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Business Coach : The Right Business

This content is written for the world’s best business coach radio show, The Thrivetime Show.

Here are a few pertinent questions from a business coach: Where do you want to be in 10 years?  Do you want to be working for someone else helping them be a success?  Do you want to be plugging away at someone else’s vision?  Would you like to be financially stable and have more time to spend with what is most important to you, faith, family, relationships and fitness?  If so, that is the meaning of success.  You have to find your niche. Find where the market is on it. Is it flooded with what you can do?  Then do your research and find what no one else is doing in that area. Once you find it, make a promise to yourself, you will not let your vision die. Draw a line in the sand and say you are not going back. Now, what do you have to do to go forward with this business coach idea, vision?  I know someone who can help! Business guru and business coach expert, Clay Clark at 8551955-7469. Visit him on his Thrivetime Show that is aired daily.


You’ve drawn the line in the sand. You’ve found what no one else is doing. It doesn’t have to be big to begin with. It can be small, but be open to opportunities. Starbucks never started out with the intention of making single cups of wonderful flavored coffee. They just sold coffee to by and brew at home. They started out small and now they are a household name. Disney started out drawing his own animations. He ended his career with 100’s of animators working for him. He went from cartoons to movies. He added theme parks with rides. He offered the best experience possible. He is a household name.

There are countless, thousands, probably 100’s of thousands of household named companies that started out small and became a huge success because of determination and passion and discipline. Today, you have an even greater opportunity than they had. You have Thrive 15, business coach to the epic extreme, ( is that a description that can be used? If not it should be) is the company for you. They will make all the difference to the expansion and growth of your company.

Thrive 15 can make your company  grow 7 times faster than these huge conglomerates that are household names. Why? Thrive 15 has it all. They meet your every business need. They have done your research and homework for you. They had to if they wanted to provide the necessary services your company needs. They offer graphic design all the way to franchising and everything in between. You will be hooked up with men and women who are experts their field. They work for you doing their one job. Because they work in their gifted area only, they don’t have the stress of wearing many hats. They can concentrate on their one area so it can be done with excellence.

Are you convinced? Check out the if you’re not convinced. Read the testimonies. Tune in to the Thrivetime Show and enjoy the hosts Dr Z and Clay Clark, entrepreneurs with a twist. Clay Clark invites you to give him a call at 855-955-7469 and start your path to success today.

Business Coach : Investing Information.

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

Have you invested in something that went downhill? Whether it was big or small, the investment was a learning experience. Investments can be a scary decision. Many questions come with each investment. Is this the right one? Is this the right time? What if it doesn’t work out like I expect? Whatever the investment is, you need business coach guiding you along the most efficient path for your business. Efficiency means faster success. Faster success means closer to the time and financial freedom you want. Again, investing can be difficult. There are so many scammers out there trying to teach you to “get rich quick” I hate to break it to you, but there is no such thing as get rich quick. So, how do you know which coach will bring results? You do research, look into their success stories, and steer clear from anything that say “I went from ___ to six figures in four months”. Just don’t do it. If you are looking for a completely successful coach, check out Clay Clark. If you don’t believe me, listen to his Thrivetime Show, or call him at 855-955-7469.

Number one is do your research. You need to see if the coach knows what they are talking about. There are many who claim “six secrets to a six figure income”, and so on. You will be hooked, because who doesn’t want to know the six secrets? After you sign up, they tell you one secret. After the one secret has been told, you have to sign up for an outrageous business coach program in order to get the last five secrets revealed. Does this sound familiar? Many coaches are doing this tactic. Needless to say, don’t follow into the trap of the upselling coach. You will get very stuck and be too far into it when it’s too late to back out. A great coach will give you content and very applicable advice. Do you know why they should? Because, a coach is not here to have all the secrets for business growth. People have grown a business extremely well many different times. Therefore, a coach is there for accountability, strategic direction, and a specific roadmap to your goals.

Accountability is crucial to finish your goals. Many goals are long-term. Because of this, goals take dedication and a sustainable growth. If you only answer to yourself, excuses will arise. After a while, you will give into your excuses. Investing in a business coach program will give you the accountability needed. Each week, you will be assigned an agenda. Every task in the agenda has a deadline attached. This allows you to get your work done on time. In return, goals and success will be reached quicker. Great coaches also provide strategic direction and a specific roadmap to success. They are experienced and their passion is to see your business grow. Because they have built many businesses, coaches know the specific steps for efficient and sustainable growth.

Lastly, look at their success stories. Research their clients. Research the business’ of their clients. Reviews are extremely important to read. Be careful because reviews can not be true to the actual coach and program. You want someone reliable that has been through growing a business. With the experience on your side, you will reach time and financial freedom quicker.

Don’t fall for the get rich quick schemes. Many overnight successes took ten years. It is all about the work you put in behind the scenes before people can see it up close. Allow the best coach in the world to lead you in a strategic direction. Clay Clark has extreme success when it comes to his business and other people’s business. Listen to his Thrivetime Show for knowledge bombs and let him answer your questions at 855-955-7469.


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