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Business Coach Teams Have Never Been More Accessible Part 2

Business Coach Clay Clark: It was during the seasonal thing. And so Vanessa’s doing her job right. She’s over there in like the Tupperware area. I’m over in electronics, and it’s like … The meeting’s supposed to start at nine. 9:40, he just gets there, and he always has a vague … You know, our orders for the day. “Guys, let’s make sure we treat our guests like they’re special or something.”

Robert Zoeller: Yeah.

Clay Clark: And then there would be three of us in the department. There’s three people, and one of the is definitely always late and never does their job, and he would go, “Guys, somebody here is not pulling their weight, and I’m tired it. I’m tired of it.” And there’s only three of us.

Robert Zoeller: [crosstalk 00:29:20] all looking around.

Clay Clark: And we know who it is.

Robert Zoeller: You’re eating a pretzel.

Clay Clark: No, I’m serious. So eventually, I realized there’s no consequences no matter what we do here, so I figured I’m going to eat as much of the food as possible to see what he’ll do because I realized … And the other move I did is back in the day on the phones, there’s a phone where you could pick it up and go, “Attention customers. We have someone who’s lost their wallet.” That was a move, but if you hit it in a certain way, they couldn’t tell where it broadcast from. It was something like … It wasn’t *67, but it was something kind of like that for the intercom …

Jason Bailey: Sure.

Robert Zoeller: Yeah.

Clay Clark: … and I’d somehow found that out, and so my move was that I would get on there and go, “Attention Target customers, man we’ve got a man. We’ve got a man. There’s a man right over there. Right there. Yep. Right there. There. Yep. Okay. No. Just right over there. There.” And then I would do that kind of thing just, “There he is. There. Don’t move. Sir. Don’t … Sir.” And then I would hang up, and they wouldn’t know who said it. “Clay, did you-”

Robert Zoeller: Big surprise. Big surprise. Now you are a business coach. 

Clay Clark: “Clay, did you do that?” And I’m like, “I really … That’s interest … That’s kind of funny, but I have no part of the …”

Jason Bailey: I was just as shocked.

Robert Zoeller: That was funny, but I have no part in that.

Clay Clark: So I kept just announcing things like, “Folks, if you have a vehicle … It’s a four-door vehicle. It’s out front. We have a concern.” Just that stuff, and it was just like … I thought it was hilarious, and I knew he wouldn’t fire me, so over time, he’d be like, “Guys, we have somebody who is eating the pretzels, who is making announcements, and who is-”

Robert Zoeller: It could be the same guy. We’re not sure. 

Clay Clark: Yeah, and I was always like, “This guys the weakest manager in the world.” It was like the substitute teacher move.He could have for sure used a business coach.

Jason Bailey: Right. Right.

Clay Clark: You know where you just-

Vanessa Clark: You just run over those people.

Clay Clark: I just …

Jason Bailey: He has zero power.

Clay Clark: I am sorry, Greg, that I did that, but I got to say it was very funny, and we’ll share that memory forever.

Jason Bailey: Is this the official public apology?

Clay Clark: Yeah, this is the official public apology.

Jason Bailey: Okay.

Robert Zoeller: Is any fiscal reimbursement going to happen now?

Clay Clark: Yeah. It’s probably about $18,000 of pretzels that’s owed to the guy. I was pounding them pretty heavily at that time.

Robert Zoeller: Wow. Plus interest. Good thing you are such a successful business coach now

Clay Clark: Yeah, I mean, back in the day, they were like four for a dollar. Now they’re like $4 apiece. It’s in times if I tried to pay that guy back.

Robert Zoeller: Before we get on the pretzel talk with Target, you had asked me a profound question, and that is when you find yourself with a bunch of these idiots working for you, or at least some idiots-

Clay Clark: Idiots.

Robert Zoeller: … and you’ll have at least one that’s an idiot working for you, what do you do about it? And when we come back from the break, I’m going to break it down like fractions, and you’re going to know beyond the shadow of a doubt what to do.

Clay Clark: Bro, I’m going to get out that linoleum, that boom box, and I’m going to just throw that down.

Robert Zoeller: Oh, yeah. Come on now.

Clay Clark: I’m getting ready to break it down here. I got the old Converse shoes on, splash painted denim jacket.

Robert Zoeller: Party time in the box.

Clay Clark: Unbelievable. Stay tuned. Thrive Time Show. Break it down. All right, Tulsa, T-town, green country, or the good people out there in Tennessee, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show on your radio. We are talking today about how to make your wallet grow, how to build a successful business, and specifically, we’re talking about the four-step entrepreneurial success cycle, and step number one is you have to define what you want your life and your business to look like, and, unfortunately, if you don’t do that, and you find yourself having drifted to a place where now you’re surrounded by people who work with you, teammates you who are not performing, and who drive you crazy or who aren’t the right fit, Z, what do you do? How do you do it? 

Robert Zoeller: Well, sometimes you’re tempted to just wake up one day like you did on Christmas Eve and fire everybody, and then, all of the sudden, you realize, “Wait a second. I got to go DJ 32 weddings this weekend.”

Clay Clark: I did it real quick. I did it on New Year’s Eve after their shows. 

Robert Zoeller: That’s right.

Clay Clark: They came back in, so I had a plan.

Vanessa Clark: Well, I’m still confused because somehow we did get rid of them because I ended up having to DJ two shows.

Robert Zoeller: [crosstalk 00:32:53].

Clay Clark: That was early on. That was early on in my DJ grasshopper crew. 

Robert Zoeller: And for those two shows out there, you’re welcome.

Jason Bailey: Yeah. That’s right.

Vanessa Clark: That’s right. That’s right. You’re welcome.

Clay Clark: That’s right.

Robert Zoeller: It was awesome.

Jason Bailey: Best shows ever but then you went to be a business coach. 

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