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Business coach 1: Three, we did some Facebook marketing where you can get four tickets for $10.00, kind of a no-brainer and what happens is Z, when you go to a game with your family, I mean and you could upgrade, you’re spending $250 a ticket, but you could upgrade to sit right there by the glass.

Business Coach 275

Speaker 2: Right there.

Speaker 1: I mean at least half the people want to do that, I mean …

Speaker 2: Absolutely, and some of the, you know, the skaters are coming by. You can reach out and high five him over the glass and take a stick out and hit the opponents. I mean that’s worth another $6.00.

Speaker 1: When we come back, I want to have you break down the elements of a no-brainer ad because their ad is so good. It’s four tickets for $10.00, it’s almost impossible to resist that, and when we come back I want to get into … Because you’re sort of like the Darth Vader. You have the force. You have the force. I guess you’re kind of an Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re kind of a nice guy, but you have the force when it comes to no-brainer ads. You know how to do it and I want you to educate us on how to make a no-brainer offer for our business and then Mr. Garland’s going to be telling us more about his new book.

Speaker 2: I can hardly wait. Come back from the break. Bam.

Speaker 1: All right, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show. It’s business school without the B.S. It’s the place where you go to learn specific actionable knowledge that there’s a general rule they do not teach in college and because we’re all about results here, Z. We’re all about helping the Thrivers, the listeners actually build financial freedom and time freedom. That’s the whole goal of what we’re doing, man.

Speaker 2: I know and that’s so awesome because unfortunately, and I know it’s nobody listening right now, but unfortunately there are … You can Google this right now if you don’t believe me. It’s anywhere between eight or nine out of ten businesses that open up and we know there’s a lot of energy and money and hopes and dreams in a business opening up, they actually fail. That’s like an 80 to 90% failure rate which is just stupid. It just makes me mad.

Speaker 1: Well, one of the things that’s sad and I’ll just walk you through it because I want to empathize with what you’re saying and I also want to make sure I’m connecting to you the listener as a business coach, because I think that there’s something where you have this product that you have been working on for a long time and you have been developing it and we’ll say that your name is Tesla. Z, have you ever heard the story about Mr. Tesla?

Speaker 2: I love it. Say it again. It’s so awesome.

Speaker 1: Okay, Mr. Tesla who is sorta like a business coach, this is what he did, okay. He allegedly is the guy who invented the light bulb, but Thomas Edison was a marketing machine and so if you go and watch enough documentaries or you read enough books you’ll discover there that there’s argument whether Edison or Tesla invented the light bulb.

Speaker 2: Correct.

Speaker 1: The thing about Tesla and Edison, is Edison was a fabulous marketer and he was a very great manager and so many people who are listening right now you are a great product person. You have this great Tesla kind of idea. That’s why when Elon Musk started the car company-

Business Coach: He named it Tesla.

Speaker 1: He did. He just wanted to give him a little bit of praise.

Speaker 2: A little bit of love.

Speaker 1: Because his career was under-appreciated and so I want to encourage you today if you’re listening and you have a great product, there’s two things that you can do. One, you can listen to today’s show obviously, and we’re going to give you some specific actionable knowledge, but two, you can go up to, again, it’s and you can click on the conferences button and when you click on the conferences button you’re going to discover our next in-person, two day, intensive business workshop is going to be on April 21st and 22nd, and it’s really fun because we have hundreds of reviews written by people just like you who’ve said hey I learned everything I needed to know to market my business at that workshop.

I learned … One lady said, “I learned more in two days that I learned my entire degree program, during my entire time at college about marketing.” and that’s just a little bit of what we teach. We teach time management, we teach sales, we teach branding and accounting, we teach time management as I mentioned, we teach human resources. Z, we teach everything during this two-day workshop.

Speaker 2: There’s two great things about the business coach workshop. One, we have scholarship programs so you can afford it, and you can bring up to three of your employees so a team of you can come to take notes and to talk amongst each other and to learn together and then two, there’s no upselling. There’s no trickery at these conferences. We’re not bringing you in here to put you in a little room and say, “Well, if you buy the, you know, expanded package you might be able to get out of the building.” you know kind of thing. No, none of that. There’s no trickery.

Speaker 1: Absolutely, it’s just straightforward and I’m telling you what Thrivers, it’s a $500.00 ticket for you and up to three guests and if you can’t afford it, you just call the number or e-mail us at [email protected]. Just go to and fill out the form and we have scholarship dollars available for you, but today we’re talking about the wins from real Thrivers like you, and this one we just had it was in the news, the Tulsa Oilers, one of our clients, just set an attendance record. Z, your optometry clinic, you’ve set another sales record, I mean you’re always setting records over there.

Speaker 2: Well, we just finished up March, you know, not too long ago and we’ve been open over 25 years and we just did at the Memorial location more in business at that location per one month than any time in the history of the last 25 and a half years.

Speaker 1: That is because you understand marketing at its core and we talked about step number one is get that branding right. Step two, the Oilers created a Dream 100. They made a list of 100 ideal unlikely buyers. They showed up at those businesses with the Oiler girls and with some sales guys in suits. They dropped off some free tickets with the H.R. directors. Now these H.R. directors are appreciative and they enjoyed their experience and they’re buying season ticket packages, pretty awesome. Two, they’re top in Google by doing the search engine optimization that we teach at the business coach workshop, and third is they have a no-brainer offer. Can you walk me through the no-brainer offer? What does that entail? What does a no-brainer advertisement offer look like?


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