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Business Coach Staying in Front of Your Clients Now

Let’s get into this with business coach client Just Moore – So Justin, when you do a text. Walk me though the scenario. Say I’m a guy and I go on the website and I fill out a form to schedule my first haircut and you call me. The chances are when you call me for Elephant In The Room I don’t recognize the number. So I see it ring, it’s vibrating, I don’t recognize the number. What’s the phone number by the way? What is your phone number?

Business Coach 159

Justin: 918-877-2219. Plug that in right now.

Business Coach Clay Clark: I don’t recognize that number. Then what happens is–

Justin: We don’t answer calls that we don’t recognize.

Clay Clark: So you put the phone down. Then you get a text message going. Hey Clay, I saw you wanted to schedule your first haircut, when’s a good time? Boom. How often does that happen? Where a guy won’t answer the phone but he will respond to a text.

Justin: It’s probably 50% of the time because they know who you are now and then two, maybe they were in a meeting, maybe they couldn’t answer the phone. But this is my quote, “Do it like it matters.” So, if someone owed you money would it be more important for you to call them or them to call you?

Clay Clark: You said what now? Repeat that.

Justin: This is the quote, “Do it like it matters.” So, if someone owed you money would it be more important for you to collect the money or more important for them to pay? I don’t know but I love collecting money but giving money away is not my favorite thing. The taxes, the paying the employees but you gotta do it right? So, this is maybe a story we can tell. How many times did I have to talk to you about Elephant In The Room? How many times did I approach you? It was repetitive so much that it probably irritated you right?

Business Coach Clay Clark: Yeah it was kind of a deal where you had an idea and we had a very successful company we built and my consultant company was doing well. I was very busy. As someone who’s focused I understand what the word focus means. F-O-C-U-S stands for focus. Encore tasks until success. Focus on core tasks until success. So I’m focused. I got blinders on. I’m going don’t interrupt me, I’m getting stuff done. People who come into my office all the time are like dude, you where a hoodie everyday and you’re just going. Before that I wore a suit every day for 16 years. Why? Because I don’t want to think about what to wear. I just want to go. Boom, boom, boom. I just want to go. Boom. So you’re trying to talk to me and I’m like a horse with blinders on.

Justin: Can I talk to you? Can I talk to you? Can I get a second?

Clay Clark: Yeah and I’m just like hey, I got a lot of stuff going on. So finally what you had to do you said hey, hey, let me just show you how the experience is going to work. When you did it, you did it like it mattered. What happened was finally you got my attention, and you knew what you wanted to ask for, you knew what you were looking for. You weren’t looking for a handout, you were looking for a hand up. So you got a guy with blinders on here who I’m just like jamming out to my Justin Bieber, having a good old time with my life. I’m going Justin, I got Justin Bieber going on, I got a lot of things going on. I’m just real busy. All of a sudden the music stops and I’m okay what is it? And you actually walked me through that experience and when you did it, it was like I got it finally. But you had to reach out to me via text, via call, in person. You had to do all the moves man, you had to do all the moves. Again, if you’re listening right now and you can’t get ahold of customers and you’re frustrated, come up with a text message move.

Business Coach move number seven, you’ve got to create a mass email to send out to your customers. Justin, why does a mass email work? Does a mass email actually work my friend? It seems like an email, no one responds to emails right? Does an email actually work?

Justin: If text isn’t working, do the email. That’s next on the list. You call them, you text them and now you’re emailing them. Yes it does work. You need to track your results, track your numbers, because if you send out a thousand emails are you getting ten back? Are you getting a hundred back? What are you getting back?

Clay Clark: I’ve got a super move on emails, you want to hear it buddy?

Justin: Yup.

Clay Clark: Just email ten words or less.

Business Coach Client – Justin: To the point.

Clay Clark: Just subject line like Hey Clay, we’d love to give you a free haircut. Subject line. And then hey Clay, haven’t seen you in two months or hey Clay, want to stay in touch or hey Clay, the Tulsa oilers would love to invite you to our big event. By the way oilers, one of our clients, just set a record again for attendance this year. You want to send an email, very short subject line. You want to just put like a link to a video or a link to a landing page or a link to what you’re selling. Whatever. Have as few words as possible. I challenge you to write as few words as possible because when you send somebody a wall of text most people go do I want to read that or do I want to cut my grass with toenail clippers? I think where are my toenail clippers? I think I’ll go do that. That sounds better than reading a full page of text. Most people do not want to do it.

Now our next move is you want to design a voice mail blast that you can send out to all of your current and former customers. I’m telling you what, if you don’t do that what’s going to happen is your customers are going to forget that you exist.

On this Justin Bieber shameless apologetic tour we’re going to play nothing but Justin Bieber on the intro and outro. I’m going to give you an example, Justin Bieber, he came up with this concept called the diary and he released new songs on a weekly basis that came out over youtube for a year. He did that to stay in touch because he knew if he kept giving you something to value he would stay relevant with you. He’s one of the top singing artists of all time. He might be a little bit crazy but homie knows how to stay in touch with his customer database. Stay tuned we’re going to talk to you about the mass voicemail.

One, two, three into the four. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark broadcasting live on your audio dojo mojo into the thrive 15 dot com world headquarters. What’s the thrive 15 dot com world business coach headquarters? Oh it’s only the Disney Land of entrepreneurship, it’s only the nerve center when we help power the marketing efforts of over this month, 128 business throughout the world.

We do all of the marketing and business coach for 128 businesses and what do you mean? 128. I want to walk you through the math. Do you realize that thrive right now we are doing the marketing for over 300 million dollars of businesses. So those companies are presenting 300 million dollars of revenue per year out there. We’re doing all of their marketing. That’s pretty incredible in my mind.

So thrivers I’m telling you, whether you’re a bank, whether you’re a photography company, whether you’re a men’s grooming lounge, no matter what kind of business you’re in. We want to get to know you, we want to help you. The only way we can is you got to come out to our in person thrive time workshops. Now the workshops are a dollar. You go to thrive time show dot com, check it out. Our next one is March 24th and March 25th. That’s 15 hours of power. It starts at 7:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM. We talk about time management, sales, marketing, accounting, personal finances, search engine optimization, Facebook ads, we teach you it all. I’m telling you what, it’s a dollar to sign up to thrive 15 dot com for your first month and then it’s twenty dollars a month after that. By the way, if you can’t afford it you can set your own price. It’s unbelievable. That includes access to our workshops. The only catch is we only have room for 40 people per month and we will never do one on one business coaching with two businesses that compete with each other.

So we walk you through this scenario. We provide business coach services for Barbie Cookies, a great Tulsa cookie company. We’re not going to go work with their competition. On the show today we have Elephant In The Room men’s grooming lounge. The founder Justin Moore. Full disclosure it’s my brother in law. But, the thing is we’ve had probably twenty of you so far that have a men’s haircut business. I want one on one coaching. I want a website. That’s the one thing we can’t do. We can’t compete with our existing customers and partners, that kind of thing. We can teach you at our workshops but at the end of the day it’s all about execution.

So Justin, I want to ask you a question about execution because so many people get so fired up about what do I need to do. But, a lot of the time people don’t actually do what they need to do. They go okay, I need to do this but I didn’t have time, I ran out of time. So Bill Gates gives us this notable quotable. Please unpack it for me my friend as we’re talking about how to market to your database. He says, “Most people over estimate what they can do in one year and under estimate what they can do in ten years.” He goes on to say, “I never took a day off in my 20s, not one.”

So talk to me Justin about this. When someone has a big idea and they’re listening, they’re all excited, they’re learning all these things about databases and how to market to their customer database. What kind of hours have you had to pull in the past or how do you just find time to execute? How do you find time to get it all done? Is it time for you to get started with a business coach.


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