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Business Coach Are Your Struggling To Get Things Done

Transcribed for business coach program Thrive15

Business Coach 136

Clay – Business Coach Program Founder and Head Business Coach: Now here’s the deal thrivers and business coach clients, if you are struggling with time management and getting things done. You are not an idiot. You’re not a moron. You’re somebody who hasn’t been taught. They don’t teach this at school. They don’t teach it in high school. It’s perhaps the most important skill set you’re ever going to learn. We teach that at our in person workshops. Z, right now, for a dollar. A dollar you can sign up to The world’s best business school for your first month. That includes an in person workshop. We only have about 40 tickets left. You got to go check it out. It’s You can find out in the information.

Go to Someone should write that down. Go to You can learn more about, because Lee Cockerell the guy used to manage 40,000 people as the former executive vice president of Walt Disney World Resorts. He said this, he says, time management is not about managing your time. It’s about keeping your whole life under control. Plan the life you want or live the life you don’t want.

Tim, if I’m listening right now and I’m living the life I don’t want. How could an in person workshop help me out?

Tim – Executive Business Coach: I’ll tell you what it does Clay, it puts all the moving parts that are needed to learn how to think about growing your business. It puts it all together in a very neatly put together puzzle. You can see it all in one … It’s like one breathe. these are all things a business coach can help you out with. 

Clay: Now Z, if someone types in thrive 15 conference reviews or thrive 15 reviews. They can see testimonial videos. Actual comments and reviews from actual people who’ve attended. There’s no upsells. We’re here to help you.

Robert Z – Business Coach Program CEO: I challenge them to do that. I challenge you. Get out your computer, your smartphone and type that in right now. Google search that.

Clay: I’m telling you what thrivers. You’re going to be impressed. Stay tuned. We’re coming back talking more about how to work on your business, not just in it. Stay tuned.

All right business coach clients and thrive nation, welcome back into the conversation. We’re talking about how to improve your compensation. How to achieve that American dream and how to live the life that you deserve and the life you want. We could be talking about building a wall. We could be talking about Russia, politics, Hilary Clinton’s emails. We could go on and on about healthcare reform. Should they repeal it, should they not. That’s a lot of great questions, a lot of great topics. Rush Limbaugh will cover that for you.

If you want to learn how to grow your own life, learn practical things. Thomas Edison, one of the most successful in the history of the planet. He said, that vision without execution is hallucination. If you’re listening right now, you have this big vision for you life. Guess what? I believe. Z believes. Tim believes. We all believe that God has a massive plan for your life. We also we know that if you don’t take the time out to schedule the life you want, it’s not going to happen.

Z I want to talk about this. This F six life that you and I talk about. About working on your life. Making the life you want.

Robert Z: Okay, let’s do it.

Clay: I want every thriver and business coach client to get out a piece of paper. Perhaps etch a sketch, an iPad, an iPhone. Something. Write this down. Okay. Write down these six F’s. You have faith. You have family. You have finances. You have fitness. You have friendships. You have fun.

Let’s start with faith. Why the heck do you have to schedule time for your faith? Why can’t you just sort of drift your way into a religious or into a spiritual relationship, Z? Why do you have to block out time, and be sort of purposeful about that. Because why can’t I just sort of if it happens, it happens. Why do I have to be purposeful about that?

Robert Z: Well, I’m just going to light an incense candle and put it over here in the corner. It’s going to take care of everything. It’s going to realign all the stuff.

Clay: Watch Star Wars, the second one with Yoda. Which is actually the [crosstalk 00:33:08]. Yoda is like a small green business coach if your business is saving the galaxy .

Robert Z: You can play it in the background while I’m over here doing you know my pushups. You know it’s kind of sits to move.

Clay: Why do my email? Do I push through my emails and I listen to Yoda, the small green business coach.

Robert Z: Well, I mean. It’s kind of self evident, Clay. Things you want to grow in, things you want to expand your brain. You’ve got to spend time in. If faith is one of those things, and it should be. Then you have to spend time in. You have to develop it. You have to give it some time.

Clay: Now, Tim I want to ask you this because family’s a big part of your life.

Tim: Yeah.

Clay: How many kids do have last count? How many kids do you have?

Tim: I have four above average kids.

Clay: I’ve met these people. I will say that none of them are crazy. I will say that this is a little infomercial for Tim Redman. When I first met Tim Redman. I was …

Tim: Mainly the genetic pool on my wife’s side.

Clay: Tim was my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss when I was an intern back at tax and accounting software before I was a business coach full time. 

Robert Z: That’s a lot of bosses for a future business coach.

Clay: Yeah, I mean I didn’t get to see the guy very much. Okay? Then I got a chance to meet him again at Victory Christian Center at a speaking event. Where I took too much of his stage time.

Tim: No you didn’t.

Clay: Here’s the thing is though, but Tim. I didn’t know what to think about Tim. When you work for a guy, and then that guy works for a guy, who works for a guy, who works for a guy. That guy’s Tim. You kind of go, I know people don’t drift into success. They have to be intentional. I didn’t know what to think about the guy.

Now I was over at Terry Fisher’s for a Christmas Party. I had some wassail. Z, have you ever had some wassail before?

Robert Z: Yeah.

Clay: It’s apple cider.

Robert Z: Hot cider, yeah.

Clay: I’m over there, and I remember I broke one of Julie Fisher’s cups. I’m so sorry, Julie. Dropped the cup. I admitted to it. I was like, I’m so sorry, I dropped your cup. I’m over there, and we’ve got sweaters on. We’re over there by Hall and Hall.

Robert Z: Was it one of those like moose cups with the moose antlers, was it one of those?

Clay: Terry is so classy and Julie’s so classy. I’m over there in this neighborhood. Every home’s …

Tim: You had your blue suit and red tie.

Clay: Everybody’s dressed up and I’m over there going, what am I doing? This is right across from Hall and Hall. Everyone’s got these seven, ten thousand square foot houses. They’re all having wassail. They all got their winter sweaters on. There wives are in their 40s and 50s. I’m just like, what am I doing here? I never do these kinds of things.

I find Tim over the dining room. We’re talking. I start kind of doing my research. Tim impressed the conversation. I want to know who he is. When I met his kids, that was the tipping point where I realized he’s the kind of guy I want to spend more time with. Because when I met his kids, I realized, your kids aren’t going to lie for you. You know when you meet the kids, and you get a chance to. They love their dad. They look up to their dad. They’ve learned from their dad. This guy’s been an awesome guy to me. That was my tipping point.

I’m going to ask you. You grew a big business from two people to 450 people. How did you find time for family? How are you intentional to work on the family and not just in the family? Being caught up in the hustle and bustle.

Tim: I will be honest here. I didn’t do it well all the time. However, when we would sit down my wife and I to have that discussion where things became real clear to me. It was the discussion with my wife increases my intentionality and purpose and drive to make sure that we set times up. I actually business coach and design my life around doing stuff that the kids are doing. I became their soccer coach. I became their baseball coach. I joined in on their mission trips. I involve myself in what they’re already doing. That was a very purposeful thing that we did.

Speaker 4: Broadcasting live from the center of the universe, you’re listening to the thrive time show.

Clay: I just knew that for me as a father of five kids. One of the things that I’m amazed with my wife. Women their ability to kind of raise kids and deal with all this. My wife’s been kind of amazed at my ability to do certain things. We kind of worked it as a team. I can tell you what, if we didn’t schedule that family time every Sunday, we wouldn’t do it. If it wasn’t scheduled, I wouldn’t do it.

The late great, Jim Mckenna, Daniel Mckenna and Matt Mckenna’s father. I remember talking to Jim. I bought his supplemental life insurance plan from him or a policy where if my kids or I got super injured. You know they pay you a certain amount per day.

My kids, my twins when they were born. We had to go to the ICU. Bad things happen. We were stuck in the ICU at the hospital, worried to death. I was getting checks, you know from the company with the policy we bought. Jim Mckenna came and visited us. I’m like, this guy’s awesome. I had that time, because he’s kind of bringing by a check. Making sure we’re okay. Just unbelievable guy. Jim Mckenna. If you knew Jim Mckenna, you’re honored to know the man. I’m like Jim, you built this great family. How did you do it? He goes, family time. Scheduled every Sunday. Put in the schedule. Turn off the phone. Turn off the business. Family time. Set time every week. I’m going, I’m going to do that.

Jim wasn’t the first person who told me, because apparently I need to hear it twice. The founder of Hobby Lobby. David Green. I had a chance to spend an entire day with David Green. Went out to lunch with him at Zeo’s. Spent an entire day with the guy. It was like an eight hour day. I remember going out there with him. I’m sitting with him at lunch at Zeo’s. I ate lunch at Zeo’s. I’m going, how have you built that family? He goes, you just you got to schedule time. It has to be in the schedule. Has to be a thing that you do like a business meeting.

Z, if I’m listening right now, and I’m just going, I’m too busy. Too busy to schedule time with my son. Don’t have time to take my son skiing. Z, you took your son skiing, you’re a busy guy. I don’t have time to take my son skiing. Say I can’t afford to take my son skiing. I don’t have time to take my son out for pizza. Say I can’t afford pizza. I don’t have time to take my son to the park. I don’t have time. Be real. What advice do you have for the listener of this. I don’t have time.

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