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Business coach Clay Clark: I will tell you this with mailers, what’s kind of fun is nobody, if you’re listening right now none of us use coupons or mailers. We’re beyond that. None of us do that until we do. None of us are going to use a Papa John’s discount. I can’t think of any of our listeners, including you or me, none of us use those coupons until we do. Then all of a sudden, one day you’re like I’m kind of hungry, it’s Saturday. You open your mail, you get that blue envelope that . You’re like I guess I do want two pizzas for twenty dollars. Then you order Papa Johns, do you not? Or Pizza Hut.n These are some of the ideas a business coach can help you execute.

Business Coach 163

I sit in my office, it’s like a rash in my office, it’s amazing because you’ll see what happens. Pizza Hut does a text now, where they’ll text you are you hungry. Have you got that text?

Justin: Oh yeah.

Clay Clark: They’ll text you are you hungry? In my office all of a sudden I’m looking around there’s like ten people who are on diets who are now eating Pizza Hut. I’m like what happened? Then they’re like Oh man I got that text. So the thing is the mailer got you in and then you have other technology to stay in touch etc. But the mailers are a great thing. If you’re going well what are the specific solutions that you would recommend? I have two for all the listeners right now that I want to give you.

The first business coach move is called Valpak. Valpak is an awesome solution. In our company it’s called my book mail. My book mail is actually a lady I met, she’s a thriver. She’s a member of our online school. She’s based in Valparaiso, Indiana. Met her a few years back. Her business is rocking and rolling, and she helped small business mail affordably. So she can make a list of all your former customers, or your ideal and likely buyers. So the Elephant In The Room, who’s our target market? What kind of guy typically would enjoy the Elephant In The Room experience?

Justin: Ages from 25 to 65. We get a variety range but it’s someone that cares about their style, they care about their time, we’re appointment based. They had the resources to afford it.

Clay Clark: What if my wife wants to go though? Do you cut women’s hair?

Justin: Sure, bring your wife in. We’ll show her the facility, get her a beverage and she can watch you get your hair cut.

Clay Clark: Do you cut her hair though too? I mean, will you cut her hair? She has a boy haircut too.

Justin: Yeah we actually have a salon across the street.

Clay Clark – business coach: He won’t give you a straight answer. The point is you don’t cut women’s hair.

Justin: We don’t. I don’t understand the move. It’s a men’s haircut because if you look at me right now, for viewers, we talked about my business haircut earlier with the hair part and all that and the suit. I’m so far from that now. I got the beard. Some people call it the Amish look. I’ve got it all the time.

Clay Clark: The Amish Paradise.

Justin: But this is men’s hair by the way, even though it’s long.

Clay Clark: Let me ask you this though. Have you ever had, because I missed one of the grand opening. I met a woman who bough a membership for her husband. Do you have women that buy gift cards or memberships for their husbands?

Justin: All the time. That’s November, December, Father’s day is huge. It’s unbelievable. The women know that that’s the place to go to either stay in the good or get back in the good with their counterparts there. So Elephant In The Room gift cards. We’ll mail it to you, we’ll email it to you, you can come pick it up in person, we had to create that niche for all different people. Even out of state, all the people.

Clay Clark: Thrivers, here are the two moves for mailers that we use and I would encourage you to use as well. Move number one is Valpak. It’s V-A-L-P-A-K of Tulsa. You can call 747-0990, it’s 918-747-0990. I know that more of you listen to the podcast at thrive time show dot com and on the radio we have people in over 50 countries now, listening from all over the world. Over 30,000 people are downloading everyone of these things. So I know that but you can still call and she’ll help you out. We use her, very affordable Valpak has franchises all over the country. Great company.

The second there is My Book Mail, a business coach secret. That’s Flanagan’s My Book Mail service. It’s My Book Mail dot com. Their phone number is 219-464-9871. For those of you who are just eating Oklahoma Joe’s baked beans or having some burnt ends I understand. I can not stop eating it, my sponsors. But their phone number again is 219-464-9871. You got to commit to three of these ten moves to stay in touch with your customers. You got to commit to three of these ten at least. Okay.

So move number four was figure out a book mailer to send to your people.  That book mailer you want to have a clear call to action. You want to have an expiration date, you want to have it professionally designed. If you don’t know how to do it get out to our in person thrive time workshops. By the way it’s a dollar for the first month. A dollar for the first month. I thought the TU business school was 56,000. Are you guys saying it’s better than TU? Yeah I am. It’s actually $56,000 better than TU per year.

So moving on, the next move is you want to create a call script for your team to reach out to your former customers. Business Coach move number five, you want to create a call script for your team to reach out to your former customers. Justin, why do you want to have a call script when calling out to your former customers as opposed to saying whatever?

Justin: Well if you say whatever it’s going to get weird and awkward and you’re going to try to come up with new jokes or humor or something. It gets awkward and weird and be silent. So you can start predicting. Your business and the situations are going to become repetitive over and over again. You’re like did this happen before? Can I tell the future now? And you can actually predict how they’re going to react at things so it’s predictable. You want to, like a comedian.

Clay Clark: I want to tell you this. You talk about predictable and awkward. Just this week we had a guy, customer we’re working with, we’re coaching him, recording his calls for quality control, and helping him analyze them. He had a call rep who made a call to his former … these are current customers and Justin will role play the call. Okay? These are the kinds of trainings you will get with a business coach.  You tell me how you would react to this. Ready?

Hey is this Mr. Justin Moore?

Justin: Sure is.

Clay Clark: Hi, my name is Clay Clark. I’m calling on behalf of Acme Incorporated and just wanted to see how you’re doing. You’re doing all right today?

Justin: Yeah.

Clay Clark: Awesome. Awesome. And I’m doing great today and I’ll tell you what. I had a great day today. The day was just phenomenal. I got to work and I was just like oh my gosh, now I’m on the phone with you, and it’s unbelievable how we’re on the phone, how we’re connecting. I love connecting with people and who is the decision maker in your home? I have seven quick questions I would like to ask.

Justin: Me.

Clay Clark: So it gets this awkward, you’re like why is this guy talking in circles about nothing and what is the point? Everyone just kept being like I gotta go, gotta go, gotta go. So we changed the script to be hi, is this Justin?

Justin: Yeah.

Clay Clark: Justin, hey this is Clay up here at Acme Incorporated. We’re the guys that worked with you last month. How are you?

Justin: Yeah. Doing great.

Clay Clark: Hey man, this is customer appreciation month and I wanted to ask you one quick question to give you some free stuff.

Justin: Wow okay. Shoot, what’s the question?

Business Coach Clay Clark: On a scale of one to ten how happy were you with our last service?

Justin: I would say a ten.

Clay Clark: What can we do to make it a little better?

Justin: You know what, all around it was amazing.

Clay Clark: So here’s the deal, I got a buy one get one free right now (business coach No-brainer offer) . So if you come in this month again you can bring anybody else you want or pass it on for free. It’s a buy one, get one free or you could just buy two of the services yourself. We just want to thank you so much. When’s a good time to come on in?

Justin: I’ll be there tomorrow.

Clay Clark: That’s the move, it was a script though. The script fixed the problem. You just can’t go out there and just hack. Like a good stand up comedian, there’s certain jokes that work and there’s certain jokes that don’t work. Thrivers, you can’t just be hacking away at your customer database. When we come back we’re going to talk about mass texting your customer database. So many of us want to reach out to our customers in a certain way. The customer’s don’t want to be reached out to in a certain way. You got to find a way the customers want to be reached out to. For many people out there, they don’t want a voicemail, they don’t want a mailer, they don’t want a call. What they want is they want to receive a text message.

So on this Justin Bieber apologetics world tour that we’re on today I encourage you to go to thrive time show dot com, learn more about our next work shop, it’s a game changer. Mark my words it will be the best business conference that you have ever been to period.


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