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Business Coach Staying in Contact With Your Prospects

All right. So shout out there. They do email reminder, they capture all the information and it syncs to the person’s email as well which is pretty amazing. So with the help of our business coach I was able to do that which is booking, then you have transactions are different. But, it was pretty much the mullet, it was a business in the front, party in the back. We rocked that until I could find something. If I couldn’t understand it, how could someone else understand it?

Business Coach 172

Business coach Clay Clark: Thrivers, if you’re listening right now and you’re looking for a specific database that can help you with your business, to track your customers this business coach can help. That’s step number one. You got to build a database, you got to compile a database. These are the two softwares out there that I would recommend for everybody listening if you don’t know what to do. One is called Infusion Soft. They’re a great company, it’s very customizable. What I like about it is they could make it so simple that you can teach it to somebody else quickly. You can have all these features, all these bells and whistles as Justin eluded to but if you can’t figure it out and you can’t teach somebody quickly, what’s the point of that thing?

Software number two I love for a database. You’re going are you kidding me? Is this actually a database that you would actually use? Yeah it is. It is. I encourage you to look at Intuit. The guys who make Turbo Tax, they have all different softwares, it will plug in with Intuit that are available. These are just kind of simple, out of the box solutions that will work for you and some the of the help a business coach could provide you.

Another program is Square. Square is a great way to run customer’s credit cards also to keep some basic information but you have to find a database that’s going to work for you. It meets two criteria. One, you can actually use it. You can use it. Two, you can sort data. You can sort data in a way that helps you know when the last time you saw somebody was, how often they come in, these kind of things. At our thrive time in person workshops we teach you the stuff behind the stuff. By the way, if you want to learn more about the thrive time workshops you go to thrive time show dot com. And for those of you who are going what’s a thrive time workshop? What’s the catch? How much is it? What’s the deal?

The thrive time workshop is a two day in person workshop. It starts Friday at 7:00 AM it goes to 3:00 PM and Saturday 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM. It’s March 24th and 25th. The way we do it is the first month you’re on thrive fifteen dot com, it’s always a dollar. Just like Elephant In The Room, it’s a dollar for your first month. We believe in the product so much it’s a dollar. After that it’s twenty bucks a month. The thing is if you want to come to a conference, it’s actually included in your membership. I’m daring if you said I want to screw you guys. You can pay a dollar, come out to a workshop and peace out and go yeah that’s fine. But it’s a law breast of porosity and you get what you sell. So I’m not too stressed out about it.

But the thing is if we find that people love the workshop so much they want to be apart of our online community, but you’ve got to find that database. Now Justin, move number two. You have to detail the reasons why you’re going to reach out to the former customer. What’s in it for them? Why are you staying in touch? If you’re going to reach out, why are you reaching out? Just to send somebody a text message every ten days and go look here’s a Chuck Norris joke. There’s people, there’s companies I know that try to do that kind of thing and it just gets annoying. We all get emails, and spam, and text, and voicemails.

Talk to me about when you send your team, cause you don’t send a ton of emails, you don’t send a ton of text messages but when you reach out to your database, what kind of things are you trying to tell those homies that know you? What are you trying to tell your customers?

Justin: Yeah, so I can’t just send them a text saying I’m thinking about you. Right? Kind of creepy, kind of weird. Thinking about you. Right? There’s got to be a hook, there’s got to be a draw. So there’s always that special offer, that promotion, that discount. One left right? Whatever it is that these other companies use, I just study those other companies and implement it.

What we do personally is with our text, if we haven’t seen you in awhile, we just send that text hey, we’re over here and by the way here’s another amazing offer. Let’s see you back at any one of our locations and we want to hear your feedback. We go this idea after brainstorming with our business coach. 

Business Coach Clay Clark: I want to brag on you for two things you’ve done. One, I met a guy today who you might not remember but you had a customer appreciation event during year one at the Summit Club I believe. Where it was a men’s cigar and whiskey night. I think it was a health initiative is what you were doing. Basically, the guys get together at the Summit Club and they could have whiskey and cigars for your customers and the guy was like man, I was at that first one. I was there. I was awesome. But you invited all of these guys to this free whiskey and cigar night is that right?

Justin: Scotch and cigars. You were pretty close. Scotch and cigars.

Clay Clark: And they loved it.

Justin: I barely remember that night but yeah, they felt like an exclusive member to a club and it was invite only. If you know the Summit Club it’s an amazing place, great views and great food. So we were able to invite up some of our close friends because of the help of our business coach.

Business Coach Clay Clark: Now one thing you can’t do thrivers, you can’t just send your customers a message going I’ve been thinking about you. I think it’s a temptation we all have. We’ve all been a victim of bad marketing, we’ve all seen bad marketing. The temptation we all have is to send people a message saying I’ve been thinking about you. Right? We’ve all heard this song right? I’ve been thinking about you. Maybe you heard the remix, maybe you haven’t. The thing is, you don’t just want to send your customers a message and saying hey, I’ve been thinking you. Cause you do that and it just gets kind of weird. It’s a deal where people go why would you actually take the time out of my schedule to send me a text message. I have a lot of things going on.

When you send your people a message, step number one again, make the database of all your current and former customers. Step number two though is you want to ask yourself, what do you want to tell people and why do you deserve to take their time? You’ve all got a ticking tock, less minutes left in our life everyday. Not a great thought but, why are you taking the customers time? Stay tuned, we’re going to teach you more how to stay in touch with your current customer database.

All right thrive nation, welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. It’s kind of a Justin Bieber music special. Trying to weave in as many Justin Bieber hits as possible during your AM radio show. Many of you could be doing a lot of things right now. It’s lunch time, some of you could be over at Oklahoma Joes enjoying Oklahoma best baked beans. The world’s best baked beans. You can be in the lobby of region bank signing up for a business loan or getting a checking account set up. You could be doing a lot of things right now. You could be over there on the other station listening to Rush Limbaugh talking about Trump’s building a wall, is it a fence? Is it a wall? Is Hilary going to go to jail? Is she not? Is Trump working with Putin? Does trump have a business coach here’s the North Koreans are shooting off a missile and Iran is shooting off a missile.

You could do that but the thing is you have to ask yourself, when you learn all that knowledge how is it going to help you? The stuff you’re learning, how is what you’re learning going to be actionable? a business coach can speed up that learning process. I will just tell you this, Thomas Edison had this wonderful quote he said years ago and I love it. He says two quotes here. Quote number one, he says, “Knowledge without application is meaningless.” I love that idea that you learn something that doesn’t matter and it doesn’t matter. Your vast knowledge of Russian culture and what they might be doing, why does that matter? It really doesn’t. The other notable quote says, “Vision without execution is hallucination.” I repeat, he says, “Vision without execution is hallucination.”

This is the guy who invented the modern light bulb. He invented modern video. He invented all these different inventions we take for granted today. He started GE. Some of you say well he actually stole everything from Tesla. Well, Tesla should have been better at marketing. But the thing is, Thomas Edison was a game changer and he’s saying listen, knowledge without application is meaningless.

So the thrive time show we’re all about giving you that practical education that you need to start and grow a successful business. What we try to do is gather Oklahomies that know me inside the box that rocks and we try to teach you what you need to know to start and grow that business with the help of a business coach. It’s kind of like the stuff behind the stuff. It’s business school without the BS. So inside the box that rocks today we have the founder of Elephant In The Room, men’s grooming lounge. Full disclosure, that is my brother in law.


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