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Business Coach : Success You Are Needing

Business Coach : Success You Are Needing
-All right, so we’re moving on now. So now, where do you find time for your family amidst all this? Now, I want to relate this back to the business owners, because so many business owners are– I know for me, I always have an employee who wants to talk about something. They’ll go, can we talk? It’s always, can we talk? If you need someone to talk to, hire a business coach.

-Right, right.

-And I’m, like, I’m going to talk to my wife. I’m leaving. It’s 5:15, I’m peacing out, I’ve been here since 5:00. Can we talk? So how do you find time for family when you’ve probably got numerous players who are, like, Coach, can we talk? How do you do that? Do you just prioritize it and put the family the first thing in the day, or how do you do it? A business coach can help you prioritize.

-Without a doubt. When I leave work, I leave work. When I come home, it’s my family time. When it’s time to– and it is hard, because the fact that, when I get home, especially when my kids were younger, and they got a game I gotta go to or whatever, so now being a professional coach/player, they know you, so when you get there, they want a part of you too– fans or what have you.


-And like now with my family, this is their time. And so, some of them think, you’re not such a good guy, but I know how to bite the bullet and say, that’s the way you feel. This is family time, and it’s hard to do, but you’ve got to give yourself, you’ve got to sacrifice for your family.

-our Thrive business coach, Sean Kouplen, he’s a guy who basically bought a bank when he was in his 30s. He’s been a very successful venture capital guy, awesome, awesome mentor on Thrive. He gets up and cooks breakfast for his family, and I don’t want to get the numbers wrong–

-Bless him, bless him.

– –but it’s like the first hour or two of his day, he does the breakfast thing, and I was asking him, why is that? I’m trying to really get into his brain of what– huh? And he was, like, I put that first. I want to do that first, and the other stuff will happen, but I want to put that family first, and I just thought, wow. That maybe is a good move.

-But it ain’t for everybody.


-Some people it’s dinner.

-Do you hate breakfast too? You hate paper, you’re not into Benjamin Franklin, you don’t–

-No, I don’t hate breakfast. I love breakfast. I just don’t like getting up fixing it.

-OK. I respect that.

-I like eating it.

-Now, how do you personally– because it sounds like you’re making it a pretty simple. There’s people that are emailing in to Thrive wanting to know– we get tons of emails from people who say, how do you balance faith, family, finances? And for those that aren’t into faith they say, how do you balance family and finances, but everyone wants to know, how do you balance faith, family, finances? How do you find the time?

And you’re saying that you’re just getting up, spending your quiet time, then you’re calling your wife, and you’re checking in with the family, and then you kind of go to work. Is that as simple as it is for you, or how do you balance faith, family, and finances?

-It just came over time. It was a building process, but I spend time with my wife, because I want to know her, and getting to know her each day, there’s always something different, whether an issue with the kids, with a friend, whatever it is, so you’ve got to have a listening ear. Like a business coach. And, again, we’re not perfect, but we work at it to be close, and I try to every day get to see an opportunity to grow with her. And, for example, our quiet time together is sewing. I enjoy sewing.

-You sew?

-Yes, of course, I sew.



-You are like a Renaissance–

-I quilt.

– –man.

-I quilt.

-A paper-hating Renaissance man.

-But that’s her thing. She’s a quilter, she cooks, she raises our kids, so I’ve got to find, how do I fit in there?

-You sew? What do you sew? Are you making like sweatshirts? You making–

-No, I quilt.

– –Lakers apparel?

-Quilts. I do quilts and handbags.


-Oh, I love that. I’m a fabric freak. I love fabrics.

-Do you sell these or give them away as gifts to the kids? What do you do?

-Most of the time we give them away–


– –for charity events, birthdays, Christmas gifts, et cetera.

-Every time I’m around you, I learn something else, and it’s overwhelming. I’m trying to pigeonhole you, I’m trying to go, Paul Pressey, NBA player, and then it’s like, no, no, no, he’s a coach, now he’s a hunter, now he’s into quilting, now he’s in–

-I’m growing.

-You’re a cooking guy, you’re the super-husband, now your son’s in the NBA too. I want to put you– it’s hard to keep track of you. I don’t even know how to describe you.

-I’m also about to do another entrepreneurial– I’m about to make umbrellas. I’m going to do these designs on umbrellas.


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