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Business Coach Teams Have Never Been More Accessible

Now it’s 8:30, We are here with a business coach member Jason, hey. So Bobby’s here. You’re here. I’m here. Can you pick up the phone and text a guy whose name rhymes with never nervous? Can you text that guy, see where he’s at?

Jason Bailey: Yeah, I’ll text him and see what’s going on. He’s not responding back here. I don’t know.

Clay Clark: You got a text from him. You got a-

Jason Bailey: Okay. Okay.

Clay Clark: What does it say?

Jason Bailey: Okay. It looks like he just woke up, and looks like … Just go on and go ahead without him, he said. He just get the Cliff Notes from us.

Vanessa Clark: Do you just need me to go drive to what’s-his-name’s house and go wake him up like I usually do?

Clay Clark: Yeah. Vanessa, could you go pick that person up at his house, whoever that person is?

Vanessa Clark: Okay. I usually do, so let me go do that.

Clay Clark: Hey, bro. Since we’re not really getting started yet, I’m going to go back downstairs, bro, get something to drink.

9:05. So Jason, you want to get that meeting started, or-

Jason Bailey:  Well, everybody just left for QuikTrip, so I guess we can wait another-

Clay Clark: This is what would happen every Monday, and so here’s the deal. I’m not exaggerating.

Vanessa Clark: This is true.

Clay Clark:  My wife would come back, and she would go, “The guy who does our sales … I walked in, and there’s a half-clothed Asian girl there, and I’m not really sure what that was.”

Vanessa Clark: Because I’d been sent to his house to go pick him up and wake him up because, typically, he needed me to physically wake him up.

Jason Bailey: Oh, yeah.

Clay Clark: We had to knock on the door. We had to wake him up.

Jason Bailey: Right.

Clay Clark: And then we had another guy who would constantly talk about how he got into a fight. He’d have something like a black eye or some kind of wound, some sort of injury, and we had people who were like, “Bro, my car got impounded. Could you help me get out …” This is how we would start every Monday-

Jason Bailey: That was a fun business coach meeting.

Clay Clark: … because I did not ever want to put my quality of life first. So on the infamous December eve of whatever year it was, 2006 I think it was.

Jason Bailey: It was scary. It was a scary day.

Clay Clark: I basically fired everybody all at one time except the pros that could be a business coach.

Jason Bailey: I called my wife. I’m like, “I don’t know what’s happening, but I think I’m going to get fired. I’m not for sure.”

Clay Clark: So this is what Lee Cockerell says. He says, “The quality of your life is directly impacted by who you choose to spend your time with.”

Speaker 5: Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show.

Clay Clark: And so all I’m saying is I’m not judging the human race and saying, “Oh, you don’t qualify to hang out with me.” You probably wouldn’t even like me, but the thing is is that I was at a point in my life when I worked my first job, my very, very first job I had at the Norseman, I was a moron. I was choosing to be an idiot, and I guarantee if I came to work for Dr. Z, and he put up with me, you would absolutely hate it. But now I’ve changed as a person over time, but if somebody hadn’t fired me and made me self-aware of like, “Bro, you can’t be perpetually late,” I would still do that. So I want to ask you, Z. If someone is listening right now, and they’re listening, and they’re going, “Oh, no. I have idiots in my office,” what advice would you have for these people?

Robert Zoeller: Before I give the advice, though, I would like to point out that almost on every occasion when Clay talks about the idiot positions that he did back in the day, he tried to make it right. Now, I’ve got a question for you. When you were at Target, and you pounded all those soft pretzels, have you ever gone back in and calculated how much you owe them for back pretzel tax and make that right?

Clay Clark: Well, let me explain to you the horrible justification that was going on in my mind at that time.

Robert Zoeller: Okay.

Clay Clark: But my boss, he basically … We’d always have meetings that were supposed to start at nine-ish, and he would not get going until like 9:30. Now Vanessa worked there at the time.

Robert Zoeller: She did?

This has been an excerpt of a business coach podcast from the


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