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Content transcribed for the business coach program at

Clay: Okay. All right. Well, we went deep there. Now, thrivers, what we’re doing today, is we’re talking about how to build a repeatable business system. Specifically, business coach client Coach Calvert with Score Basketball, has this thriving, growing business and Dr. Z was talking about the importance of making or tracking all the progress of the players as he begins to scale the business because if Coach number one is off this week, coach B is on vacation, coach C is maybe filling in, whatever, you build a certain redundancy, you build a combined learning, but it has to be documented there, Z. You have to write it down, you can’t just take notes mentally.

Z: That’s right, and man, I feel like coach is one of those dream business coach clients. Anyways one of the things that you’re gonna do with these coaches by having them write it down, they’ll have a permanent record of it and now they’ll have the ability to sit down with the moms at the end of every week. I don’t know how often do they sit down with the parents and tell them how their child’s doing. Wherever the parents want is if you have a schedule.

Coach Calvert: Uh, yes and no. We’re gonna start doing it once a month, but we try to communicate with the parents every time they come in. One of the coach’s responsibilities are when parents are there. They’re to communicate with the parents about what the kids are working on, where they’re at, that kind of thing.

Z: You could take this now to the next level.

Clay: Oh, here we go.

Z: You could super-wow, super-wow your customers by doing this. You have a gal that comes in and she takes all the notes from the different coaches because they, they’re writing down notes or you make it easy, they circle the number, 2, 3, 4, then 5 to 10, all the different things. I would break that down into even more categories. You can have more information, in other words, speed, I don’t know, speed, the times, like you said, ball handling. Well, you could probably break that down to dribbling and passing. I’m not- okay, good.

Coach Calvert: We actually do that. There’s passing of the dribble, passing off the catch, there’s slide series, there’s print step series, there’s 20 different moves, there are 25 different jumpers.

Z: Perfect. And you have a gal that, every week, she can send off an email to those parents ’cause you’ve captured their email address, which is really nice, by the way. And they want to get that email about Billy, their little boy or little girl, and so now you have a lady that is every week, you know, “Thank you, Billy was here 3 times this week, here’s what his scores were, here’s what he needs to be working on this week. Hopefully, you know, we’ll see you next week. Have a great weekend,” duh duh duh duh duh, and you fire that out every week, and now they’re kinda going, “Wow, this place is on top of it. They know my kid, and they’re really monitoring and encouraging and pushing my kid.”

That’s like, the next level stuff and you just start wowing people like that and now, and you can learn those moves from a business coach. Then all of a sudden, you’ve got a system that’s not only your system, but now you’ve added to the system like, “What else could we do?” Well, we’ve got the information now. Now we can take that, and we can send it back to the parents, and now, maybe you don’t have to have as many meetings with them, because you’re sending out that email. You would be saving that time.

Clay: Now, Robert, you are a business coach here at Thrive, you have a question here, and I think this question was powerful. We were talking about it off the air. Can you kinda set up that question we were talking about as far as finding time to make these systems?

Robert: Yeah, and you know, I was mentioning this Friday as we were closing, but I, working with a lot of different businesses as a business coach, I find that people don’t realize that they sometimes have to actually schedule the time to sit down and write it out. They sit down and write out the system, they sit down and track what they’re doing, which is usually the best practice, what you’re doing, Coach. And for some reason, people don’t get that. And I know entrepreneurship is exciting, you have all these different things going on, all these things to take care of, so finding that time, is it really important?

Z: Here’s what happens when you start a business, young Padawan, Robert Redman.

Robert: I am eager to learn, Master business coach.

Z: What happens is, is that your clocks, in your business, in your home, magically give you more time. The windows open up and the heavens open up and the light beam comes down and in it, opens. What happens is, on your desk, just the systems appear.

Robert: I see! I see the light, Master! [crosstalk 01:19:13]

Z: It’s floating down like a dove!

Robert: The system, the magic system!

Z: No, the hard reality is, as much as we want to think it’s just gonna kinda happen and it’s just gonna be some kinda magical, wonderful, mystical thing, it’s called turning off your dang TV and your phone, shutting down your computer and getting out a piece of paper and a pen and working on it. You know, the average person, this is crazy, Clay. The average person, watches, you can Google this. If you don’t believe me, you can google this. If you’re driving, don’t google it right now, okay. But pull into a truck stop or a Quiktrip and now you can do it. 5 hours a day, the average.

Robert: Not good.

Z: The average person’s watching TV. So what I’m telling you, if you want to start a business, and you want to watch your TV shows 5 hours a day, that’s probably not gonna be the best thing for your business.

Clay: Now, we have a thriver who asks us another question. We have 1 more question I want to get into on today’s show.

Z: Oh, you better hurry then.

Clay: This is a thriver, who wanted to know, they said, “Hey, I watched your show about saving, I watched your show. I am now debt-free. I have no credit card debt, which by the way, is definitely awesome to be debt-free.” Great job to you, thriver, awesome job to you. But then how does this person save for retirement? And “m gonna tell you, because of the age of the person here. If you’re north of 40, your path to financial freedom is very different than if you’re 20. So this is bizarre. If you were 20 and you said, “Clay, what’s the path to financial freedom?” Meet with a financial advisor, automatically save 650 bucks a month. Auto-deduct money whenever you get paid. Let’s say you make a thousand dollars this month. Auto-deduct 5% of your gross revenue, of your gross income.

Pretax, put into savings and then don’t get hit by a bus, stop drop and roll, wear a helmet, be safe, live to be 50, you’ll be a millionaire. That would be my tip for the 20-year-old. Now when you’re 45, you gotta do two things. One, you’ve gotta set money aside, but you’ve gotta triple your rate of earning. Triple. Three times. Three times?

Z: So I’m just going to my boss and say, just. What? I was listening to the Thrive Time Show, and apparently I’m getting a raise

Clay: No, but I’m being totally serious about, you’ve gotta triple your rate of your income. So this particular thriver, I believe is involved in the painting industry of some kind, and so I would just say this. I mean, one of our thrivers, Steve Kurrington, just pulled into the office the other day on Friday, driving his brand new Lamborghini.

Announcer 3: Broadcasting live from the center of the universe, you’re listening to the Thrive Time show.

Z: He got a Lambo?

Coach Calvert: A green one? Nice.

Clay: His old thing is, he’s always getting cars and making trips and traveling and these kinds of things, but the thing about the cars in the big house he has, if you go to his house, it’s a big house. The end of the day, he’s still in mortgages, and when you sell mortgages, the commission on it’s far higher than other industries, so you might have to boop-boop and step up to a new industry, you might have to switch businesses, but you might want to get out to an in-person Thrive Time workshop and you gotta find, you gotta ask yourself the tough question. How am I going to triple my revenue? And I guarantee you, I guarantee everyone listening to this program right now. When you come out to an in-person workshop, if you apply what we teach you, you can triple your income. And I’ve specifically seen this happen over and over again where we’ve met with a thriver, they send us a letter a year later, going, “I am making two times more than last year.” So step number one is you have to learn what to do, and then you have to execute it.

And we have a team that can help you execute your plan if you need that as well, but if you’re in your 40s and you say “I’m debt-free but I have nothing saved for retirement”, you can’t just save 5% of your gross income and get there, because the exponential value, the exponential qualities of when you save money, the idea is that exponentially grows over time, but compound interest is a magical thing when you have time. But if you don’t have time, you gotta find a way to increase that income. So, Z, for someone who’s listening right now, what are the four ways that we can help them increase their income dramatically at

Z: Well, go to, and your first month is 1 dollar.

Clay: Oh, Billy, it’s only a dollar?

Z: That’s like you know, you’re going to the Mcdonalds, they have the Dollar Menu meal, we’ve got the Dollar menu for you. It’s 1 dollar, and after that, it’s 19 dollars. You can get on there and you can search by mentors, we’ve got some of the best mentors, some of the brightest mind, we got the guy who was like the PR guy for Michael Jackson and Pizza Hut and Nike, he’s one teaching PR. We got the guy who’s doing time management for a little thing got Walt Disney World.

Clay: Never heard of it.

Z: Yeah, we’ve got leaders on there that are NBA Hall-of-Famers, David Robinson.

Clay: Unbelievable.

Z: He’s a very successful businessman now, after his career in basketball, so is your first step. Second step is get out to one of our in-person workshops. We do ’em pretty much monthly. And our next one’s gonna be March the 24th and 25th, what happens with that? Well, there’s no upselling. They’re 500 dollars, but if you say “I can’t afford it,” guess what, we will scholarship you, and you can bring, what is it, three of your employees with you?

Clay: You can bring three teammates with you to the business coach conference. 

Z: You can bring three teammates in, so it’s 500 dollars, no it’s 500 dollars for the team, show up, we’ve got this really great section of our Thrive headquarters, where you sit down and you have your own little desk, and we do downloadables, we do templates, you do hands-on, it’s the 13 points, everybody leaves here with their boom book, the step by step, and how to do it, and what to do. Number three, you can listen to what you’re listening to right now, the Thrive Time Show. We have a podcast, you can relist ein to it. You said, “Clay talks so fast, I couldn’t take notes!”. It’s a 2 day business coach session. 

Clay: There’s something wrong with hi-

Z: Sometimes we got a lot of stuff and we’re out there just firing away at you, so relisten to the show. It’s on podcast form, and share with some friends. And then the fourth, you can do one-on-one with a business coach

Clay: One-on-one with a business coach can be very effective, it’s a game changer for many people. And Coach, if you’re looking for, if someone’s looking for one-on-one basketball coaching, what’s your website, my friend?

Coach Calvert:

Clay: One more time?

Coach Calvert:

Clay: All right, thrivers, check it out, check out, we’ll see you at our next workshop and Z, 3, 2, 1, boom!


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