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Business Coach : Success And Fulfillment

Business Coach : Success And Fulfillment

-Well, you said– there was a quote where you’d said that, “Pursuing success is like chasing your tail. You can never win. Proving yourself to others is like trying to catch the wind. No matter what you do someone always raises the bar, or they start tearing you down. And I realized that’s where I was going. I was in a lot of trouble. But that’s a road to nowhere. It’s like running after a rainbow. The world’s idea of success is never going to fulfill me. There really has to be another way.” A business coach can help to show you the way.

-Yeah. Well, that was the thing that triggered me. I mean, I was actually sitting at a TV one day, and I was watching Michael Jordan when he won his first championship. And I don’t know, it was ’91 or something like. But I was sitting there watching, and I was thinking, well, that’s really what I want, right. I want to get there. A business coach can help you to get there!

But he was sitting there hugging that trophy. And to me, you know, people always kiss that trophy. And it just seemed like such an empty picture to me. That trophy, they’re going to hand that to somebody else next year. You’ve been chasing that thing your whole life.

And now people are going to tell you– now that you’ve accomplished your goal, people are going to tell you, oh, Magic’s got five. So now you’ve got to jump a little higher. It’s like, when does it stop? It never stops. So for me, that was a kind of an eye opening experience, understanding that I’ll never please all of these people out here. A business coach will guide you on how to avoid this stress.

-I want mine into this, though, because you’re one of the more competitive people out there. People who know you say, David’s very competitive. He wants to win. You actually had the goal of being the best player in the NBA.


-Yet, you didn’t put your sense of value in that. And so you actually had said at one point that winning the championship in no way defined you as a person.

-Right. No, absolutely not. For me, understanding who I was and that– striving for that excellence, the journey is the whole deal. As you go along, you can’t miss that part of the journey. Yeah, I’d like to have great kids. My goal is to have my kids become president someday– maybe not. But my goal is to have them be very prosperous and successful.

But if I miss the journey then I’ve missed the whole thing. And so I’ve kind of learned that the end result, just because you find the wealth or you find the success that you thought you wanted, that’s not going to change who you are as a person. You’re still going to be the same stressed out, miserable person you were yesterday and tomorrow. So you might well find your piece today so that when you have good success, you can really enjoy it.

-I know that I work with a lot of entrepreneurs, and I see people that it’s kind of a tough bounce. Because you have to work hard to make a business grow. And to be successful in basketball, I mean, you had in the weight room all the time.

-All the time.

-You had to eat right. You had to run all the time. You’re always working out. So you have to be dedicated to your craft.


But at the same time, you can’t be so intense about it that you kind of miss the journey, like you said. And I think it’s all about finding that balance. And it seems like you are able to do that, or at least get closer to it than most people?

-Yeah. And I think he goes a lot back to just knowing what your priorities are. My family was very important to me, and I vowed not to lose my family. I was going to take care of it, and enjoy it, and enjoy my wife, and enjoy my children.

And I’ve been able to do that over these 22 years we’ve been married. And I’ve been able to enjoy my children. So all of that, if you don’t leave the things behind that are also important– your goals are important, but your family’s also important. And so you can’t leave things out of balance. And I think that’s a big part of real success and real peace.

-And if I’m looking at this objectively– let’s just say I have a logic hat on and I’m totally taking any bias out of it. And I just say, if you look at a group of people who are happy and another group of people who are not happy, I would rather be going with the happy team.

-Yeah, well, that’d be nice, yeah.

-So I guess what I’m saying is I really appreciate you sharing your journeys. I know it kind of puts you out there when you share where you were and how you’ve gotten to where you’re at today. But if I’m an entrepreneur and I’m watching this, and I feel like I am just stuck in the cycle–

-I’ll put my business hat on, OK.

-Yeah. If I am stuck in this cycle of just striving for the next goal, if I feel like if I can just improve sales by 10% this quarter, what would you tell me, what would be your advice to me in terms of finding that that peace and that financial peace. I mean, what would you recommend? Is it live with less? Is it live within my means? What would you recommend that I do to find a sense of peace and purpose?

-Now, I wouldn’t you to live with less. What I would tell you is is you better find your joy right now, today. If what you have today is not enough for you, then you will never find enough. The Bible says he who desires money never has money enough.

So you’ve got to change your desires. You’ve got to understand, hey, how do I find joy in who I am today, in what I have today? And then every day is going to be more of a blessing as you reach those wonderful goals that you’re striving for.

-Find joy today.

-Find joy today. How do you find that today? How do you find the peace at home, be able to go home and have a house where, hey, you know what? I love coming home. I love seeing my wife. I love seeing my children. You find that joy and the rest of that stuff will all be gravy.

Whether you get that promotion or you don’t know, whether you make that sales number or you don’t, you’re still going to find joy. And you’re then understand, hey, I’m learning something from even the failure. I’m going to keep pushing. A business coach can help gives you tips on how to push through.

-David, I appreciate you so much for sharing. I love the idea of finding your joy today. And I haven’t known you. You are all consistently joyful. So I appreciate you setting an example of what means to be a joyful person who’s a successful entrepreneur, and a successful basketball player, and a successful father, and as a successful husband. A successful business coach. So I appreciate you so much.

-Ah, well, thanks.

-Thank you.

-Bye, Clay.



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