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Transcribed for the business coach program at Thrive15

Business Coach 103

Boom boom boom. Welcome back inside the room. It’s the Thrive Time Show on your radio. It’s your audio daily dojo of mojo. The place where you go to learn how to make your wallet grow and we broadcast everyday live from inside the beautiful box that rocks, which is located on the left side of the Arkansas River in gorgeous Jinx, America. Which will soon be the river walk. We’re adding more and more restaurants now. They’re adding a new pizza place there. They’ve got the golf place. We’ve got our thrive time workshops. Z, it’s becoming an oasis of awesome on the left coast of the Arkansas River.
Rob Zoellner: It’s really pretty cool, the flying T. Have you done this yet, Clay? It’s pretty fun. You get up there and you can play games and just kind of whack the ball. It’s a lot of fun.
Clay Clark: Some guy said, “Hop into this cart. Just drive out here.” And it was caged and all of a sudden, people started hitting golf balls at me and I haven’t been out since.
Rob Zoellner: Shocking, shocking.
Clay Clark: No, but Jeff we were talking today specifically about not drifting.
Jeff Rant: Yeah.
Clay Clark: We just talked … If you missed it, you need to go back and listen to it or get out to a workshop to get into the details but we’re gonna teach you today … I’m going to teach every single person, three separate ways that you can make $100,000 this year. On this show, I’m going to teach you three ways to make a hundred grand this year but when we teach these moves, if you’re a drifter, not you the listener it’s other people. It’s not you. We’re not talking about you, we’re talking about other people so it feels better. But if you’ve ever caught yourself knowing what to do but you’re just not doing it, perhaps you need a . And Jeff’s gonna walk us through how to keep your … So maybe we need to coach yourself, maybe to hire a coach but we’re gonna help you. So Jeff, how often do you see the situation where a husband wife come in for marriage counseling or for business coaching or for whatever it is, and they know what to do but they’re drifting, how often do you see that and how do you fix it?
Jeff Rant: Everyday. That is probably the primary problem that I deal with, whether it’s personal or business. Because people are emotionally based and when they get their emotions involved, it keeps them from doing because they don’t feel like doing things. What I have to do is I have to change the way that they operate. Instead of consulting their feelings and then not doing because they don’t feel like it, and then feeling bad, I try to change that to help them think right first. Like get a vision of what they’re trying to do, then do it. That’s the critical thing. Take action and then you’re right. They get a great feeling because of that. Success really is a byproduct of doing the right thing. It doesn’t just happen.
Clay Clark: Napoleon Hill wrote a book called outwitting the devil, which is a powerful book, and Napoleon Hill’s the best selling author of all time in the self-help world. He was just recently outsold in total by the Chicken Soup for the Soul guy but previous to him, the number one self-help book of all time, I named my son after the author. His name is Aubrey Napoleon Hill. Those of you who know anything about Oral Roberts University would maybe shocked to know that the business coach if you will of Oral Roberts, his personal mentor was Napoleon Hill.
Napoleon Hill was mentored by Andrew Carnegie. So if you go from Andrew Carnegie, one of the world’s wealthiest people, to Napoleon Hill, to Oral Roberts there’s sort of that connection there. Also, Napoleon Hill was the speech writer for FDR who famously wrote the phrase, “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself,” which many argue helped us get out of the depression. And America as a whole was in a depression where we were stuck in a rut and no one wanted this … The few people who had money, didn’t want to spend money for fear that the economy could get worse and FDR had to sort of coach us out of that mindset.
So Z, what would you say to the listener who’s not listening to this show but maybe they have a friend … If they’re listening on behalf of a friend who’s a drifter. They have big ideas, they have a new business idea about every year, they start the idea and they never fully commit to anything, so they start to say you know what? I think I’ll start to look … They’re standing right on top of a diamond mind and they’re about two or three feet from gold and they go, “Let’s dig over here instead.” What would you say to the drifter?
Rob Zoellner: Well I’ll tell you what, if you’re listening right now and you say I know somebody who’s drifting. What you need to do is forward them this podcast and say you have to listen to this. I’m going to force you through vice a vie, I’m going to come over to your house and pop pop pop if you don’t listen to it. Number one.
Number two, gift them with the gift of love and that is send them to one of our in person workshops. You need to say, hey listen. I know you started this business. I know you’re not where you really want to be with your business yet but I think this is something that could be life changing and life giving and get them here. You know a lot of times you know when a guy wants to get into better shape, how many people generally want to get into better shape this year.
Clay Clark: I want to get that gym membership. I want to get that six-pack, seven-pack, eight-pack.
Seriously, we’re trying to watch this fitness video but if you want to get me that six-pack, I want to consume that six-pack.
Rob Zoellner: And the thing about it is, I promise you this, if you go out and you get a trainer, i.e. a coach and they have the ability to hold you responsible for showing up and doing what they tell you to do, you have a much, much … I will tell you almost an absolute guarantee that you will be in better shape. Now if you do the other move, which is join the membership, and then show up once or twice and then not show up because you have nobody holding you accountable, you’re probably not going to get into better shape. And you’re drifting physically. So if you know someone doing it, send them onto the podcast. Today’s show would be perfect.
Number two, buy them a membership to, I mean a ticket to the in person workshops. Come with them if you want to but they need to come to an in person workshop. Our next one is just a few days away, March 24th to the 25th and they’re two day workshops. We try to do one once a month and you can get on and learn all about it, okay? And the other good thing is when you see those people drifting, just walk up and give them a swift kick in the hiney. That’s like the fourth move.
Clay Clark: Why would you kick me, Gary, why?
No, but I want to pile on with what you’re saying because Z has wisdom and you can see, if you want to know the root of Z, look at the fruit of his life. You can see the fruit of his businesses succeeding but let’s say you’re like, “I don’t believe this guy at all.” Okay, Eric Schmidt is the CEO of Google. And he says, you can find this in Fortune Magazine okay, when he was 54 years old and he was asked by Fortune Magazine what’s the number one business advice you could give anybody? And he says, “Hire a business coach.” That’s Eric Schmidt. That’s it.
Rob Zoellner: CEO of Google, right. That’s you know you got to think that guy’s got it figured out. I mean, he’s the one making the rules. And yet he has a business coach. and he says everybody should have business coach or coach of some kind.
Clay Clark: I want to talk about this coaching / accountability relationship of what that looks like.
Rob Zoellner: Here’s one last thing I’d like to say.
Clay Clark: Yeah.
Rob Zoellner: And that is when you start a business, you have a winning lottery ticket. Did you hear that?
Clay Clark: A winning lottery ticket.
Rob Zoellner: Listen thrivers, don’t wreck. I know you’re driving. You’re driving to lunch, you’re coming back from lunch, maybe pulling into your truck stop. But when you open a business, you have a winning lottery ticket. And drifting means you’re not gonna stop and go and cash it because if you follow these simple rules. If you come in and get a business coach and do what they tell you to do, I mean we could just about guarantee you that if you have a product that anybody wants, and you can produce it and sell it and make a profit with it, we could teach you how to scale it and stay between the lanes and how to make some money with it. So it’s like a lottery ticket.
So guys that are drifting out there, they have a winning lottery ticket in their hand and for whatever reason, they won’t cash it in.
Clay Clark: I want to brag on non-drifters in Tulsa.
Rob Zoellner: Oh yeah, cool.
Clay Clark: We have great Tulsan Oklahomees here. One that I’ve seen is your brother Chuck Wagon. I’ve seen Chuck Wagon, the Chuckanator. He’s Tulsa’s chiropractor and business coach client.
Rob Zoellner: Chiropractic.
Clay Clark: And this is what I’ve discovered, I told Chuck if you get the most reviews from current customers, you’ll be top in Google for the word Tulsa chiropractor. So thirvers, take the challenge. Go ahead and google Tulsa chiropractor, and there you’ll see Zoellner Chiropractic. And he’s not to the top of Google because Z’s been praying for him, because I’ve been praying for him, because Jeff’s been you know. There’s no mystical habit force. It’s because of the effort that he has taken. The energy he’s exerted to get those reviews, to have those conversations. “Hey Mr. Customer, would there be any way you could write a review? And that’s why he’s top … ”
Oh! Ticket sale!
Rob Zoellner: Ticket sale ticket sale!
Clay Clark: So the thing is he didn’t just by virtue of being born get to the top of Google. Another example would be Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics. That’s a client I’ve worked with for now I think like six years, seven years and guess what? When you type in Tulsa orthodontists, they’re top in Google. And Z do you know why they’re top in Google? Jeff do you want to guess? Anybody?
Rob Zoellner: Magic? You sprinkled magic dust on their business.
Clay Clark: Because they want to, because they’re motivated.
Rob Zoellner: A unicorn came and licked the side of the building.
Jeff Rant: That’s right.
Clay Clark: No, because they didn’t drift even when it was no longer fun. Because here is something that I want to marinade on when we come back.
Rob Zoellner: Here we go, here we go.
Clay Clark: As a culture, we have an addiction to new. We feel good about new. New car? Oh, new car. New girlfriend? Oh. New anything. New dog, look you just got that new puppy. Look at that new furniture. But that diligence needed to maintain something, to consistently conserve that … Because diligence means the steady application of effort. If you look up diligence in Webster’s Dictionary, it means the steady application of effort.
So when we get back, Jeff I want you and Z to really coach the listeners on how to maintain diligence when there’s no positive reinforcement. Let’s say you don’t have a business coach. Let’s say you don’t have anybody saying good job like a business coach would. Let’s say you’re on page four of Google, moving your way up, and you’ve been at it for about a year and no one’s calling you going, “Good job! You’re almost to page one!” I want you two to coach somebody through who they feel that tendency to drift. Family saying what are you doing? When’s this business gonna make money? When are you gonna get a real job? The world’s starting to turn them down, sort of be negative, how do they keep themselves from drifting?
Z, I’m excited to hear what you and Jeff have to say.
Jeff Rant: Me too.
Rob Zoellner: We will do it.


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