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Business Coach : Reach Your Goals

Business Coach : Reach Your Goals

-Today Jim and I are talking about goal-setting. Have a goal, write it down, and you got to have the outcome. It’s got to be specific.

-Your mind selects what it will perceive.

-Jim Cathcart. How are you doing?

-I’m thrilled.

-I am honored to be in your presence. I’m so excited that you are here.

-What a nice thing to say. Thank you.

-I mean it from the bottom of my heart. And I’m excited because today, Jim and I are talking about goal-setting, goal-setting mastery. And I’m excited because I’ve heard your story. And I’m excited to share parts of it with the thrivers and you can hear his story on different episodes but you were somebody that kind of learned the power of goal-setting at a specific time in your life, and it’s impacted you. A business coach will tell you that it’s all about goal setting!

-Yeah. I was in my ’20s when I first got exposed to the whole idea that you can make a difference in your own life because I grew up expecting not to. I expected an ordinary life. I was going to be a nice loser basically. The guy next door, overweight and out of shape, not particularly well off financially, but a nice guy. you know? That was the plan. A business coach will keep you from becoming a “nice loser”.

-I know that’s something that a lot of people are able to relate to. The mindset change is got to be the first thing. What blew my mind was I did some research and actually found a little mystic statistic for you guys. So I’m going to read this statistic. It’s actually from Inc magazine, and it’s from an article titled “Seven Habits of the World’s Richest People”. Right? So this is what it says, “67% of the richest people we’re cognizant of and careful about how they spend their time–”

-Cognizant of, meaning aware, and careful about so they were selective in how they used their time.

-Very selective. “–cognizant of and careful about how they spend their time; for instance, TV watching was limited to less than one hour per day” –but what’s interesting is– “data from the Neilsen report shows that the average American watches five hours of TV a day.” What– is this amazing to you?

-Wow, that immediately puts you in the top 20% just by the numbers. You know?

-It does. How much of that? I mean we’re going to dive in–

-It’s all about who’s control your thoughts. You or the people that are getting really, really well paid by you to do what they do. A business coach will help you to think in these terms.

-That’s a good point right there. What I like–

-You sit in your living room, right? Consuming food that you’ve purchased, watching these people and paying for the privilege to do so, and they’re making a screaming living. You know? They’re really doing well in many cases, and how much are you making in round numbers? What’s the roundest number you know? Think of a round number.

-Oh gosh, maybe a zero.

-That’s the one. That’s exactly how much we’re making we were sitting there watching TV. Exactly. And I watch a lot of TV but I don’t watch that much TV. and I’m also very intentional about my use.

-That’s exactly right. That goal-setting. So we’ve got five specific steps. OK? I’m going to go through the five steps real quick and then I’m going to go by one by one and have you do a deep dive in to it. So here we go.

Step number one is write down and set specific goals with outcomes. Step number two, break down those big goals in two small, detailed, and specific action steps. Step number three, set a deadline to complete those action steps. Step number four, tenaciously take action to complete those small action steps every day. Step number five, when stuck, look for a business coach to avoid mistakes. All right, are you ready?

-When in doubt reach out.

-Well I love it. Let’s dive on in, do a deep dive here. Number one, we’re going to write down– it’s write down and set specific goals with outcomes. Go ahead and– I feel like you’re about to light a truth candle here. Why do we have to write it down?

-Because if you don’t write it down, you’re not committing. They call that committing to paper. That’s what, you know– if you make an agreement, they say let’s commit this to paper. Why do they call it commit? Because it indicates through behavior that you are actually serious about this and you’re not just– they say oh well, I was just talking about it. What’s the difference? Talking, writing.

Writing is seen as official, as important, as confirmed, as agreed to. Whereas, discussion is just seen as sound. Now that’s not necessarily the case but that’s the way it’s perceived in our society. And so on a subtle level, we’re very, very conscious of that. When we write something down, we feel more invested in it because there’s been a physical action to connect it with the thinking. When we just talk about it, unless the talking ends up in an agreement of some sort with some firm indication of what I’m going to do, what you’re going to do, or not do, then it was just an entertaining discussion. So that’s why we need it written down.


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