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Business Coach Unlike Any Other

Speaker 1: Huge. Z, Business coach friend do you remember the video Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with Steve Martin?

Business Coach 261

Speaker 2: Yeah, he had to have a cork on his fork. I loved it.

Speaker 1: Wasn’t there a scene in there where he saying, Oklahoma! Oklahoma! You remember seeing that movie where he’s yelling Oklahoma?

Speaker 2: I don’t recall, but you are a beautiful business coach.

Speaker 1: I believe there is, and you are a more beautiful business coach.

Speaker 2: There’s been such a long time since I’ve seen the movie.

Speaker 1: Thriver’s go to YouTube. Type in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Oklahoma, Oklahoma. Because he was promoting Oklahoma as well. Maybe we should give him a thank you, Mr. Steve Martin. Now, when we come back, Thrivers, we have another Thriver out there just like you. He was actually on the show before. Thomas with Full Package Media.

Speaker 2: Oh, yeah.

Speaker 1: He just set another sales record and we’re so excited for him and his lady friend. I want to say wife-to-be, but we’ll just say lady friend.

Speaker 2: Yeah, say friend.

Speaker 1: Ms. Gretchen. Great things are happening there and we’re going to walk you through how they’ve been able to achieve such quick success in their first twelve months in business. Stay tuned. It’s the Thrive Time Show on your radio.

Doctor Zoellner, welcome back. I tell you what, every day that the Doctor Z. is in the box that rocks it is an incredible day because I’ll tell you what, this guy he went to NSU … Z, did you go to NSU to study mathematics?

Speaker 2: Northeastern State University, in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Speaker 1: Home of the fighting Honey Badger’s mascot a business coach?

Speaker 2: No, we are now the River Hawks. When I showed up, we were the proud Redmen, and now we have rebranded into the River Hawks.

Speaker 1: Weren’t you guys the Stealthy Kangaroos there for a while, too, that transition?

Speaker 2: We thought about it. That was one of the ones we almost went to, Stealthy Kangaroos, because who doesn’t think a kangaroo is stealthy. I mean, that just …

Speaker 1: The combination of the purple and pink jerseys were incredible during that stealthy kangaroo.

Speaker 2: Well, it was one of the choices. It didn’t make the final cut, but I’m sure it was you know.

Speaker 1: Where was it even referenced in a meeting? There’s no proof of that as a name.

Speaker 2: Well, I mean, it was just in someone’s mind I think.

Speaker 1: Okay, so anyway, so Doctor Z. though, just like many of you out there he grew up without, you know, copious amounts of money, didn’t have a rich uncle or anything. He washed dishes at his first job at a Chiquita O’Brian.

Speaker 2: Chiquita O’Brian. Yes, Mexican restaurant. There was about 41st and Garnett.

Speaker 1: Armed with hope, a dream, and a degree, he went out there blindly, right? Because that’s what happens after you have a degree. You go out there blindly into the world, the harsh world of entrepreneurship.

Speaker 2: No, no, no. You see 25 on what’s graduated in ’90, so 27 years ago I had a great practice management class. Practice management was the one class it was, you know, one class you took in four years of optometry school and four years of any graduate, of course it wasn’t … You know no one was training me to be an optometrist then so … I had a great practice management instruction, and they-

Speaker 1: They gave you the golden keys.

Speaker 2: They gave me the golden keys, and they gave me the three steps to being successful in business.

Speaker 1: Step number one.

Speaker 2: Step number one. Step number one.

Speaker 1: Got it, here we go.

Speaker 2: Here’s the deal. Step number one, when you make your business card you put as much white on it as possible, very little black.

Speaker 1: Oh, this is huge. You got to put the white on the card.

Speaker 2: White card-

Speaker 1: Awesome.

Speaker 2: Very, very small font, not a lot of black. The less you have on it the better.

Speaker 1: One second, my brain just exploded. Let me put duct tape and-

Speaker 2: Yep, that’s step one.

Speaker 1: Put my brain matter-

Speaker 2: Step one.

Speaker 1: Back in the cranium. Okay.

Speaker 2: True story, this is a true story. Step two is whenever you find your space and you’re putting your shingle out, you want to make sure the sign on your door is very small.

Speaker 1: Wait a second Brosterdamus, my marker is not working, I’m out of ink here. Give me a second. The card with a lot of white space for a business coach

Speaker 2: A lot of white space on your business card.

Speaker 1: Okay, got you.

Speaker 2: The sign on your door very small because that exudes the professionalism of a business coach.

Speaker 1: Oh, yeah.

Speaker 2: I mean the smaller that sign is, it’s like oh.

Speaker 1: That’s why I don’t work out, I want to stay small, you know what I mean, it exudes confidence.

Speaker 2: It exudes confidence.

Speaker 1: Yeah, huge.


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