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Business Coach : The Right Roadmap

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

You choose to win or lose. Not everyone will agree with that statement. Some will say you have to have the right contacts. Maybe you have to be in the right place at the right time. Others will say you have to be born with the gifts needed to succeed. True?  Then what does that say about dedication and perseverance and passion? Clay Clark, 855-955-7469,, Business Coach extraordinaire, says winning at business is a clear cut choice. On his Thrivetime Show, Clay Clark states success is a choice.

Success comes from a deliberate intention to succeed, an action filled with a purposeful course for victory. It’s funny that the antonym for success is failure. Failure then is also a deliberate choice. But I’m sure no one admits to choosing failure. Hopefully, you fall in the first category and you choose success. There is good news for you. Clay Clark co- founder of Thrive 15, business Coach with a purpose,has purposefully set out to build a company that ONLY grows successful businesses. Failure is not an option. His company, Thrive 15, works with you and for you to bring about that success. Thrive 15 is 100% committed to your success.

Thrive 15 provides a very practical approach to managing employees. In “Will Not Work For Food”, a brutally honest written book by Clay Clark, he gets to the heart of managing employees. He quotes Steve Jobs when he writes  “be a yardstick of quality.”  You cannot expect what you don’t reflect. Hire only A and B employees( read the book).  Get rid of your marginal employees. They will cost you in the short and long run. There is no place for mediocrity in a successful business. You should inspire the people you hire. You do have a responsibility. Inspect, never expect. These are just a few of the topics he covers in his book that helps you operate a successful business. If you choose Business Coach through Thrive 15, you will receive these practical insights and more to implement in your company to make it a success. Again, it is a choice.

Success doesn’t come without perseverance, dedication  and passion. Clay Clark’s driving force is a passion from within, perseverance to see excellence and a dedication to those entrepreneurs who seek his expertise. His expertise comes from years of practical implementation of his own strategies. These strategies have been proven to change a failed business  to a successful business. His company Thrive 15, has the power to revolutionize your company.

The choice to succeed is yours. In his book “ Will Not Work For Food”, Clay Clark tells the story about a man who made that choice. This man worked on his talent endlessly. He had a goal. He had major setbacks. People did not believe in him. He worked hard. He competed. He was cheated. Through all this, his passion was not extinguished. Again, this was a choice he made. Eventually, he became a huge success in his field. His gift was made excellent with long hours of daily practice. He was willing to work. He was willing to make the changes that needed to be made to accomplish his goals. He, and only he held himself accountable to achieving his dreams. He succeeded because he decided to. Hold yourself accountable to achieving your dreams.  Make the decision to call Clay Clark at:855-955-7469. Be proactive and make it a point to listen to the Thrivetime Show, a show that makes the difference between failure and success.

Business Coach – Clear Direction for your business

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

Is your business a little lost? Do you need a specific linear path to success? If you do, you need to get in the right business coach program. By getting any program, you can transform your business easily. If you have been stuck in certain areas of your business, do not resort to a DIY type of business. By doing that, it will be longer for you to grow your business. You need to go to the man with all the answers for your business. If you join Clay Clark, he will give you a fountain of knowledge that will take your business to the next seven levels. Don’t settle for only the next level and get the answers from the Thrivetime Show at 855-955-7496.

What does this radio show help with you ask? They cover the topics of the right marketing guardrails,management, hiring, finances, goals, ‘overnight success, three-legged marketing stool, and many more. You name the topic about a business and they have the answers. They are direct and to the point. Bombs of knowledge is found within every single episode. Do you know why? Because they want to help. The Thrivetime Show wants to get you the actionable steps to succeed. They also give this knowledge because they have built many businesses. Let your business be like Trinity, Barbee Cookies, Sprik Realty, and Total Lending Concepts. Let your business be successful by getting their business coach knowledge bombs.

These guys are the real deal. What’s better than sliced bread, you ask? The They’ve been through the nitty. They’ve been through the gritty. The experiences they share are enough to take your business, throw the exact actionable steps you need, and become profitable in no time. They save you time by teaching you the solution to the mistakes they made along the way. Don’t make the same mistakes they did and prolong your success. Learn from what they teach and implement it into your life. They have started business coach for a reason.

One, out of many, piece of knowledge they teach is how important your goals are. Goals look different to each and every person. One business owner might want a yacht. Another business owner might want more time with family. Whatever your goals are, let them help you get there faster. It’s ok to have another view of success as the person sitting next to you. Write your goals down to have them in front of you everyday. Work toward your goals.

Work towards success. Work towards greatness. Your business will affect the cities around it. Be a business worth talking about. Be a business worth using. There is no time to waste anymore. What will you do to find the road to success? Are you going to take the the windy road? Or, are you going to take the straight road. Clay Clark, co-owner of the Thrivetime Show, has every bit of information you need. Call them at 855-955-7496 for the questions you have.


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