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Business Coach Tips 101

 Speaker 1: All right, so Mykhaylo, we are so excited for you here at the Thrive Time Show where you can get tips from a business coach. We are pumped up for you because there are so many of you out there who want to start a successful company, but your success is an inspiration to so many other people out there, so do not stop, keep that grind going. Now, Business Coach wizard Z, when we come back, we have another Thriver who is growing their business and guess what, he’s inside the box that rocks. It is Coach Calvert. Thrivers when we come back, Coach Calvert’s going to tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how he’s been able to build Oklahoma’s number one basketball-

Business Coach 272

Speaker 2: Number one. Number one.

Speaker 1: Training facility.

Speaker 2: Number one. Number one.

Speaker 1: A lot of people have a dream, you know, of turning their favorite sport into a business, their favorite hobby into a business. He’s actually turned his love of basketball into a thriving business, and Coach, what’s your website, my friend?

Speaker 4:

Speaker 1: Again, one more time. I was eating some of Oklahoma Joe’s baked beans.

Speaker 2: You are a business coach, eat any faster please.

Speaker 4:

Speaker 1: If anyone’s listening right now, what I encourage you to do is I encourage you to go to, or Google Tulsa basketball lessons and you can find him, you can do your research and when we come back he’s going to walk you through how he’s been able to grow his business and maybe some tips that he can give you that he’s learned along the way to growing and scaling. Stay tuned. It’s the Thrive Time Show.

Z, if we keep this playing here, this song right here, a little Counting Crows here, because a lot of Thrivers, you know, we have dreams to start a successful company, a lot of Thrivers out there want to take their passion, their hobby and it turn into a business, but I’ll tell you what, maybe we have a Thriver out there who says my goal is to join the Counting Crows. I want to be that the next member.

Speaker 2: Okay, yeah.

Speaker 1: I will tell you this is absolutely not a show where we can teach you how to do that. We know nothing about that. We can’t tell you how to join the Counting Crows. We can just play their music right, Z? I mean that’s not really our niche, so to speak.

Speaker 2: Well it’s not our niche but, you know, we can encourage you to follow your dreams. We can … Now if that was like a business. If you’re like I’m going to make a business out of the Counting Crows and trying to join their organization, I guess we could give you some steps. I don’t know that you’re going to actually get on the band, but-

Speaker 1: Well, we had a Thriver that came out to one of our business coach workshops and at the end of it … During the workshops you get to ask myself and Z questions, and so the thing is like in between the breaks, you know, if Z’s here or I’m here you can ask us these questions. Well one Thriver’s pulling Z aside and he says, I definitely have built my business model around becoming the final member of the Counting Crows.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 1: I’m trying to explain to him no, it’s not a thing. He goes, no, but it’s going to be subsidized by the government and then we have audio of what you told the man and you told this man … This is what you said, I don’t.

Speaker 2: You had me mic’d again?

Speaker 1: I felt bad that I mic’d you without you knowing.

Speaker 2: You do it all the time.

Speaker 1: I do it so often I just forgot this time, so this is the audio of what you told the man who said his business model, his strategy to become successful was to become the final addition to the Counting Crows. Here we go.


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