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What Taylor Hall Says About the Thrivetime Business Coach Experience

Taylor H Business Coach Testimonial

My name is Taylor Hall, I’m the general manager of the Tulsa Oilers, Tulsa’s professional hockey team. Our goal every night here at the BOK Center is to try to fill the seats with lots of people and create an exciting environment. We want every person who comes to a game to leave feeling like they want to come back. Working with Clay and the staff at Thrive has really helped us in many, many ways. From the website development to graphic design and video production. A lot of things that are included when you hire a business coach are very necessary for a company like ours, doesn’t have a staff for a full-time videographer or graphic designer. The biggest thing that we noticed was the needle mover, more sales, more attendance and more successes in business. We had a record year last season working with Clay for the first time. Our average attendance is higher than it’s ever been. So, there were a lot of cool things that we did and they worked. That’s the nice thing about working with Clay and the team over there. It’s just not one person. You get the entire team. If you need video design, and editing and production, they’ve got that. If you need graphic design, or if you need some coaching for your salespeople and call scripts, they offer all that. Clay was instrumental in helping to guide us and get us on the right track so that we could, really raise the bar and become ultra successful. So, having a business coach has been an amazing experience for us.

Ben Barber Business Coach Testimonial

I work with Long Lake Resort and we’ve had the wonderful people here at the Thrivetime Show work with us on our business. Clay is, I guess I would say, borderline infamous around Tulsa for his SEO optimization and the brand that he’s made. Actually, my next door neighbor works with Clay, so I had reached out to her and that’s how we got hooked up. Clay has done wonders for our business. Being that we’re in Poteau, Oklahoma, a smaller town with a resort, it’s tough to really move the needle there. What Clay has done from year to year or month over month has been record-setting every time. This month in July, we’re on pace to have our highest monthly total ever. It’s been beneficial to have a one-stop marketing shop because it saves so much time. It is efficient and you really build a trusting relationship. It’s not like you have to plan out a week.

It’s your one hour you drink out of a fire hydrant, but you get it all done and it’s with one person. Everything is run under the same roof, so it’s pretty awesome. Marketing has really changed our lives and sales here. Working with Clay as our business coach, each month has been a record-setting for that individual month. In July of this year, we’re going to do more than we’ve ever done for a single month, so it’ll be our best month ever, all thanks to this. Clay and his team are some of the most interesting individuals I’ve ever met. You can’t come into the office and not smile. If you come in kind of lacking energy, you’re going to get run out of here. It’s always nice if you’re feeling a little down, a little out, they’re always in a good mood. You know they’ve got long days, but they just keep smiles on their faces and really get you going and excited about your business. I would recommend a business coach, and specifically Clay and his team because if you’re in a business where accuracy by volume is kind of your key, so the more feet you get in the door, the more success you have, this is your place. You don’t really understand what can be done until they really, really open up their exhaust and let it let it blast out there. It’ll move the needle, seriously. We’ll change Whatever market you’re in, it will really change it.


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