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Business Coach Who Empowers

Speaker 1: You know, Z, he’s talking about empowerment from a business coach and people that see problems and they go do it and I can think of no better example and last year, you know, Z, I finished second in the most humble Oklahoman award, where you can go on and-

Business Coach 264

Speaker 2: I thought you won that.

Speaker 1: Well, you can go on and nominate yourself. It’s an award that I put together for myself you know and it’s hard to beat me because it’s the most humble when you apply on my own website for the world’s best business coach.

Speaker 2: I know several people that had the applications and looked a lot like you.

Speaker 1: I’ve always been first or second. It’s tough though.

Speaker 2: Sometimes you’re both because you put in multiple applications and requests for a business coach.

Speaker 1: As I list off some of the business coach awards I’ve won and some of that could be accomplishments this past weekend Z, I yet again honored my commitment to myself to plant another tree on the Camp Clark behind the wall-

Speaker 2: The chicken palace behind the wall that’s rising.

Speaker 1: Yeah, we’re up over 60 trees now. Now this week I did a dogwood that was given to me. A Thriver actually gave me a dogwood. True story. A Thriver gave … He says, I understand you’re planting trees, you’ll need this, so I planted a dogwood.

Speaker 2: Is that the one with the little white flower buds that’s the one that comes out, right?

Speaker 1: Yeah, absolutely.

Speaker 2: Yeah, they’re pretty.

Speaker 1: I’ve got the white, and then I’ve got these two and I cannot remember the names but they’re pine trees, and that according to the super credible professionals over there at Atwoods this thing is supposed to get to be 60 feet tall at its peak, these two pine trees and I needed two-

Speaker 2: Oh, good because, you know, there’s a lot of drones trying to get through the pine trees to get pictures of you, you know that.

Speaker 1: You know there’s a part of the Bible where it talks about the a firmament I believe it’s called the a firmament which is allegedly the water dome. Are you aware of this? Have you heard about this?

Speaker 2: Huh?

Speaker 1: I was at a church service back in the day where Willie George was talking about the a firmament and the water dome that surrounded the planet before the great flood and the point is, I’m trying to build a dome around my property to keep out drones, anyone from looking, just other weather, weather patterns. I’m just trying to surround my property, complete photosynthesis and greenery. I’m trying to resurrect the oxygen capacity of the Amazon as a business coach.


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