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Business Coach : Success Tips

Business Coach : Success Tips

-What’s up, Thrivers. Daniel McKenna here, today. And we are sitting down with business coach Clay Clark and Paul Pressey. And we’re talking about success philosophies. Don’t know who Paul Pressey is? Back in 1982, he was drafted 20th overall by the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA draft.

He played 11 seasons in the NBA, and was a two-time all-NBA defensive team member, play with both the Milwaukee Bucks and the San Antonio Spurs. He is now a professional basketball coach in the NBA. the National Basketball Association. Today, you’ll learn about successful philosophies from Paul Pressey. Spoken like a real business coach.

Paul has had to overcome a lot and done a lot to achieve the success that he has now. And along the way, he had to develop some philosophies about how to achieve that success. Today’s lesson is going to be very valuable to you if you are willing to listen and implement philosophies taught by our business mentors that can catapult you towards your success.

So make sure you listen and take notes on the philosophies that you need to implement today. And here’s your first philosophy that you need to remember. Always have the mindset that– I forgot what I was going to say.

Paul Pressey, how are you, my friend?

-I’m doing well, Clay. How are you?

-I’m doing exceptionally well. I want to ask you this before we just deep dive into the success philosophies, here. What time did you get back home last night from Phoenix?

-Landed about 1:30.

-Mhm. Yeah.

-Well, I appreciate you giving up nice and early to let us harass you, my friend.

-I’m laid out, away.



-So it wasn’t that big of a deal?


-OK. Now, at some point, I want to get together and try out some of your cooking. ‘Cause I’ve heard, from numerous sources that are trusted sources, that you are, perhaps, one of the best grill masters or cooking specialists of our time. Is this true, or is this complete hoo-hah from Mr. Clifton Taulbert?

-It’s hoo-hah, hoo-hah hoo-hah. I just enjoy cooking, I do. I’m not a specialist or anything. I just find things I like to do. And it kind of started when my wife traveling a lot, back and forth going see the kids play, visiting the grandkids now.

So I cook. And when she gets off the road, I don’t want her to have to come home and cook. So I prepare the meals for the first, probably, four or five days.

-What’s your super move? What’s the meal that you make that no one else can make?

-Oh, I don’t have one.

-Oh, come on.

-The stuff I make, everybody can make.

-What’s the stuff you make that people talk about and, wow?

-Probably my smoked turkey legs.

-Question, can you come in on camera to have a little smoked turkey leg Thrive party, sometime? Like, we’ll fly out to you or you can fly out us.

-No, no, no.

-Because, you come in on camera–

-We can do that. One summer in Tulsa, I’ll come down, and I’ll lay it out.

-Boom! I’m pumped up. Rest interview’s going to be awesome. OK. So now, let me ask you this. I’m going to read this little quote, here, to you, OK?


-John Maxwell, the bestselling author of “21 Laws of Leadership,” and countless leadership books. He has famously said, “The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda.” Now, you guys have the most crazy schedule I’ve ever heard of. You’re traveling– how many games in a road do you have come up, here?

-We’ve got four games in five night.

-For games in five nights. How many different cities?


-So if you’re watching this, and you’re going, I’m busy, these guys are busy. So I just want to get into this, the kind daily thing, how you do this, here. So what time do you wake up, usually? Ask a business coach how important this is.

-I usually get up about 7.

-About 7?


-And now, how do you spend the first hour of every day? I mean, my first hour would be spent, like, trying to figure out what city I’m in. But how do you spend the first hour?

-Just a little quiet time, you know. Me and the Lord are just visiting and have a little prayer time. And then I get up and call my wife, see what she’s doing. Sometimes she’s halfway asleep and can’t figure out what time I’m calling. But I just let her know I’ll call. And get up, get to moving around, take a shower, and get moving, get dressed, and get on my way to my next move.

-But you like to start the first hour of every day kind of in a prayer time, is what you do. Or some kind of– you organize your thoughts?

-Yes. Yes. You’ve got to have something to where you can feel back to down to earth why you’ve been so truly, truly blessed. And that’s where I find it.

-And for anybody watching this who doesn’t subscribe to the Judeo-Christian philosophy of the world, one thing we found, though, with all the mentors we’ve met– it doesn’t matter, really, what career they’re from or what the religion is– it seems as though every one of these successful people spends about an hour a day or more planning out their day or thinking about their day or in a kind of quiet time, if you will.


-And how does that help you? Like, how does that process help you, every day?

-Well, mine’s just, like, creature of habit. It’s kind of like, each day, it’s like, OK, you got to get up. And you get in the car, you drive. And you think about, when you get to practice, how many guys you’re going to have for practice. I meet, and it’s going to be fun, because we’re going to talk our routine, day of practice.

-I want to get into this for a second. You’re thinking about how many guys are coming to practice, who’s coming–

-Not coming to practice, going to be available for practice.

-How many guys are available for practice because of the injury report, or whatever.


-And then, what are we going to talk about. And you have to have a plan, you can’t just show up.

-No, no. We got an hour that the coaches staff sit down. And we’ll figure out, OK, if we have 10, we could do A, B, C.

-OK. I want to tell you– this is a feedback. I mean, you can look right of this camera and talk to this person. We had a Thriver I talked to the other day. Wonderful lady. And she says she has this problem managing her staff. I’m trying to help her and I’m asking her some questions. She literally– she says she gets up, and she gets to work. When she gets there, she gets there about the same time as the employees do. And she doesn’t have a plan.


-You know, she gets there, at the same time as they do, without a plan. She’s literally trying to formulate a plan in front of the people. She gets there, and she was explaining, well, you know, with my unique situation, I wake up at such time, I get there.

The employees have a ton of questions. Then I’m just in chaos all day. How is that different from you, at the NBA level doing it? I mean, what would you say this person? What advice would you have for something like that, who’s not making a plan? Business coach advice?

-No, you have no plan.


-Because, as the old saying goes, if you don’t plan to succeed, you plan to fail. And you have to plan that day. Get there an hour earlier and plan. Plan the day out. It don’t have to be perfect, but you have a plan. Every business coach knows that.

Meaning that you say, OK we’re going to do A this time, B this time, C this time. And when you get to meet them all, and if it doesn’t work that way, go to them and ask questions. I had this planned already. But what you guys think? So now, all you gotta do is, fill in the blanks. A business coach can help you answer them.


-But you gotta have a plan.



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