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Business Coach – Start Here

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

Make Your Life Epic is one of the many books written by Clay Clark on business coaching. He tells how you can go from dorm room to boardroom without a business loan. Sharing from his life experiences, he writes a hilarious accounting of his experiences and how you too can do this. Founder of Thrive 15, Clay Clark offers an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs to join him, call 855-955-7469. For more information on entrepreneurship, listen in on his Thrivetime Show where he co hosts with Dr Z.

Thrive, another book written by, entrepreneur, growth consultant, investor, motivational speaker, and award winning entrepreneur of the year, Clay Clark. He writes about moving from just surviving to thriving. He states if you have a “ functional brain” and can grasp the idea that you can be an entrepreneur that causes you to move from the state of just surviving to thriving then this book will change your life. Are you a person that seeks to solve a problem for the reward of monetary gain to achieve your personal dream?  Then you are an entrepreneur who needs this book. He makes it plain that entrepreneurs need business coach to reach their goals.

Thrive 15 is the company he founded to help you, the entrepreneur, attain your goals and live with financial freedom. His visionary strategies are laid out in such a way, that when you apply them step by step you are skyrocketed forward in your business. His business coach strategies have helped numerous large and small companies. Boeing, Hewlett-Packard, Maytag, OxiFresh, QuikTrip, IBM, Southwest Airlines and just a few of the companies he has helped.

Why does Thrive 15 rate higher than ANY other company that coaches business?  Because they offer only services of excellence. If your company needs help, they meet your need and go further. Each specialist in their field offers their expertise as part of the membership you receive when you join forces with Thrive 15. Clark saw no need to send businesses away for areas they needed help in, so he hired a workforce to meet all your needs. Thrive 15 offers: graphic design services, copywriting services, SEO services, branding services, PR services, managerial training services, accounting services,sales training services, product design services, interior design services, website design optimization services, publishing services, capital raising services and more.

As a startup business, entrepreneur, owner of a large corporation, you want your investment in a company to be sound. Thrive 15 is a proven company, with proven strategies. It is their business to know where your weakest link is and how to solve it. They will capitalize on your strengths  and make your company the best out there. You can read testimonies of how Thrive 15 has helped others reach their goals by going to their website at Give Clay Clark the opportunity to take your business to the next level by calling 855-955-7469. Listen in on the Thrivetime Show radio talk show where the entrepreneur business is the topic of every discussion.

Business Coach – Starting Small.

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

Have you needed to invest in your business? A business coach can help you make the right decisions.  Is it a bit overwhelming to pick the right thing? Many different options are available to us, as business owners, to invest in everyday. Do you want a shortcut to the right investment? Here it is: Invest in business coaching for your business. There are way too many great reasons to invest in a coach, but in short; you need to invest in a coach for accountability, experienced eyes, and a faster road to success. The internet has many different articles, podcasts, and studies to show you the road to success. The only place you need to be is at This Thrivetime show, with co-owner Clay Clark, gives you the exact steps needed for success. He loves to answer questions at 855-955-3240.

Accountability can be the key to success through business coach. Do you remember when you first started your business? You were extremely fired up and excited about life. This was your drive. You brought the passion to your business each and every day. As time went on, the fire started to die down. You would catch yourself taking a day off here and there. You know this is for the long-run so you convinced yourself that it was ok. Over time, your business started to suffer. Marketing your business was extremely hard at one point so you told your wife you worked, but in reality you didn’t put that much effort in. Each week you started doing less work on your business. Great excuses would come up. Finally, you realized that you are working in your business for 13 hours a day. This makes you completely time bonded and not enough time to do the things you love. Coaches are very experienced in creating time freedom. The main way to achieve this is through accountability.

Ok, so you aren’t convinced that accountability is really what you need. What about having experienced eyes in the strategies you are using to grow and duplicate your business? Spending countless dollars on marketing and getting a few leads will not be helpful in the long run. When you put all your effort into one avenue of your business, you may become disappointed when it doesn’t work. After you fail, you won’t know what to do next. This is where business coach comes into play. Coaches know the strategies that won’t fail up front. They won’t put you into a money sucking machine to see if it works. The best strategies come from coaches because they are experienced. They are experienced in creating their own profitable business. They are also experienced in helping countless other businesses grow as well. You don’t have to start at the bottom because someone else already did that.

Finally, choose a coach for a faster route to your success. Like mentioned before, you don’t have to start at the bottom when growing your business. A coach will be able to give you the exact strategic actions to grow your business. By trusting a coach, and not yourself, you will be able to grow seven times faster. They are extremely experienced. They have the right moves for you. Trying to DIY your business will take much longer.

Don’t waste your time researching for business growth answers. Go to the for everything you need. The radio show covers every topic you need to know about business. Learn about managing, hiring employees, accounting, marketing, and much more at the Thrivetime show. Clay Clark, the co-owner, loves to answer your questions on the show at 855-955-7469.


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