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Business Coach : True Motivation

Business Coach : True Motivation

CLAY CLARK: It was a situation where even after all that work, David wanted to have a relationship where he knew we weren’t going to waste his time. And I totally respect it, and I like him. He’s awesome. It’s been a great thing. I’ve discovered that it’s so important that we begin to act before we feel, so I’m want to ask you this here– do you do something on an everyday basis to keep yourself motivated? The first two hours of the day– those first couple hours– what do you do in those first couple hours a day that gets you going? What is that?

-I get up early.

-What time?

-It’s actually between 3:30 and 5:00– 5:30 if I’m sleeping in. I don’t have an alarm. I just wake up. Now, for this filming here, I’ve got an alarm. Sometimes I’ll use that.

I will go through, and I walk around my house, and I have a time of thinking and praying. I actually go through affirmations.

-What is an affirmation?

-It’s saying something about myself that I believe or ought to believe. A business coach will stress how important this step is.

-To you– to yourself.

-I am saying to myself. We are saying stuff to ourselves, subconsciously, about 1,500 words a minute. With women, it’s about 25,000 words a minute. Now I just lost the women. Psychologists have found we speak about 1,500 words a minute to ourselves, subconsciously– this thing called self-talk. Most of it is about ourselves. About 80% of it is about ourselves. Most of that’s very negative. I will actually literally speak out loud– now I’m not shouting in the room, because it’s very early in morning, and I don’t want to wake up my kids. I am saying out loud things that are realities that I am embracing.

-I want to real quick validate the perceived insanity of what you’re saying. I was on a trip with a guy to Florida. He’s a very successful business owner. It’s, like, 4:00 in the morning. I get up about 4:00. I’m reading. I’m in the hallway. I was reading. I was coming back to the room, and I hear this guy being like– I have a world of prosperity around the corner. Success is going to find me. There is one person in my life that I am going to touch today. There’s someone who needs to meet me today.

And he’s saying all these things. And I’m like– is this coming from my room? I’m getting closer to my room. Is this coming from my room?

I get into our room and hear the shower on. Homie’s talking to himself about himself in a positive way. I thought well, that’s weird.

-Completely butt-naked here.

-Then I read a story about Dennis Rodman. And apparently he wore headphones during his career where he would listen to audio of himself talking to himself about how good he was– You are the man. You are the rebounding phenomenon. You are the best rebounder the league’s ever seen. You are as bad as you want to be. No one can stop you.

He heard his own voice. I know a guy that was going to buy the Chicago Bulls who told me that. He said why aren’t you out practicing with the rest of the Bulls? He said– I’m practicing. I’m getting more ready than those guys are. He’s got himself saying– I’m the best in the NBA. Nobody can out-rebound me. I’m breaking another record today. A business coach will teach you the power of positivity.

-It’s unbelievable.

-His own voice.

-I want to say this. There’s this concept in the world– we call it centric. So if you’re in the center, you’re centric, meaning that you’re average. The center of America sucks. No matter what studies you read, at least half of the American population does not like their job. At least half. No matter what study you read. At least half of America does not like what they do for a living. At least half of America doesn’t like the majority of what they do every day. So you don’t want to be there.

Every time I’ve met– whether it’s the guy who invented SKYY Vodka, whether I’m meeting you, whether I’m meeting a Grammy-winning song artist, whether I’m meeting people who have heard of Dennis Rodman or knew Dennis Rodman– all the centric people do some kind of affirmations. They really talk to themselves. They read positive stuff. They listen to music. And this is positive. They’ve created this way to keep themselves motivated. For most people, that’s weird. It is weird. And that’s why when you read Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest people, there’s a very small number of people who are wealthy. And that’s the weird people. Most if the time a business coach falls into this weird category.

-You have to manage your state. You have to manage how you look at the world and how you interact with the world. You assume, number 1, the world is not going to cooperate with you unless you’ve got an energy that’s going out that’s greater than the energy coming back at you.

-So you’re getting up. You’re doing affirmations.

-I’m doing affirmations. I’m reading.

-What are you reading?

-I read the Bible every day. I go through that. I read an inspirational. I’ve got some kind of devotional deal. And then I usually get into reading a book on something having to do with moving my business forward. A business coach will encourage this type of morning routine.


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