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Business Coach : Success You Can Attain

Business Coach : Success You Can Attain


-Now, it’s easy for outsiders to think that some of your success is somehow lucky. You’ve somehow earned success. You didn’t really earn it. You just got it. It just happened to you. Like, you were at the right place at the right time. Three statements I hear all the time, drive me crazy. A business coach will inform you of these three things.

Well, it takes money to make money. The rich get richer. It’d be easy if I was just– in that situation. So people were able to kind of dismiss that. How, though, have you been successful up to this point? How have you done it on a daily basis. Bro, what time you wake up?

-I usually get up about 6 o’clock, sometimes 5:30 or 5:00. It depends on what I got to get done that day.

-Most days, do you wake up at 6:00?

-Most days, well, most I wake up before 6:00.

-Before 6:00?



-Well, for one, it’s quiet in my house and it gives me an opportunity to get things started. Because well, for one, I have six kids. And getting six kids ready for school is– I mean, that right there, I should get an Emmy or something for that, or a baby or whatever. I already have babies. Never mind.

-You should get a baby.

-I have plenty of babies. That’s the problem. So it is a chore getting six kids ready for school. But on top of that, I get up early to get things accomplished so that the momentum as we go into the day, it really gets me going to where I need to be.

-In the spirit of one-upmanship, I have five kids, and you have six. So you’ve one-upped me there. And I think there’s a lot of people that I know that say, well, I could never have a business, because I’ve got two kids, two little devils. They’re 13 and satan, you know. How old are your kids?

-My youngest one is 8 and my oldest one is 17.

-But yet you’re still able to get your stuff done.


-OK, but it’s tough sometimes. I mean sometimes–

-It’s because I’m lucky, and they just wake up themselves, and go ahead and start doing everything, and cleaning. And the dogs don’t poop on the carpet.

-So how have you been able to battle through adversity when life doesn’t seem fair, when it doesn’t make sense? How have you been able to battle through?

-Well, for one, you’ve got to make the time. There’s times as an entrepreneur that if you need to stay up all night long to get it done, you’ve gotta stay up all night long to get it done. A good business coach will tell you that.

-I want to say that today I woke up at 3:00 in the morning. What happened was, I really, really cool outline of questions to ask you. And when I was getting ready for my David Robinson meeting– I’ve got this MacBook Pro, and Mac’s a great computer. I’m sure it’s something I did wrong. Great brand. But all of a sudden–

-Shameless promotion, there?

-Shameless. But all of a sudden, my computer locks up. It freezes. Now I have to get the computer replaced or fixed or something. And I’m going, where are those questions? So last night, I went to bed at 10:00, and I tell me wife, I’m going to wake up at like 2:00. If I don’t, punch me in the face. And so I wake up at like 2:00 to get ready.

And then the day before, something happened so I woke up at 4:00. And I start looking back and I’m like, pretty much 4:00 to 5:00 is kind of when I wake up there. But I’m happy. I love the results. And I just would challenge anybody watching this, if you’re like, well, I just don’t have enough time. I would ask you, what time are you going to bed? What time are you’re getting up? How much TV do you watch, bro?

-I watch, on average, probably an hour a week. Maybe.

CLAY CLARK: An hour a week?

-Maybe. And normally, it is recorded shows.

CLAY CLARK: You’re not very diligent. You’re watching too much.

-I’m not diligent? Is that what it is? So one of the things I tell people when they tell me that is, do you have a record of you time. I will actually, when people ask me to coach them, I’ll sit down with them and say, I want you to do it to map out your entire day– every minute, every hour on what you do. That exercise alone shows people how much time they waste throughout the day that they didn’t think about. A business coach will help you to be more diligent.

-Yeah. I will tell you, as a person who used to waste a ton of time, one of things I used to do is I made cold calls. And I used to be like, oh, my phone has to be right here. I was in this apartment. We couldn’t afford air conditioning. And my wife, poor lady, would go off to Office Depot to work, thinking that I’m working.

And I’m sitting there with my home-based business with my phone, my pencils, my paper, my list, and then I would be like, I’m going to get a sandwich. I’m going to get a coffee. I’m going to get a coffee and a sandwich. I’m going to go the bathroom. And I never really worked much. And so it sounds like, we were saying, a lot of times is, where are you using your time? Just accounting for your time.


-Now, also, every successful entrepreneur I’ve ever met seems like they either learned mentors or mistakes. Who is a mentor currently that is helping you to become more successful, or somebody in recent history that’s helped you become successful? A business coach could definitely help you to be more successful!

-Well, Dan Cathy is one of my mentors.

-Who’s he?

-He may not know it. Dan Cathy is, currently, the president of Chick-fil-A. and Truett Cathy is the founder of Chick-fil-A. And I’ve, for years, before he kind of moved on as just the founder, when he was the president, he was one of my mentors as well.

-How could somebody mentor you and not know it?

-It’s was pretty easy, because I’m a stalker.

-Really? Do we want to edit that out? Or do you mean– walk me through what you mean by that.

ARTHUR GREENO: OK. So, first of all, I say that jokingly, because people come to me all the time and they’ll make comments about Facebook. And they’ll say, oh, I follow you on Facebook all the time. And I call them Facebook stalkers. A good business coach will tell you to be active on social media.

-And you’re like, yeah, I’m in Dan Cathy’s account. I’ve got his passwords, bro.


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