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Business Coach : Think And Grow Rich

Business Coach : Think And Grow Rich
-Now, with “Think and Grow Rich” and with “21 Laws of Leadership” and “Dress to Success,” how do you find time to read it all, man? You have six kids. How you doing it? What time are you getting up?

-I get up generally about 6:00 AM.

-Is that when you read?

-No. I generally will read– I schedule out my day. It’s very important. But there’s always times in there that I’ll generally carry my books around with me. And so I will pull it out and read it at certain times. But I can generally look at my schedule and go, I’m going to time here and here and here. Because, for me personally, and not everybody’s like this, in the mornings, that’s when I do my planning time. And in the evenings I can’t stay focused. It’s hard for me to stay focused. Getting focused and creating a plan is so important. A business coach can help if you need it!

-See, for me, I have found, I will read the first 15 or 20 minutes of the day. And then I get some new ideas that when I do my planning, it like flavors it a little bit. It gives me some ideas. But I’m with you, at night, it’s just whatever.

-Now, I generally get about 15 minutes somewhere in the day when I’m alone, very alone, that I could probably read. And there’s some time there that I always have.

-That’s great. OK. So when you’re alone, and very alone, that’s when you read. Now, do you currently maintain a specific day timer? You said you’re very scheduled. Do you have a day timer?

-Well, I use my iPhone. And I use my iPhone, which syncs up with my iPad and syncs up with my computer. And so I use a calendar that’s on there, and I’m very– really, if it’s not on there, it won’t happen. That’s just how life is for me.

-Now, let me ask you this. Every entrepreneur I’ve ever met has kind of mentioned a little bit of a cautionary tale when I ask them this. I always ask them, what’s the thing about becoming successful that I don’t want to hear? Maybe the thing that you don’t want to tell somebody, but it’s true. And this is the kind of thing I hear all the time. They say, well, one of the penalties– one guy said, one of the penalties of ambition is that you have to have extremely detailed and organized life if you want to be successful, if you’re ambitious. Otherwise, if you’re ambitious, you’re just in chaos. Do you agree with that? If you’re going to be ambitious and successful, you’ve got to be extremely detailed?



-And let me tell you why. I am not extremely detailed. But I surround myself with people that are. always surround yourself with the best. Especially when it comes to a business coach.


-And so I actually have people in my life that will correct me if things aren’t going the way they should. They’ll step in and go, you have this meeting over here.

-So the net result is organization and detailed. You don’t have to personally be the organized or detailed one.

-Correct. It’s about surrounding yourself with those people that can make you successful. Whatever that may be. I am probably one of the most creative people that I know. But I do know that I will get distracted very easily.

-What if I’m a Thriver, I’m just on the website. And I’m like, man, I’d like to have a free Chick-fil-A sandwich sent to me. Is that something you could do?

-Is that something I could do?

-I mean, there’s probably millions of people that would do this. Maybe we do a raffle. Like they just send an email. And maybe one of every four million people, we decide to give a free sandwich to. How do you think we should handle that? What’s your philosophy on those?

-On how to do it? Well, it depends on where they’re at. I have been known to overnight sandwiches to different places in the US.

-So if they send us an email at [email protected], they may or may not receive a free Chick-fil-A sandwich.

-That’s correct.

-That’s correct. OK. We stand behind that. You may or may not get a free Chick-fil-A sandwich.

-At least we’re consistent.

-Yeah, that’s right. But Arthur, thank you so much for sharing your philosophies. I appreciate you letting us just mine into your head. it means a lot. You can do this if you hire a business coach.

-It was an honor. Thank you.


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