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Business Coach: Your Vision

Business Coach: Scale Your Vision

This business coach content is written for the exclusive use of The Thrivetime Show.

If you want to turn your vision for a new business into a reality, a business coach can help.  Have you researched everything you can about your area of expertise but still think you are just not sure if you can swing it? Are you afraid to quit your day job and go full time? Have you looked  into business coach and think that it costs too much when you are just beginning? Sometimes when you weigh the odds it is just so daunting to start a new business. As an entrepreneur there is so much that goes into starting a business. One thing that will cost you nothing is to listen daily to the Thrivetime Show with cohorts Dr Z and Clay Clark. Clay Clark 855-955-7469 is a successful entrepreneur who can get you where you want to go.

With all work that goes into starting your own business, it seems easier to just let go of your dream and work for someone else. It is definitely safer. Do you think that will bring you the financial independence you seek after?  Yes, there are risks involved. Know your risks and see if they do not stand up against the rewards of owning your own business. Thrive 15 is a business coach company that lays it all out for you. They will inform you of all the risks and all the rewards. The rewards far outweigh the risks at the

Thrive 15 lowers the risks of new business ventures. How can this be do you ask? They are a company founded by Clay Clark, a serial entrepreneur. He developed this business coach company to make the path easier for new enterprises. A Thrive 15 membership offers services other coaching companies do not. They might offer some, but not anything as comprehensive as Thrive 15. Their membership includes website design, accounting services, branding, copywriting, interior design, SEO’s, graphic design and photography to just name a few.

When you join forces with Thrive 15 you are in good company. Companies such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Farmers Insurance, Dunrite Plumbing, Barbee Cookies, Elephant in the Room, QuikTrip, and Trinity Insurance are a few of the companies that used the services of Thrive 15. Some of these may be large corporations, but don’t let that put you off. The fee is actually very reasonable. You can go to their website at the and read some of their testimonies.

You can do it all yourself, but again there are no guarantees. Is it not better to walk the path others have forged before you?  A proven path. Thrive 15 offers proven strategies and tools to equip you to start your business. They will give you a plan of action and make sure you are on the right course to see your dreams fulfilled. You have one on one Coaching with people who are skilled in their area of expertise. Call Clay Clark at 855-955-7469 for a free 30 minute session. Listen in on the wacky Thrivetime Show for some in depth business strategies.

Business Coach – Double Your Profits.

This content is written for the Thrivetime Show.

Investing in your business is very important. Investing can be the difference between doubling your profits. Many different options for investing come up every day. It can be very hard to choose the best investment. You might hear from other business owners about their investment. The only thing is, you might be in a different place than they are. The single greatest investment is business coaching. The list can go on about why your business needs a coach. A few reasons are experience, accountability, and quicker success. The best resource for more explanation is the Thrivetime Show. Clay Clark, at, is an expert at all things business growth and would like to answer your questions at 855-955-7469.

Believe it or not, business coach has experienced leaders. They have been around the block a time or two in the business growth world. Clay not only built his own business, he continues to grow other people’s businesses as well. He does this through strategic action. His passion is for you to succeed just like his other clients. Sprik Realty, Trinity, Tulsa Lending Concepts, Quicktrip, and many other companies have succeeded because of him. Because of this experience, you start out ahead. You do not have to start from the ground level. The coaches have been through this, so you learn from their mistakes. They teach you the other side of struggles. Coaches will not allow you to go through the same bumps in the road they faced.

Accountability is another great reason for business coach. Having an outside eye on your business allows you to not have excuses. Excuses lead to prolonged success. Prolonged success means you don’t get the time and financial freedom you’ve been expecting. Find the time to do what you love. Get to your goals faster. Coaches know the linear path to success. Trust in them to help you grow your business. Get the right direction you need. Stress will be taken off of you. They endured the stress and research so you didn’t have to.

There are many get rich quick schemes today. The reason is because everybody wants to get rich quick. Therefore, people are selling many different methods of business growth that aren’t reliable. Running a business takes dedication. Owning a business takes hard work. You will not be able to get rich quick from a few secrets. However, you can get rich quicker through strategic action. This is what a coach brings to the table. Strategic action will allow you to achieve your goals, create time freedom, and obtain financial freedom. What do you love doing? Is it spending time with your family? Is it going on vacation? Either way, you want to create time and financial freedom to achieve these things. It would be very stressful to start a business and have to work sixty hours a week to keep it afloat.

Don’t be overwhelmed by all the information available to you. You can waste hours researching the best strategy for business growth; or , you can trust in a coach with experience and tools to make you grow. The only place you need to be is at the Thrivetime Show. Clay Clark shares extreme knowledge bombs when he can at 855-955-7469.


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