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Business Coach : Be Resourceful

Business Coach : Be Resourceful
-I know that there was a time in my life when I worked at Applebee’s. I was working at Target. I was trying to get an internship at Tax and Accounting Software. I drove 45 minutes a day, every day, to Okmulgee and back from Okmulgee, Oklahoma– tourist capital of the world– to study, at Oklahoma State Okmulgee Technical College. And I know that I had the Target, I had the Applebee’s, I had that trip, my wife and I shared a car– there’s all these stories. And we’re just one of thousands of people like us that have done these sorts of things. And I think it’s not about resources, but it’s about being resourceful and hiring a resourceful business coach. And it’s about doing whatever it takes. And I think that’s exciting.

Now, what could an entrepreneur do every day if they want to create and sustain the prosperity mentality? I they’re like– a little bit going back to scarcity, a little bit into that poverty, a little bit into that?

ARTHUR GREENO: What can they do? What

CLAY CLARK: What could they do to stay positive?

-They can give. I read a study the other day that said, “When people give, they feel rich.” I know that’s contrary because you may not have a whole lot of money, but you know? There’s always something you can give, whether you can get that homeless guy a dollar each day. You feel good about yourself, and it;ll help you get that mindframe of– I’m rich. I encourage people to, when they go to a drive-through or a coffee place, pay for the guy behind them or something. It releases endorphins and makes you feel better about yourself and, in essence, gives you that confidence. Having a business coach also gives you confidence.

-I’ve noticed, too, for me, enveloping myself with positive people, where I try to encounter positive people as much of my day as possible. So before I knew these people, it was like I’m going to read Dale Carnegie in the morning– his book How to Win Friends and Influence People, and at night I am reading John Rockefeller, and I’m going to watch biography when I get a chance to watch that. And I just was positive, positive, positive, positive, positive. I also hired a positive business coach.

And it sounds like you’re saying give. But there’s things you can definitely do to maintain that positive mentality. I think it’s just absolutely huge that you’re very aware that you have a prosperity mentality.

-And when you look at this, you gave a couple examples, and I gave different examples. There’s no limit on all the different things you can do to get that mentality. You know what? Sometimes it’s just about trying things.

-Success authors, many of them, have written that your mindset is kind of like a computer. Basically, if you put garbage in– if you put a bad software program on your computer– you’ll ruin that guy. You’ll get garbage out. It seems weird that you can just download software and ruin a computer. But how can you reprogram your brain if you know that your computer needs to be cleaned off?

If you’re watching right now and you know you’ve got some garbage in your brain, what can you do to restart your computer anew, to renew your mind?

-Well, I think part of it is just start filling it with the right things. What are you reading? What are you spending your time on? What is your energy on? If you’re spending all your time– and I’m going to pick on reality shows– watching reality shows, where all the people are arguing back and forth on a regular basis, when you could spend that time reading a book that’s going to– well, like you were talking about, How to Win Friends and Influence People. That’s a great book to get you the mindset of success.

-I know that for me to put the garbage out and to put the good stuff in, I have to ask myself– is what I’m learning right now helping me get closer to my goal? Is the conversation I’m in right now helping me get closer to my goal? Is the movie I’m watching helping me get closer to my goal?

I say goal– spirit, mind, body, relationships, finances. Is the conversation I’m having helping me have a better marriage? Is the conversation I’m having right now helping me become a better friend? Is the conversation I have helping me? And if the answer is no, I try to peace out. I try to get out of there. I try to change what I’m doing. And I think it’s important that we do that.

Now, the power of words– it doesn’t matter what study you read or what success magazine you get the tip out of, every entrepreneur that I know is very aware of the power of words. As an entrepreneur, whether you say negative words or positive words can affect you. How is that? Why is that?

-One quote I love is “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” And when you’re speaking positive words into their life, it doesn’t just edify them, but also it edifies ourselves. I know that it’s the self-talk that we tell ourselves. It used to be when I would mess something up, I would be like– man, you’re such an idiot. And sometimes I still feel that way. But having a business coach helps!

But yet you have to change your mindset on where you’re putting your energy. It’s not that I’m an idiot. You know what? I made a mistake. OK, what cam I learn from it? And that’s constantly what I’m looking for.


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