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Business Coach : Stick With Your Talents.

 This business coach content is written by business coach, Clay Clark, for the Thrivetime Show.

Questions from a business coach: Would it be crazy for someone who has a talent for theater acting to work on stage set up and costumes? Wouldn’t their efforts be served better if they memorized their lines and honed their craft?  Wouldn’t the audience applaud louder and appreciate them more if they had spent their time on perfecting their part? When asked why they were only mediocre at their part, they would say… I was helping on the stage set and costumes and didn’t get enough time to get my part down. Will the audience change their tune and come back for a second showing after hearing that excuse? Not hardly. Did they use their time wisely? No. If fact, what the audience and critics say about their acting skills could actually put an end to their career. Don’t be like that person. Call Clay Clark -at 855-955-7469 for his business coach services. Hear and  learn From business experts Dr Z nad Clay Clark on the Thrivetime Show


Stick to your gifting. Let others work their magic in their areas of expertise. That is the best advice for entrepreneurs. Hire a business coach staff to do what you are not an expert in. Free up your time and hone your craft to make your clients say WOW about your product or services. You have a market for your business, your clients are your audience and critics. If you want them to come back and spread the word you must, you must, you must do what you do best and let others do what they do best. Use the services of Thrive 15, a team of professionals who excel in their areas of expertise.

There is so much that goes into starting your own business. If you try to do it all yourself, you will find that mediocrity will crop up somewhere in your business. Do you really want to take that chance? If you weigh the odds, using the services of a business coach company has much less risk than if you were to do everything else yourself. If you are looking at coaches as a potential avenue to bring your business to the next level, you should look at Thrive 15.

Thrive 15 is not your average run of the mill coaching company. Like others out there, they do promise to give you a plan and look at your set up to determine your weaknesses and strengths. They will give you advice and strategies to implement in your business. But really, that is where the likeness stops. With a membership to Thrive 15,  you have access to all their professional services. Clay Clark understands that it takes a whole team to get you where you want to go, success.

Thrive offers professionals that excel in graphic design all the way to franchising and everything in between. If you need help, that have someone to work out the problem. Many companies have come to Thrive15 for their help and expertise. A couple of the  businesses who sought their services  are IBM, Barbee Cookies, Farmers Insurance and many local companies. You can go to their website at to see how others evaluated them. You will be happily surprised. Don’t hesitate, call Clay Clark today at 855-955-7469 to propel your business to success. To get answers to many of your business questions you can tune into the Thrivetime Show.

Business Coach : Time Freedom Available.

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

Do you know the most effective way to grow your business? Many business owners know the way to success, but do not know the steps, in order, to get there. Many places on the internet claim “six figures in thirty days” and “three secrets to making six figures”. Don’t fall for those scams. Many overnight successes take ten years. Look at the stories of Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. There is no formula to get rich quick. Hard work and dedication is required for a successful business. You need the correct resources, about business growth, to efficiently be successful. Time freedom is a consequence of success. The best resource, pertaining to business growth is the Thrivetime Show. Clay Clark, the co-owner, wants to hear from you at 855-955-7469 for his business coaching.

Time freedom is what every business owner desires. Time freedom means doing more of the things you love. Is the time freedom, for you, spending more time with your family? His time freedom, for you, going on more vacations this year? Starting a business was to gain the time freedom you desire. Maybe, that means you only want to be working 25 hours a week instead of 50. Success looks completely different to everyone. First, you need to write down your goals of time freedom for business coach. These goals will be your “why” everyday.

Here is what happens to many business owners. Business starts, and you are the only person running it. Accounting, customer service, designing, etc is all run by you. Because business is slow at first, this is all possible. Doing the work in your business and on your business works out. Next, business picks up. Working 60 hours a week becomes your normal schedule. You are fine with this because “it’s a business and you have to put in 80-90 hour weeks.” This goes on for years before you realize this is not what you wanted. Business starts to burn you out and you don’t know how to fix it. Pick up business coach for the right fix.

The first step, you need to take, is documenting everything in your business. This won’t happen all at once, so don’t attempt it. When you go throughout your day, start noticing the items that are repeatable. This may be sales calls, invoicing processes, etc. I document in your business, you allow someone else to do a good job. This allows you to care for character. You can create scale through hard-working people. Use checklists to document anything repeatable in your business. Scripts and workflows can be used to document your business as well. This leads to time freedom. Business will not require you to be working IN it to succeed.

Save time and effort with a coach. With them, your business success will be reached ten times quicker. In return, you will make more money. You can waste time finding the right resources, or you can go to the They have the exact answers to everything related to business growth. Clay Clark, co-owner of the Thrivetime Show, can be reached at 855-955-7469.


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