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Clay: (singing) Oh well, oh well, oh well. I’ve never been on the cover of Forbes magazine for being a business coach. However, if you do Google Thrive15 and then Forbes, you will actually see an article that comes up that says How to Prepare For the Entrepreneur Life You Want, and that’s an article that they wrote about basically the best training tools that are available to become an entrepreneur, a successful entrepreneur, and we were thankfully named as one of those solutions, we being our online school, which is the most affordable business coach taught school you’re ever going to find, and it is an online and offline school, so I want to make sure we’re getting this.

Business Coach 301

A lot of people learn really well through interactive actual training where they can ask the professor questions, and they learn w aiell where they can talk to a professor and say to the professor, “Hey professor, I have a question,” and that’s a question that a lot of people learn that way that you need to have … It’s hard for you to learn when you just watch a video. I get it. Some people, it’s hard for you to learn by reading a book. Some of you, the best way for you to learn is through that one on one interaction or that kind of a workshop where you can get up, ask questions, you can write things down, you can see things on the whiteboard. I would argue that’s the most effective way to learn business. I’ve seen it taught tons of different ways. Tons, are you talking about you’ve actually measured the weight of how … No. I’ve seen it done many different ways, and it is the best way to learn how to start or grow a successful company.

I would challenge you to go to and book your tickets for our next in-person workshop. We’re located here at the beautiful Jenks Riverwalk, so we’re right there within walking distance of the unbelievable golfing facility there where you can golf. Its a big driving range, and you can grab beers while smashing golf balls. We got Andolini’s over there, the new pizza place just going in. You got Los Cabos. You’ve got Burn Co coming in. It’s awesome. They have outdoor concerts. I don’t know why you wouldn’t come out to one of our two day in-person workshops.

Maybe you’re somebody who says, “I don’t have the money.” Well, if you don’t have the money, because of how we’ve set it up with some of our partners, we now have a scholarship available, so everybody can now afford to have access to The World’s Best Business School. We have a scholarship available, so nobody will be turned away because of the price. It’s no longer a thing, so if you can’t afford it, now you can, and I want to encourage you that you got to get out there to, and your first month at, The World’s Best Business School, is only a dollar, and that includes access to the in-person workshops, so really you’re getting the two for one special. There’s really no reason for you not to do it. I encourage you to do it. I wish I could make you do it, because I know it’ll change your life.

The thing about finances is that kind of in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, there’s a pyramid for Maslow. Those of you who don’t know who Maslow was and the Hierarchy of Needs, you can Google it real quick, but the point is is at the very bottom, the very basic need we all have is obviously for food and shelter, and then after that it’s belonging and having a sense of a purpose or a community, and then you worry about safety, and you just kind of move on up there, but what we want to is we want to knock out the money part right, right away. Let’s figure out a way in the next nine months for you to become financially free. Business coach knowledge baby!. If you had the time freedom and financial freedom to do whatever you want to do, what would you being right now? How would you spend today? Hopefully listening to this radio show first, but how would you spend your day if you had all of the time freedom and financial freedom you could possibly have?

Well, I’ll tell you how I would do it. I would do exactly what I do. I am doing what I love to do. I am actually doing exactly what I would be doing. Some people say to me all the time, Clay, what do you want to do? I am doing what I want to do. This is it. I am broadcasting today from the Man Cave, which was a place where my wife and I have basically done massive renovations to Camp Clark and Chicken Palace, and it’s a place where I’m always learning, earning, and burning, and in my opinion, there should always be the smell of pinon, and because there is actually the smell of pinon right now, I love it. It is great. I can hear a little bird chirping, I am a business coach. I’ve got the pinon smell coming in here. The only problem I have is that sometimes I don’t want to leave. I just want to stay in the Man Cave all day. I just love it. I love … I don’t want to go on vacation. We built the staycation place. It’s the spot. It’s the jam. It’s the deal. It is a business coach dream.


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