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Business Coach on Reducing Expenses

All right Dr. nation welcome back into the conversation. It is the Thrive time show on your radio. My name is Clyde Clark, the best business coach in the world, and the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the year. Always excited to join you. And today we are going to be going through quite an exciting stack of stuff. I’ll see you the Thrive nation you three divers have been e-mailing in a copious amount of questions about this whole business coaching phenomenon. Business coaching platform works how the program works there are so many questions and so I’m going to try to get through them all one at a time because I know that many of you out there desire time freedom and financial freedom and that’s that’s the whole basis of the show. I mean this isn’t the entire reason that we do this show is it Dr. Zoellner and I we have a mission too. We are on a mission to mentor millions and we know that creating time freedom and financial freedom is the only point to owning a business unless your business is like your art or something that you are super excited about. It is a an in in and of itself. But for most people who are out there owning a subway or a papa johns or a franchise of some kind the only reason they bought the franchise is they’re wanting to have time freedom they want to create a business and not just a job. And so today’s topic is how are we how do you create a business and not just a job.

Business Coach 201

Well if you’re going to create a business and not just a job you need to have three things that you’ve knocked out with your business coach. I’m going to give you a second to write these down. But there’s three things that you need to have if you’re going to create a business and not just a job. OK. Point number one you want your entire company to be dependent upon systems and not people. What does that mean. Well what that means is that you want I guess I’ll go back to subway as an example. I don’t go to subways a lot but I probably am like the average consumer. I probably go there once every two or three months. I go into subway because I Office at 100 first. Well I often sit at the River Walk in Jynx. So I ask office what 90 first and you know the Riverwalk road or whatever so.

Eleven hundred river river walk terrace is where I’m located if you want to mail me a letter that’s eleven hundred Riverwalk terrace Suite 100. That’s in beautiful Jynx Oklahoma and the zip code is one that I don’t know. I don’t set myself mail very much but you go there and I will leave the parking lot of the 315 world headquarters and I’ll head over across the Jynx bridge right past a quick trip it’ll see me man I don’t have time to get to go out somewhere fancy with a business coach.

I’m I go to subway so I go into a subway when I walk into Subway what I’m going to do is I’m going to order something because I believe that I’m going to get a consistent product. The reason why I go to subway. This just in. Who is because I like the consistency of the product. I’m not going to subway because they have the world’s best sandwich. If I wanted the world’s best food if I was looking for the best food on the planet I would go to where I mean Polo grill maybe if we’re looking for the world’s best sandwich for my business coach. I mean maybe I’m looking for the world’s best sandwich maybe I go to Charleston’s maybe I go to. Where would you go. I mean you’re going to go someplace that’s known for being the world’s best. But Subway is consistent. And the guy who started subway or the guy who started McDonald’s or the guy who’s running these companies the lady who’s running these different brands these franchises. The reason why they came up with these concepts is so that they could fill a need in the marketplace. Right but that they could create time freedom and financial freedom by creating a business and not just a job. So I go into Subway I’m not loyal to the people who work there. I don’t go in going hey escarole here it is Karle here. Oh Karl the sandwich artist he’s not here. Are you kidding me. Wolf Karle the sandwich artist is not here then I don’t want to be here.

Yeah I really don’t feel comfortable buying an apple unless Trevor’s here with a business coach is what you want to do whether you’re a builder you’re a contractor you’re a dentist you’re a photographer you’re a limo driver whatever you are you want to create a company you would create a business and not just a job. All right so it has to be dependent on systems and not just people. And the second thing you want to do if you want to create a business and not just a job is you want to know how many customers you need to achieve your financial goals. One or the number of customers that you need to achieve your financial goals. And so as an example my PR firm make your life epic or the consulting company you thrive. 15 we do the one on one business coaching. We can only handle a certain threshold a certain number of customers. And the reason that these businesses have been built that way is because the River Walk the building that we are in can only it’s about a 20000 square foot facility. And so at our workshops we can only have a certain number of people you know we can’t have 400 people at the Riverwalk at one time. And so we thought about you know the costs of the building the costs of doing business the costs. And we also thought about our our our goals Dr. Zeller’s goals my goals the goals of the Thrive 15 team and we created a business model that that allows us to achieve our financial goals while also offering the while also helping the customer. Right.

But we know the number of customers we need to get to in order to achieve our financial goals. Maybe a more specific example would be the elephant in the room. The men’s grooming lounge. We have thousands and thousands of members. Thank you Tulsa. And by the way if you’re listening right now and you’re and you’re a man and you’ve ever been in the elephant in the room your first haircut is always one dollar. So I invite you to come into the elephant in the room discover the pageantry discover the decor that makes you want more. Discover the ambience the atmosphere of the experience. And it’s only one dollar for your first haircut. But there we know how many customers we need to break even and how many customers we need to achieve our financial goals. And so just being very blunt with you you shouldn’t say these kinds of things on the radio but I’ll go with it. I’ve already achieved my financial goals with that business and that’s why we’re franchising the elephant in the room. We’re going to be selling franchises all over the planet so people like you who want to buy a system and want to buy a business and not just a job. Then you can do that because the businesses goal is to produce time freedom and financial freedom right. So you want the three elements that are going to allow you the three basic elements at the core that are going to allow you to create a business and not just a job is one you want to have the company relying upon systems and not just people.

Fill a need in the marketplace because if you’re creating a business right that doesn’t actually fill a need that people are willing to pay for. You are going to get so frustrated and you’re going to you’re going to be exchanging a ton of your time for what. I mean you’re not going to achieve financial freedom you’re going to run around trying to convince the world that they need your thing. But if the world doesn’t need your thing quit trying to sell the world your thing. You know there’s very few people that are out there who have been able to create something that the world did not need and then were able to convince the world to buy the thing. So I mean give me some examples of some real geniuses. I don’t know that anybody listening right now is running around going Man I’m really really looking for a flat piece of technology that will allow me to.  It’s almost like I’m on my phone but not on like a laptop. It’s like it’s like a blur. It’s like a mix between a laptop and a phone. Barry what are you talking about. I want like a laptop between a fallen and a laptop but I don’t want to have a lot of storage on it. And I want it to be largely icon driven very clickable. I don’t really want to be just a pain to type any long form document but I want to be like good for the Internet. You know navigating around you know just kind of consuming. Barry what are you talking about. Well they are mine I came up with this. I want I want an iPad app I want an iPad and I want Steve Jobs to bring it to me hot because he brings with the iPad. That’s what I wanted to know Steve Jobs and his business coach realized he thought you know what there’s got to be something now out to the people need a between a an iPhone and a with a laptop.

I know what I’ll do I’ll create the iPad and I don’t think a lot of people saw that need coming with a business coach. I don’t think a lot of people thought man I really need that. I think with Henry Ford and an other example Henry Ford says if we asked people what they wanted they would have said a faster horse because people weren’t ready. They weren’t aware of the need for the Model T car that he introduced into the marketplace. The black model T car that made automotive transportation very very affordable. And so you want to make sure that you actually have a product that is filling a need you want to look for a need and then fill that need is if you if you if you don’t do that you’re out there trying to educate consumers about what they want and they don’t know that they want what you have. And if that’s you and you’re trying to educate consumers about what they want you’re trying to create a need. Matt you you have to be a super salesman and you can do it. And that’s then we can teach you to do on. If you go to thrive time showed You can listen to some of our previous trainings about sales. You could come to our in-person workshops where we’re going to teach you a ton of information about the specific processes of sales that linear step by step process of sales. But we you talk about inventing a need in the marketplace that is that is a challenge in convincing people they they had they they that they need something that they don’t need. Item I don’t know that I would advise that to my own kids to my own family. I don’t know that I would advise that. Now speaking of my own kids here is we’re talking about creating a business and not a job you want to create a business and not just a job. Why would you want to do that. Well my son is turning 10 and he hasn’t decided if he is going to be a business coach.

And so when he decided to do is you know what I’m going to have a birthday party that I want to have a birthday party for our business coach. You know what. Let’s let’s let’s do that. And so we have got it we got a water slide. You know that’s so tall it freaks me out. You know it’s on the front lawn at the water slide going on. You got these three boys spend in the night when you have 10 year old boys at your house. Basically the game plan is this and we know this because we’ve all been if you’re listening you’ve been a 10 year old boy or a 10 year old girl. Your main plan when you have a 10 year old birthday party is what you want to do is you want to get as much ice cream as you can handle. You want so much ice cream that you immediately develop Type 2 diabetes. You want that kind of copious intake of ice cream. That’s that’s goal number one you have going over with your business coach. You want to stay up all night.

I mean you don’t want to sleep right away. The sleep over of it to stay over. You do not want to sleep because sleeping is a sign of weakness for a 10 year old boy right so what does want to stay up till midnight. You know one o’clock talking in circles about things that don’t make sense giggling all the time screw it around you know then it’s like 2:00 a.m. that it’s 3:00 a.m. and then you want to do it you want to bang on your parents door and you want to make sure that your parents at no point fall asleep. You want to stay on watch because you realize that if you are the kid spending the night the person who invited you might fall asleep. And so what you want to do is you want to be ready at all times because pretty soon if they start to fall sick. You know they sort of doze off. Not only do you have the responsibility to wake them up. I mean it’s incumbent on you as a guest as a 10 year old guest after spending the night at someone’s house. You don’t need a business coach to know this.

It’s incumbent on you to wake up the other guests that may be sleeping. And it’s very important that you run downstairs and you knock on the door of the host who’s home you’re staying in so that they never fall asleep. And that’s basically what they did. That was their game plan was their move. That was their system and I couldn’t enjoy that kind of experience if I did not have time freedom. I could not afford the water slide if I didn’t I didn’t I have financial freedom. And that’s what we’re talking about today is how to build a business and not just a job. Stay tunedif you would like more information about our business coach.


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