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Business Coach : Small Beginnings

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

Have you been searching the web for the key to grow your business fast? Did you know that many overnight successes actually took 10 years? This may be shocking to you, but hard work, dedication, and being persistent is what Clay Clark teaches in his business coach program. The business world has turned into “How to make six figures in one month” and “Triple your profits in just seven days”. While all of that sounds good, it is not possible without some hard work and dedication. Duplicating your business systems, marketing and recording numbers are just a few topics you need to know about. The best motivational and practical radio show is the Thrivetime show by Clay Clark and Dr. Robert Zoellner. Get your questions answered at 955-855-7469.

You say, how in the world can I duplicate everything in my business? I am the ONLY one in my business that can close sales effectively, run the customer service how it needs to run, and keep track of everything I put into marketing. I’m here to tell you that you are wrong. When you set your business up like that, you will never stop working in your business. You need to focus on working ON your business instead. There are different ways to document the processes in your business. Documenting your business can be through checklists, scripts, nomenclature filing system, and many more. If you try to do everything at once, you will get overwhelmed and fail. Imagine this as a slow and steady process. When you are on the phone, make a script of what you say to the customer to close the deal. By using the same script every time, you can tweak it into a 100% closable deal. When you achieve this, anyone can close the deal and therefore you will not have to be responsible for closing each and every deal. Start small and work your way up. If you notice that something is repeatable, document it. This allows you to hire for character instead of skill like Clay teaches through his business coach.

Another way to increase profits is through marketing. Have you looked into business coach that doesn’t touch on marketing that much? Don’t look any further. Clay teaches that you need to have a three legged marketing stool for success. There are many avenues to market your business. Your avenues might look different than the business right next to you. No matter what you choose, make sure you have three avenues of marketing. It allows you to be strategic and focused enough on only three to be successful and it also allows your business to be sturdy.

Recording numbers is extremely important when it comes to your business. You need to record the success of your marketing efforts, scripts, website views, and everything pertaining to your success. By doing this, you can see what needs to be improved. You will be able to record what is doing well so you can scale those efforts. Don’t make the mistake of putting your hard work out there and not tracking if it is working or not.

Get all of your business questions answered. The best radio station around will give you the actionable steps to succeed. They have the best information about business growth.You can hear the men that have experienced it all within business at the Thrivetime show. Clay Clark can be reached at 855-955-7469.

Business Coaching – Success Is Your Choice

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

Thrive15 is a business coach Company that offers to the small business owner, entrepreneur, and large business owner the opportunity to use all their expert services when they join forces. One of these services is copywriting. This is the act of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing a product, business, person or idea. The product called copy, is the written content which strives to increase your company’s brand awareness  and essentially persuade a person or client to utilize your particular company’s services or product. Clay Clark,855-955-7469, is founder of Thrive 15, the company that meets essentially all the needs of the start up company, entrepreneurs, and big business. He is co-host of the radio talk show Thrivetime Show with Dr. Z, the melding of two combustible personalities that tackle every aspect of the business world.

Thrive 15 and their expert business coach staff offer as one of their many services copy writing. These copywriters help create what your business needs. Whether it be billboards, lyrics to a jingle, catalogs, brochures, newspaper or magazine advertisements, direct mail, scripts for commercials, tag lines, and other marketing communication skills. They work on business web pages, email newsletters. They will blog your posts and handle your social media needs.

Copywriting at Thrive 15, where business coaching is an art, is one of the most important elements of effective on-line marketing. A copy writer has developed the art of strategically incorporating the perfect words that get the public and your potential clients to not only take notice but also sell your brand to create the success you are after. Copywriting is a deep skill. As an entrepreneur, with many needs in to be met in your company, this is an area you want an expert to handle. You don’t want to fall short in this area and that is why Thrive 15 offers this as only one of their many  services.

Thrive 15 strives to have excellence in every area and that is why they have a team on staff of experts in every area where small or large business, and entrepreneurs have an open door. You can visit their website at and check out their many services listed. An example of these expert services are: graphic design, branding, financial customer service, SEO’s, online marketing, PR, advertising, management training, life coaching, social media, business development and franchising to just name a few.

Thrive 15 has joined forces with big companies such as Bama Companies, Farmers Insurance, Hewlett-Packard, Barber Cookies, QuikTrip, Valspar Paint, the Oilers of Tulsa, Trinity employment to name a few. These companies utilized the copywriting services of Thrive 15 to increase their brand awareness which caused them to skyrocket to success. On the Thrivetime Show, a business not as usual radio talk show, copywriting has been the topic of many discussions. Hosts, Clay Clark, 855-955-7469, and Dr Z, two highly energetic off the wall successful business men tackle the ins and outs and the not so politically correct aspects of all there is about business, new startups and entrepreneurship.


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