on it the other day. But you know Malcolm Gladwell says to become a master of something you need to invest 10000 hours at doing it. Well we’ll see an hour talking about it. And I’ve spent over 36000 hours as a business coach. I’ve worked with Hewlett-Packard I’ve worked with U.P.S. I’ve worked with Val Spahr paints. I’ve worked with Maytag university. I’ve worked with XP really. I could go on and on and on. I can tell you I know the proven path because we’re not going off my opinion here we’re going off a proven path. We’re talking about case studies best practices moves that you need to know to make your business grow. And so the next question a lot of Reivers are asking us and we’re talking about how to build a business and not just a job. All of the questions that you’ve been asking is what is the number one thing I’m reading here. What is the number one thing that I need to do to be successful in the coaching program. So they’re referring to what is the number one thing that I need to do to be successful in the business coaching program. OK we’ll have three very very specific action items for you here. One you definitely have to embrace the rhythm of entrepreneurship. A Maybe you’ve been to a wedding and I used to be a wedding deejay right. I used to be a wedding disc jockey. And there are certain people Caucasians who can’t clap on beat. Just just overall blanket statement as a general rule.

You may say you are such a racist you hate white people. I’m going to tell you something. I have been to some weddings as a business coach and I have seen my share of people of all different races sizes shapes and colors. And as a general rule the Caucasian race cannot figure out how to clap on the be all right. So what happens is the white people. It’s almost like they’re swatting at bees when they’re trying to dance they just can’t do it. All right so what will happen with a typical Caucasian man is that the song will be plan and the song is let’s say it’s Rapper’s Delight so bump buttered up with my favorite business coach.

The Bang-Bang that’s how the song goes OK. And so typical Caucasian guy will be going on a new beat. It’s a new bit here it comes. And then he’ll go. I have to go run to the restroom and I’ll be right back. And then he’ll be standing at around the perimeter of the dance floor. And would he start to get to that beat and he’ll start to clap. A hip hop hippie did that hip hip hop. You don’t stop rock and then you get to that beat. Oh yeah yeah. Here we come. He’s going to the dance. Here we go. Here we go and he’s got into he’s got into that groove he’s into that rhythm. But as soon as they change that rhythm I would say you have to deejay also different kinds of weddings. Let’s say I’m deejaying at a wedding where it’s a Latin wedding it’s a Latin inspired wedding it’s a Spanish speaking wedding right. Well they’re going to want to hear all different kinds of songs from a business coach.

We’re going to cue up a song called Suavemente by Elvis Crespo. Elvis Crespo is definitely not a business coach, but he’s still awesome. So all of a sudden hip hop. They’re dancing with a business coach cause they got that beat. But all of a sudden they changed the rhythm upright so this is this Caucasian man. He just now got into that groove and he didn’t want to get out of the groove once you get in that groove you become a slave to the groove and you don’t want to get out because you know your move right. And all of a sudden the Cuban is on the swell in day Maiz. So you got to get into the rhythm of entrepreneurship to hear the rhythm of entrepreneurship move number one through. Number one is define you want to define what you want the goal to be. Right. Number two is to act right. The move number three is to measure move. Number four is to refine. I’m going to repeat that again. So define act measure refine. Here we go. Come on. Here we go. Here we go. Define act measure refine. Here we go. White people here we go. Come on define act measure refine. Here we go white people here we go. All right come on define act. Measure refined. You got to define act measuring. Here we go now.

So I just beat matched and to walk this way. But the beat stayed consistent. So you didn’t freak out because it was the beats fit together and that’s what I did as a disc jockey I could beat match the music was a business coach. We had a match. We have to match the proven systems to your industry. So I see what you did there. So you have to first embrace the rhythm though. If you’re if you struggle to think deeply and define what you want to do you won’t do well as a business coaching client. Then you have to act. You’ve got to be willing to take the action needed the action that’s required. Third if you want to measure the results baby you want to measure those results because if the dad is not good you maybe want to pivot you look at the results you look at how many conversions you look at how many people are visiting the Web site you look at your net promoter score that we have other shows about this is Harvard’s way to determine how happy your customers are with you on a scale of 1 to 10.

Then you want to refine and you keep doing that. Define act measure refine you get to define and measure refine everybody. Now step two is you want to emotionally connect to your long term goals and emotionally disconnect from your short term goals and emotionally disconnect from your short term rejection and setbacks or repeat that one more time so you can actually understand what is you emotionally connected to your long term goals and emotionally disconnect from your short term rejection and setbacks that won’t help your business coach.

I can’t tell you how many rejections and setbacks that I deal with on a daily basis and my businesses. We have a guy there day who came to work for a day and a half. I’m not exaggerating for a day and a half and he refused to sign the handbook which is the documentation that discloses our processes our systems our accountability structures whatever. He wouldn’t sign it right. So he didn’t show up to work on the second day. I don’t feel comfortable signing this. So he doesn’t show up. So what does he do. He wants to file unemployment. Are you kidding me. No this is a real deal right. We had a guy the other day who was trying to download our entire database and he was trying to you know he’s asking me what’s the password for our database. I said What do you mean the password for our databases. No I’m trying to just get our customers I’m moving on to a new job and I like to reach out to some of the accounts that I’ve worked on so that way I can get the ground running with my new job. Are you kidding me. No. These are the kinds of things I’m talking about this is that Jack ass sorry that’s out there. If you’ve never run a business. Wow. Get get ready for it. But if you do own a business you’re going to have to fire people. Just two weeks ago I had somebody stealing money from one of our companies. That’s normal though, according to your business coach.

Did a study with CBS News. And if you look this up it the articles called employee theft. Are you blind to it. Go google that. And the U.S. Chamber did a study with CBS News and this study is called employee theft. Are you blind to it. And the reality is that 75 percent of employees steal from the workplace and most do so repeatedly. So don’t freak out right. You had to attach yourself to the long term goals. Right. Time Freedom Financial Freedom. Repeat it with me Time Freedom Financial Freedom. Go find us. Go find seven people and tell them I’m on a quest to get time freedom and financial freedom and so you have to emotionally disconnect from the short term rejection. And the final thing you have to do. You know that the question was at the question was what’s the number one thing that I need to do to be successful in the business coach program. So one is embrace the rhythm of entrepreneurship to emotionally disconnect mostly disconnect from the short term rejection and emotionally connect to your long term goals. And three you want to execute your action steps. Maya Angelou the best selling author she says Nothing works unless you do what. So if you know what to do if someone tells you what to do you learn the search engine formula and then you don’t execute and you say to yourself well I am a good person and I work really hard and I know that God wants to bless me. And then you go to your home fellowship and you get in there and they said you have a prayer requests John. Well I just pray that God blesses me so I can be successful. Come on. You got to do your work. You have to do in the naturals so God can do what he can do in the supernatural. Napoleon Hill, who many consider to be the God of the business coach, says action is the real measure of intelligence. Don’t be an idiot. Don’t just learn everything you have to execute. You have to be committed to taking action. If you are committed to your success. Stay tuned. Draft time show Duck


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