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What Wes Carter Says About the Thrivetime Business Coach Experience

Wes C Business Coach Testimonial

Hello, I’m Wes Carter, I’m one of the shareholders at Winters and King here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have known Thrive15 since they were formed. I’ve been working with Clay Clark, as my business coach for a very long time. My favorite thing that Thrive has helped me accomplish here in our firm is thinking a little bit outside of the box. They do SEO, they do printing, and they help us with a lot of things to from the day to day marketing for the firm, but they also help us think of things that, as attorneys, we probably wouldn’t normally think of that help us market our services to our clients. One of the things I love about working with Thrive is that they make it enjoyable to actually do work with. It’s not dry, it’s usually fun, but it’s always very enjoyable and practical. They give me things and ideas that I can put into place. It’s not just some theoretical schpeel that they give me. We get practical steps that we work on together to do my job better. So me personally, I would easily recommend Thrive 15 services to my friends, my family, I’ve recommended to my clients. I think they do a good job. They’re passionate, they care about their clients, and I think it’s actually a valuable service they provide to people that are in the business world.

Jen A Business Coach Testimonial

Hi, this is Jen from Body Central Physical Therapy in Tucson, Arizona. We’ve been using the Thrive 15 coaching platform since April of 2017 and have grown exponentially since that time. Some of the things I love about working with our business coach, Robert, is he holds me accountable. We have set up systems in the business that make my life much easier and allows me some time freedom. We’re also seeing the financial rewards of that. We went from owning three locations in 2016 to now we’re up at eight locations and still growing. So Robert, the training that we’re getting from you guys is invaluable. We hope to keep growing with your help. Thank you so much.

Chris J Business Coach Testimonial

Thrive community, I’m Chris De Jesus and my company is Breakout Creative. I wanted to tell you a little story. First of all, I came across Thrive last June or July, signed up, and we’ve worked together for the last six or seven months. Let me tell you what’s happened. In the last six months, we’ve number one, implemented a comprehensive shop calendar scheduling all of our jobs. Number two, we entered time tracking productivity worksheets for every person, which everybody could see. Holding everyone accountable to the team. Number three, we’ve implemented an incoming lead tracking system for leads that come in every week, every month, so we know what’s happening in every stage of the lead cycle.

Number four, we launched a website, that’s generating some good results for us. And then last but not least, where we’re at now is SEO. We’re beginning is with Google reviews. Let me be clear. We began with one Google review, and think it was from the previous owner’s mother. We’re at 82 reviews on Google right now. All of them five stars. So what’s happening, we’ve doubled our incoming leads. Number two, we just set a record for the biggest January we’ve ever had. We’ve set records for the best day, the best week, the best month, the best quarter, and the best year, last year. And year to date, it’s only January 30th, we’re up 59 percent over last year. That’s what’s happened. Now, a guy like me, very, very arrogant and very, very hesitant to hire a business coach. After all, we all know it all, don’t we? So, what I will tell you is that everybody does need a coach. What I will tell you is, it’s working. My team is more engaged, we have more leads, we’re making more sales, and we’re on the verge of doing something special. So this is Breakout Creative. I’m Chris De Jesus. Thank you very much, Robert, Clay, Marshall, the whole Thrive community. Appreciate you guys. Look forward for great things to come. Thank you very much. Have a good day.


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