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Business Coach : Decide On Your Temperament

Business Coach : Decide On Your Temperament

-My name is Clay Clark And I’m the visioneer of Today we are joined by legendary business coach and business mentor Tim Redmond. And he’s going to be teaching us how happiness is a decision.

No matter where we come from or what kind of business we have or want to have, we’ve all dealt with something that’s got us sad, something that’s got us mad, something that’s just getting us upset. And Tim Redmond is going to teach us today about how happiness is truly just a decision we can all make on a daily basis.

Remember, at, and according to business coach belief, knowledge without application is absolutely meaningless. So as you’re watching today’s episode, take a moment to ask yourself what you can do to uniquely apply these success principles in your life and business. Otherwise, today’s episode may just be more meaningless than a statement by Dennis Rodman.


All right. Well, we are now talking about happiness with Tim . The idea here is that happiness is a decision. And Tim, we’re talking about this concept of happiness being a decision. And you’ve grown up with physical disability. You’ve lost two brothers and a sister in tragic accidents.


-So what does this concept mean to you, of happiness being a decision?

-How you feel is based on what you focus on. Feelings are followers. They’re great followers or bad leaders. I feel–

CLAY CLARK: Real quick, I want to– feelings are–

-Feelings are followers. They’re going to follow behind your beliefs, your focus–

CLAY CLARK: But they’re bad leaders.

-They’re bad leaders. They’re bad leaders. If you’re going to, well, I don’t feel like selling today. I feel like I’m done. I’ve already made 50 calls. You wanted me to do 100 calls today, Clay? I feel like I’ve done pretty well at 50. And so these amateurs go by their feelings. Pros go because that’s what needs to be done. A business coach will help you to get the Pro mindset.

So happiness, really, it’s a state of mind that I believe you do choose to feel certain ways based on what you focus on, what you’re saying to yourself, the self-talk, what you’re saying to yourself internally, or what you’re saying out loud, and even your actions.

I remember I had one guy come into my office and say, hey, Tim, you’ve got this open-door policy here. I usually start out the day about 7:00, 7:30. And it’s like no dimmer switch. I’m ready to go. Early in the morning, I’m going like this.

And this pathetic globular mass of humanity walks into my office and just say, I’m just so tired. I’m just not motivated. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I said, I know what you’re going to do. You’re going to get your–


– –your can–

CLAY CLARK: Your can.

– –fired, along with all the other body parts. So I’m watching this pathetic display of humanity. And, I just feel just so unmotivated. I remember doing this, Clay– you weren’t the guy, I know. I’m forgetting who it was. But I lean forward, put my pen down– because we didn’t use computers as much back then– put my pen down, and I look at the guy.

And I lean forward. And he leans forward to me a little bit. And then I said, (WHISPERING) hey. He goes, (WHISPERING) what? And at the top of my lungs– I don’t know if you remember my office, a huge office there– at the top of my lungs, I said (YELLING) sit up!

And he’s like– [MUMBLING]. Jeez! Why’d you do that? That’s horrible. That’s so rude of you. Why’d you do that? I said, are you motivated? He goes, yeah, yeah, I am. He went from like this to like this.

And just– so you choose how you feel based on what you’re focused on, what you’re saying to yourself, what you’re doing with your body. It all feeds into causing these followers to follow.

-I know that for me, pretty much every day I wake up like about 4:00 or 5:00. And I don’t have enough–

-Yeah, you don’t sleep or slumber. We all know that.

-I just wait until the next day. But people that are tired and look bored, they piss me off. I don’t like them around me. Because it’s choosing to be weak. And I saw a guy the other day who didn’t feel well. And they didn’t feel well at all. They did not feel good. He told me before we met– he’s a multi-millionaire, very successful– and he says, I’m just a little under the weather today. And then he gets up and gives this dynamic oration.

TIM REDMOND: Yeah, we were there.

-He’s super excited.

TIM REDMOND: Yeah, exactly.

-And then he goes back and just starts looking down again. And I thought, he chose to be on. That’s the difference between Michael Jordan and other guys. Michael Jordan would just turn it on. He felt sick, he goes out there and puts on one of his best games. Because he just chose to be happier, chose to be successful.

And I want to read this to you. Napoleon Hill, the late, great success author and business coach, famously wrote the phrase, “Success is a choice.” Most successful entrepreneurs that I know believe that happiness is a choice, as well. So literally, I’ve known entrepreneurs who are in the hospital with a critical situation. They’re in a rough patch. They’re financially headed to the bottom, whatever the situation is. And they somehow choose to be happy there.


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