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Business Coach Testimonial Questions To Ask Your Clients

Content transcribed for the business coach program at

Clay: Now here are the three final moves. These are the three final moves, but they don’t work, they don’t work unless- if you’re the listener, unless you are white, hot and motivated to do some sales. These people are the best business coach clients. This cannot be a passive thing, ok? So move number three here, for you. Reputation management. When I googled the name of your company, what am I finding? So I’ll give you an example. There’s a client I’m working with in New York, and he is an awesome builder in his mind. I don’t believe that he is wrong. I have a mortgage company I work with in Canada, and his mind is awesome. The only difference between the guy in Canada and the guy in New York is this: the guy in New York is methodical to ask every single person at the point where they fund the mortgage, they said, “Hey, was the experience great?” And he said, “Yeah, it was- is there anything we can to do improve it?”

And they go, “Well, you might do A-B-C-1-2-3”, he says, “Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey, and if you guys would be willing to write a review for us online, I would love to give you A-B-C-1-2-3.”

Z: Yup.

Announcer 3: Broadcasting live from the center of the universe, you’re listening to the ThriveTime show.

Clay: So when you’re thinking about funding a mortgage between this company and that company, and you have one that has 178 reviews, as an example, if you google “downtown Tulsa haircuts”, look at our elephant in the room. I think today, we just hit 180 reviews from our customers and I think our closest competition has ten or nine. And they’re like a two-star, so if you’re on Angie’s List, go get those reviews. If you’re not on Howe’s, go get those reviews. You’ve gotta get the reviews because if everyone charged the same price but you have all the five-star reviews and the other guy has zero, who are you gonna go with? I mean, you gotta be intentional about that digital reputation management. The fourth move, QuikTrip used this move, and in the book called “Lucky to Smart”, it was written by the founder of QuikTrip, it was documented. But guarantee it. Just put a guarantee on it. What does it mean? I mean, see, what does guaranteed gas mean to you? I mean, Jeff, when you see the guaranteed gasoline at QuikTrip, do you go through kind of a spiritual feeling?

Jeff: I do.

Clay: Emotionally, how do you- what does guaranteed gas do for you?

Jeff: Well, it just makes me feel so I can tear my car up and it makes me feel like it’s gonna be as good as any gas I’m gonna get out there.

Clay: See, if you ever found yourself crying when you look at that guaranteed gas, it’s just so-

Z: When I pull up to QuikTrip and I put that in my car and I’m starting to fill it up, I just look at my car and I say you’re welcome.

Clay: That’s beautiful. So here’s the deal. I guarantee though it can put the customer, give them peace of mind. It can also hold your team accountable to a quality standard so that’s a powerful move. And the final one is just the big B branding. The Big B- the brand- I’ll give you an example. If you go into Dr. Z’s auto auction, If you go checked it up- by the way, if you’re a used car dealer, you gotta come check out the oasis of awesome, that is Z66 Auto Auction.

Z: Free lunch every Friday starting at 11, so-

Clay: There’s no such thing as a free lunch except for at your place, where there’s always a free lunch.

Z: Yes, there is a free lunch.

Clay: But when you walk in, there are 3 things that I notice, just from my perspective.

Z: Oh, really, what are they?

Clay: One thing, is it’s clean.

Z: Oh yeah.

Clay: It’s clean. The second is, it’s a modern inviting open format and the third is that free lunch. And I’m just telling you this. If I’m gonna go buy cars from any auction in town, am I gonna go buy cars from the place- if every company is the exact same, who am I gonna buy from, the place that has, it’s pleasant to walk in. A lot of these auto auctions are just nasty. I’m not talking about the ones in Oklahoma, not your competitors but other places. These are all ample examples of ideas you will get when working with a business coach. 

Z: Other places, yes.

Clay: They look like- the other day, I went to a place to buy some stone, we’re building a big wall, and I’m not kidding, the level of dust and insanity and he had like, dog and pet dander everywhere in his stone mill place. If you’re a place that’s, many companies that mill stone, that mine stone, that get stone, but sometimes having that fresh clean look, sometimes serving that free lunch, sometimes making that guarantee and getting that branding. Your branding is just what people think of when they think of your business. Take your brand to the next level. Now, thrivers, when we come back, we’re gonna get into another question from a thriver. A real thriver that we’re working with, a coaching client of Robert’s out there in the state of New York. Stay tuned, it’s the Thrive Time Show on your radio.

Can you keep this song playing for me here, Dr. Z?

Z: Absolutely.

Clay: I want to dedicate this song- I don’t want to take this show down, I want to take this show up. A friend of mine passed away a few years ago, and this was his favorite group. He used to travel around to find the Counting Crows, wherever they were performing, and he would go and just jam out, so Mark D’Peatrice, rest in peace. If you know Mark D’Peatrice, just know that he’s up in heaven jamming out. Apparently, God now likes the Counting Crows as well, this just in.

Z: Love it.

Clay: It was just- unbelieve- all right, thrivers and business coach clients, today we are talking about the business coach mailbag questions that you have. You see, thrive- at, we help people in four unique ways. So Z, what is the first way we help the thrivers all around this great planet?

Z: Well, we started back in October, this radio show, called the Thrive Time Show, it’s heard live here in Tulsa, Oklahoma on radio 1170 am talk radio, 1170 and now we’re also in a couple other places around the United States. We’re in Tennessee, and we’re getting ready to be in some other fine cities, so do come and listen to us. Now if you can’t catch us live on the radio, Monday through Friday, 12-2, then you can actually go on, and listen to the podcasts and you can share those podcasts. If you say, “Hey listen, I know somebody but your show’s not on in their town, but they could really use what you talked about today,” share the podcast. Share it with them. So right now, we’re actually getting people from, I think the last time was 50 countries downloading our podcasts?

Clay: Absolutely, it’s true. What’s really-

Z: Tens of thousands a month or-

Clay: It’s over 30 thousand for the month. That’s the total so-

Z: That’s great.

Clay: It’s growing and growing and growing and- one thing I would encourage our thrivers is, you have the radio show, as Dr. Z mentioned in the radio show, we have two hours of power and we try to help you as much as we can during this segment but when you get into like, “How do I optimize my website? How do I fix my title tags? How do I update my pro forma?” That’s sorta hard to communicate verbally on a radio show, so we have an online school that is called “” and it’s a dollar for your first month, and it’s shocking, $19 a month, thereafter. Now thats’s not for the online school and not the business coach program, correct?

Z: $Correct, online school not business coach. 

Clay: Yeah, and I was doing the math, I was looking at Tulsa University’s $56,000 a year, and I was thinking, “If you took $240 a year for Thrive, is that less money than 56,000?” I couldn’t figure it out, so we had to move on. Tough math.

Z: Let me get my calculator out, hold on. [inaudible 00:25:19]

Clay: $55,750 less. $55,750 less than TU. So we have the online school. The third is we have our in-person workshops, and we have people from all over the planet. Last workshop, we had Canada, we had Nashville, we had California, we had Essex, England represented.

Jeff: England?

Clay: Yeah, people all over. People came from all across the planet, and the fourth thing is we have one-on-one business coaching and so Robert is working with a thriver who asks us a question, and go ahead and kinda share the question that the thriver in New York there has, Mr. Robert.

Robert: Yeah, so we’ve been able to build some system so she can deliver to her customers in a really remarkable way to the point where she’s actually wowing them, right, she’s delivering that wow factor and we want to be sure we’re able to take advantage of that by getting testimonials. And so her main question was, “What are the most important questions to be asking when asking my customer for a testimonial,” but I wanted to kinda get into, what’s the real value of a testimonial, and then wanting to hear the dark side of the force, the dark arts of asking leading questions to get the testimonial that you want.

Clay: Well, you know I like to get into word origins as business coach. So one thing you’ll discover is that the word testimonial basically means in the old French, which I know the old French is something we do all the time on this show.It really ties in to the business coach messaging. 

Z: Merci Beaucoup.

Clay: So here’s the thing is-

Z: French fries.

Clay: The thing is, it stands for, it means “testifying or serving as evidence.” And so, Z, I want to ask you, and then I want to ask Jeff, with your optometry clinic, when somebody goes and shares a testimony and says, “Oh, I had a great experience there, use Dr. Z’s, go to Dr. Zellner’s”, why is that so much more powerful than when you are personally selling your own services?

Z: I think it’s the most powerful form of advertising that there is.

Jeff: I agree.

Z: And that is, is that 99% of the time, it’s somebody they have relationship with.

Clay: Come on.

Z: It’s somebody that they know, their next-door neighbor, they’re in the cubicle next to them, it’s someone that they share, their kids are on the soccer team, I mean, it’s someone that they already know and they already kinda built a relationship with. So the part’s done. The hard part’s done, building that relationship. So when they come in and they say, “You know what, I had a great experience at this business,” and then they fill-in-the-blanks, that is, I mean that is super-sauce. And that is like hot sauce of like, five star hot sauce.

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